Part Four

The weeks before the wedding passed by quickly and before they knew Tommy and Kimberly's wedding day was here. Everything was planned, booked, rented, and complete. Everyone had made it safely to Reefside and the Bachelor's and Bachelorette's parties were had. All that was left was the ceremony and finally Kimberly Ann Hart would be Mrs. Thomas Oliver.

Kimberly had found the perfect off the shoulder white gown. It clung to her torso and flared out at her waist. The bodice was and hem was embroidered with baby pink sequence and the silk fabric was covered in a soft lace.

Tommy's tuxedo was black with a white dress shirt, ruby cufflinks, and a green tie. He couldn't resist wearing all of his colors and Kimberly didn't protest.

Everyone else was allowed to wear their colors in someway.

Jason had red cufflinks set in gold. Zack wore jet black cufflinks with a matching jet black earring, Adam's cufflinks were the same as Zack's. Billy and Rocky both wore blue sapphire cufflinks. Rocky also wore a ruby pinky ring. They all had black suits and green ties to match Tommy's.

The girls all wore pastel yellow dresses. They each had their hair tied back with ribbons. Tanya's ribbon was a pastel green to match Adam's second Ranger color. Aisha and Hayley's ribbons were a powder blue for Billy's color and Rocky's second color. Kira, who Kimberly became very close to through Tommy and Hayley, wore a white ribbon to represent Trent's Ranger suit. And Trini's was a black ribbon for Zack.

The girls were in one dressing room while the guys were in the other, handling final preparations for the ceremony.

"Nervous?" Jason asked Tommy.

"Only a lot," Tommy joked. "But I've been waiting for this day since High School.

"So have we," Zack said looking in a full length mirror and straightening his tie.

Tommy smiled at the former Black Ranger.

"There's nothing to be nervous about Tommy," Billy said adjusting his glasses. Kimberly had requested that he wear them for the wedding. "Everything will be fine."

"Yeah," Rocky agreed. "It's not as bad as you think. It's not like you're not used to standing in front of people."

"I know," Tommy said. "But I'm not used to confessing my feelings for Kim in public."

"Since when?" Adam said. "I seemed to remember you having no trouble back in High School."

Tommy glared at the former Green Zeo Ranger.

"What," Adam shrugged. "You know it's true."

Tommy's glare turned into a smile.

There was a knock at the door and Conner, Tommy's former student and the former Dino Thunder Red Ranger stepped in.

"Are you finished?" he asked the group. "It's almost time."

"Yeah, Conner," Tommy said.

"Yeah, Mr. Forgetful can't be late for his own wedding," Zack laughed as he patted Tommy on the back.

Conner stared at the former Black Ranger confused.

"Forgetful, Late? Dr. O?"

Everyone else laughed.

Jason's clamped the young man's shoulder and guided him out of the room.

"I'll tell you all about it at the reception," he said.

Tommy wanted to protest but realized it would be useless.

"Come on man," Zack said. "It's time to make you and Kim official."

The men all exited out of the room.

Meanwhile, in the women's dressing room, the girls were putting the finishing touches on their make up.

Kim was practically shaking, she was so nervous. She couldn't even apply her final touch of lipstick. Trini took the tube from her.

"Here, let me," she said. "Relax, Kim. You've been waiting for this moment for years."

"I know," Kim said.

"Trini's right," Aisha said. "Relax, this is a good thing. In fact, it's a great thing."

"Yeah," Kira said. "You should be incredibly happy to be marrying Dr. O. He's a great guy."

Tanya smiled at the youngest former Yellow Ranger.

"You got that right Kira," she said. "But then again we all have great men in our lives."

Kira blushed.

"Yeah, we do," she said thinking of a certain former White Ranger.

Trini tucked a strand of hair behind Kimberly's ear.

"There perfect," she said. "Tommy's going to faint when he sees you."

Kimberly turned and looked at the full length mirror. She did look amazing.

"I bet he won't be able to wait for the honeymoon," Hayley joked.

"Ew…" Kira said. She did not want to picture her former teacher as sexually active.

The other Yellow Rangers laughed.

"Anyway," Aisha said. "You do look good girl."

"Good?" Tanya said. "Drop dead gorgeous would be more correct."

Kimberly blushed.

"Feel better?" Trini asked holding onto her best friend's shoulders.

"Yes," Kim said smiling shyly.

They heard a knock at the door.

"Yes," Hayley said opening the door to see Ethan the former Dino Thunder Blue Ranger.

"Everything's ready for you," he said.

"Okay," Hayley said. "we'll be out in a minute."

Ethan nodded and left.

"Ready?" Hayley asked.

Tommy waited as Kimberly walked down the aisle. He always thought of her as a beautiful woman, but today Kim looked out of this world. He couldn't even put into worlds of how gorgeous she looked walking towards him.

It was then that all of his anxiety over marrying Kimberly faded away. He was a lucky man. He just couldn't believe it took so long for this day to come.

Kimberly was still shaking, but not from nerves but from excitement. She was so happy that this was finally happening. She would finally be Mrs. Tommy Oliver. She couldn't picture a more perfect moment than this. She couldn't picture the most perfect man to marry.

Everyone watched as the couples said their vows and their I do's. Most of the audience was in tears. Even Kat, who had not really wanted to come to the wedding, ended up being happy at the beautiful union.

Tommy and Kimberly, soul mates since the moment they met were finally united.