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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Tony Stark growled and stuck his head under the pillow. "JARVIS, SHUT UP!" He screamed but knew JARVIS wouldn't hear him anyway. After all he was programmed not to stop beeping until he woke up and turned the beeping down by himself. He growled again, sighed, sat up and started making his way to the operating room. This mechanism was made for the most urgent cases of emergency. Something like when Fury calls you more than two hundred times because he really isn't that patient and it usually means that something is really off.

Tony's jaw dropped when he entered the hall. Or when you have fully equipped Captain America standing on your balcony, getting ready to smash your glass door with his shield. Fuck.

Tony started running, waving (for Steve to acknowledge that he has already noticed him) and yelling: "STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP!" It was too late though. His newly reconstructed glass door was deconstructed again. Tony stopped and looked desperately at Steve.


Steve just looked at him angrily. Tony wasn't obviously the only one who didn't like early mornings. "You are the genius one here so don't ask stupid questions. Get the suit."

"You…."Tony glared at Steve and pointed a finger at him. "We're not done here yet," with that he turned around and walked away from the room. Two minutes later JARVIS stopped beeping. Another two minutes later Tony came back fully dressed in his iron suit. "So, what happened?"

"We don't have time to explain, I've already lost five minutes trying to get into the house without breaking anything – which didn't work - so I guess you'll have to wait and find out yourself." Steve said while making his way over to Tony. "We're flying over to New Mexico; hopefully we'll catch up with the others on the way."

"New Mexico? I think I see where this one's coming." Tony said while Steve got on his back, feeling as awkward as usual.

"Trust me, you don't."


When Thor woke up, Loki was already awake, judging by the empty spot next to him, but when Thor stood up and took a look around him, he couldn't see him anywhere. Fortunately he didn't have time to panic because after a minute, he could see very upset Loki running towards him.

"Hey Loki, what's…ufff." Thor didn't expect Loki jumping on him so they both fell to the ground. "Thor, we must hide! Something big and flying is following me!" And then Thor heard it. It was a weird roaring sound. He couldn't see where it was coming from. They ran to hide behind the trees and waited. After a minute some big and robust flying object appeared above the tree tops. Both brothers stared at it with mouth in the shape of "o". They have never seen anything like that before.

"What is it?" Loki found his voice again.

"Don't know. I have never heard of such monster before." Thor answered astonished.

"Do you think it might be some alien kind of eagleclaw?" Loki asked while still watching unbelievingly the giant monster. At that Thor looked at his little brother.

"Alien eagleclaw? Really?" He looked back up at the sky and murmured to himself: "That would be majestic." This time Loki was the one who turned his attention from the sky to his brother with a suspicious eye.

"You want to fight it off, do you not?"

"No." Thor still didn't look at his brother. "Maybe." He finally faced him. "Ok, yes, I do! How do you know?"

Loki just shrugged. "You always want to fight everything off."

"No I do not!"

"Yes you do!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"



Both brothers turned away from each other with crossed arms. Suddenly, Loki's tugging at Thor's sleeve made him look in the direction his brother was pointing at. "Look! It's landing!" They watched completely amazed as the great iron monster slowly descended until it finally settled on the ground.

"What if it can walk? Thor, shouldn't we run?" Loki turned his big green eyes to his older brother fearfully. Thor looked at him and his features softened, he took Loki's hand and looked straight into his eyes. "Do not worry little brother; I will protect you from that great monster," he turned his gaze back to the monstrous thing. "Besides, we are hidden here, it cannot see us."

Thor was surprised when Loki simply nodded and clutched his hand tighter. He and Loki didn't agree on things very often, in fact they never agreed on anything; their relationship was very competitive, therefore when one stated his opinion on anything, the other had to immediately disagree and uphold his way at any cost. In Thor's opinion, it wasn't just the competitiveness though; he could see that there were some differences between them, something he couldn't really pinpoint, but he felt it. When such feeling came across his senses, he just shook his head and let it be because it was normal; all siblings have their differences, right?

Thor blinked and shook his thoughts away from his mind. He had to focus. For a while nothing happened, it was quiet - too quiet because all the birds got scared by the monster and flew away. Suddenly there was a weird creaking sound and the monster was…opening itself? Both brothers' eyes grew wide. They didn't dare to turn their gaze elsewhere. They watched as three figures stepped out of the monster's opening. They looked rather peculiar, Loki thought. The first person was a woman with hair as bright red as a sunset, she was dressed fully in black leather. The second person to come out was a well-muscled man with bow and arrow, and the last one was man with glasses who seemed older and wiser than the previous two.

Loki elbowed his brother softly. "Hey, they don't look dangerous, maybe we could…." There was a sudden CRACK as something else landed on the ground. It was a mess of red and blue and it was screaming loudly some words that neither Thor nor Loki could understand. "…or maybe not." Loki reconsidered and frowned. They must think of a plan, he contemplated. Huge smile appeared on his face as he got an idea. "How about I make a replica of myself and…"

"No way!" Thor said sternly, always disagreeing with Loki.

"Why not?" Loki asked, irritated, and crossed his arms.

"You know, how it ends. There is always a limb missing. They are not going to feel threatened by you!"

"I don't want to threaten them!" Loki's hands flew in the air furiously. "I just want to talk to them and see what they want! Look, nothing can happen to me, it will only be a replica; I will be here with you all the time! Please, Thor, don't fight them!" Loki pleaded with puppy eyes. He knew Thor would melt down and let him do it at the very first sight of them.

Thor sighed. "I hate your puppy eyes! You are a very big green snake because you always use them against me!"

Loki grinned. "I love you, Thor," with that he hugged him. "Just please, promise me something?"


"Put the hammer down."


"You idiot! Why do you have to choose the only square meter of ground that is covered by pointy stones to land on?" Steve was beyond angry as he was getting himself up from the surface.

"Well I don't know who put a knee to my spine! My spine is very fragile object, you know!"

"Your spine is covered in iron!"

"Well, it s-"

"STOP IT!" Natasha shouted in frustration. "This morning is beyond crazy itself, so please, please stop arguing for once you two!"

Tony gave her his best seducing smile. "Well when yo-"

"Let's just concentrate on the task, alright?" Bruce interrupted as calm as ever.

"What is it with everybody interrupting me today?" Tony asked with outstretched hands.

"You don't say anything useful? Period," Steve just couldn't resist.

"Hey! Ouch!" Tony said offended. Natasha rolled her eyes and opened her mouth, ready to say something insulting. Tony raised his hands in submission. "Ok, hey, no need to be rude. So if the three of you would be nicer than our dear captain-freak and tell me what the hell we are doing here if it doesn't concern Thor, I'd honestly appreciate it."

"Oh, it does concern Thor." Clint snickered.

"Stop talking in riddles please, all of you!" Tony pointed his iron-covered hand at everyone.

"He said please!" Steve said to himself, shocked.

"No I didn't!" Tony mumbled quickly. "I would never low-" This time it wasn't any of the other four people who cut his speech though. It was a sudden appearance of a young boy who seemed to appear out of thin air right in front of them. All of them jumped in surprise and turned to face the little intruder, Clint with raised bow. At the sight of an arrow pointing at him, the little boy started backing up, scared. "I-I am truly s-sorry, I-I just…" he started. Natasha stepped quickly in front of Clint, who lowered his bow, and raised her hands in a calming stance.

"It's okay, we're not going to hurt you. You don't have to be afraid," she went to her knees to get to his eye level. The others didn't seem to process the situation yet, they just stared. The little boy took two small steps toward them. "Umm, ok. Hello," he smiled, his mood suddenly changing in a way that is possible only when one is a child.

Tony was the first one to notice something strange about the little boy. "Hey, wonder-boy, I don't want to be rude or something, but do you know that your left leg is missing in a really odd way? And you're flashing, how can you be flashing? Holy god, you're flashing and your leg is missing! I can put two and two together, you know! Anyone explain anytime, meaning right now, because I'd really like to know if w are actually dealing here with a squirt version of our very famous god of mischief!" Tony didn't seem to take a single breath while he said that and judging by the grin that suddenly appeared on the boy's face, he liked it.

"You are very funny, what is your name? I am Loki!" the boy waved at him enthusiastically.

"Fuck." After Tony's curse there was a murmur of "Tony! Language!" coming from all sides.

"Fuck? That is a rather strange name," Loki giggled. Tony couldn't believe his eyes. There was a replica of their top enemy standing in front of him, who was somehow turned into not more than seven year old boy and who was missing a leg and his reflection was flashing. And he thought his name was Fuck. Fuck!

"No, my name is not f-…"

"Tony!" Natasha threatened with her finger.

"…the f-word. My name is Tony. This beautiful and very non-threatening lady is Natasha, the guy with bow and arrow is Clint, the intellectual man over there is Bruce and this is our personal clown Steve." Natasha rolled her eyes, Clint snickered, Bruce sighed and Steve facepalmed and Loki giggled even more.

"I like clown Steve's suit, it's very funny. But I do not like yours, it is too red. I don't like red." Loki explained seriously as if it was the most important thing in the universe.

"I wonder why." Tony snickered. Finally Bruce decided to step in.

"Hello Loki," he smiled. "How did you get here?" Loki's face fell.

"I don't know. I don't remember. And neither does my brother." Loki suddenly looked to his right. The others looked in the same direction but couldn't see anything. However, their faces were filled with understanding when Loki said: "Shut up, Thor." They all couldn't help but smile. They would never admit it but they were actually looking forward to seeing their always beaming friend as a little boy.

"You are on Earth, Midgard." Bruce answered. Loki's eyes widened and his head snapped back to his right. "Thor, we are on Midgard! How did we get so far… no Thor, what are you doing? Put the hammer down!" At that, Clint couldn't hold it anymore and fell into the fit of laughter. "This is like some crazy Norse comedy!" Even Steve had to smile and nod. Loki turned his attention back to them.

"I have to go because my brother is this big of an idiot!" He stretched his arms as far as he could. "He doesn't like Midgard so he will probably try to fly away with his hammer even though he knows it won't work. Could you please come and talk some sense into him? He won't listen to me as usual. We are behind that brick wall. Holy Heimdall! Thor, stop it!" And with that he was gone. The Avengers didn't hesitate and started running to the half ruined brick wall. Tony still stopped at one thing. "Since when doesn't Thor like Midgard?"

The sight that greeted them when they reached the wall was marvelous. Loki was holding onto little opening in the brick wall and a taller blonde boy was pulling at his leg with hammer in his other hand, ready to lift off. The Avengers knew they had to do something to persuade Thor to stay on the planet. Thor was the most stubborn creature they have ever met so it was clear to them, that they had to find a really powerful way to succeed. As usual Bruce was the first one to come up with an idea. He realized that he had the exact powerful thing in his pocket.

"Thor? Hello, my name is Bruce." Little Thor immediately dropped his brother and turned to face them. At the sound of his name, Thor frowned and waved his hammer at Bruce. "How do you know my name, mortal?"

"Whoa!" Bruce couldn't help but step back. Not that Thor looked threateningly but little Thor and little Mjölnir could definitely make a dangerous combination.

"Thor, just put that damn hammer of yours down and listen to him!" Loki snapped at Thor from behind him.

"I don't need to listen to anyone! We're flying away!" He went for Loki's hand but Loki had good reflexes and moved away quickly. His patience was suddenly long gone though. "You fat pig-headed ogre! Why do you always have to be so…"

"Did you just call me fat?" This time Thor fully launched at his brother who ducked just in time.

"Uh - oh, shouldn't we interrupt?" Tony asked the others. They were all watching the brothers' exchange with their mouths just a little agape. It was really hard to believe that these two were the same brothers they knew as adults. They acted like normal brothers, which wasn't normal in their adult relationship.

"Nah," Clint waved his hand nonchalantly. "Let them solve it, I'm having fun watching them."

"Oh yes, fat pig-headed ogre in fact. Do you want me to repeat it? Fat, pi-" Loki didn't end his sentence because Thor pushed him to the ground - with Mjölnir on his chest.

"Hey! That is so not fair!" But at least he couldn't fly away now, Loki thought. Thor got back up.

"You don't even know what fair is, Loki!" That Loki couldn't deny so he just shrugged it off. "And now let me do what I wanted to before you said those stupid things." As he turned around, Loki pulled his oh-no face, which didn't stay long on because Loki almost choked when he heard Thor's next words.

"So what were you saying?" He put his charming smile on and man, wasn't he cute, Natasha thought.

"How about you come with us somewhere safe and we can talk there." At that, Thor was alarmed as he started to look around.

"It's not safe here?"

Bruce put his face in his hands. "No, it is safe here…with us. But I bet you would like to get home and you don't know how, am I right, Thor?" Thor nodded sadly. "So how about you stay with us until we find a way to get you home? We promise we'll help you get home. Does that sound good?"

"Wait a minute, I'll talk to my brother." The others laughed a little at his formal tone. It was obvious that they were both raised to be kings, either that or it was a common thing on Asgard. They watched as Loki pulled Thor down when he offered him a hand, and murmured: "That was for the hammer."

"Wow, they are really something." Clint said, looking at the two brothers who were whispering rapidly. He wondered how old they were. They seemed both something around seven, which was strange because they all knew that Loki was younger and the way they acted - they seemed far conscious than other kids their age. But Clint knew that they were probably a few decades older than all of them mortals. He made a mental note to ask about their age later.

"It's hard to believe that there is a future mass murderer standing in front of us. I wonder what Fury's plans are for him." Natasha contemplated out loud sadly.

"Well whatever the plans are I want to see him get through lil' Thor, cuz he obviously loves his brother even if he shows it by holding him down with his hammer. And, you know, he's got the hammer." Tony was wondering how they would all survive this. He really hoped Fury wouldn't get any bad idea such as settling Thor and Loki in his building. Not everybody would survive that and he was sure that also not every part of his building would.

"Do you all realize what it means? What we could do? Maybe we could somehow change this little version of Loki, I'm not saying that we could change what he did by changing his personality because we don't know how the spell that was cast upon them works. But we will definitely have some influence on both of them and maybe we could redeem him so when he gets back to normal, he won't be, you know…our Loki." Bruce really had no idea whether it would work. It was worth a try though, there was nothing to lose.

"So our next mission is to redeem Loki? Sounds fun." Natasha shrugged. Tony looked at her, bewildered. "You and I have very different definition of fun."

"No kidding Tony, we should try. Besides, all we have to do is be nice and talk to him, right? See what went wrong and fix it. As a broken ruler, it doesn't function properly when it's broken but when you fix it you can work with it again, it won't be perfect but it will work." Steve decided that he would do his best to fix that little brown haired boy because everybody deserved somebody to fix them. Although he was almost sure he wasn't going to be the one who would be doing the fixing. That task belonged to somebody who shared stronger bond with Loki, someone with big heart. Good thing that his brother owned such rare heart.

"We've decided to come with you after one condition." The brothers have obviously come to some serious decision. Although judging by their sudden evil smiles, the decision wasn't going to be pleasant for The Avengers.

"What condition?" Steve asked.

"We want some really good reason why we should come with you." Thor answered.

"Like really, really big good reason!" Loki added with wild gesticulation.

"Because we can make sure ourselves that we are safe."

"And we can find shelter by ourselves."

"Yes! We once stayed in the woods for three weeks all alone!"

"And two weeks in the mountains!"

"We are just that good, aren't we, little brother?" Thor elbowed Loki playfully who grinned back at him.

"The best!"

"So what do you have to offer?"

The Avengers cast each other confused and panicked glances, except for Bruce. He stepped toward the two Asgardian tornados, put his hand into his pocket and drew back something that he was positive they have never seen before. He knew that he would have to use this very powerful persuasive method at one point. Bruce smiled devilishly.

"Do you know what chocolate is?"

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