Part One

Alison "Ally" Hart Oliver was excited. It was her favorite time of the year all over again. It was Christmas time and that meant spending the next couple of days with some of the people she loved the most.

She and her family were going back to Angel Grove this year to spend time with her parents' old school friends and a few of her dad's old students.

She grabbed her favorite green dress she planned to wear Christmas day and packed it in her suit case.

"There all done," Ally said to herself.

Smiling to herself as she shipped up her suitcase.

She rushed out to her baby brother's room. Jason Thomas Oliver was one years old.

"Hi mom," she said.

Kimberly turned to her little girl.

"Hi, sweetie," she said.

She was busy packing her son's bag.

"Not that one, he doesn't like that one," Ally said.

"How do you know?" Kim asked.

"Because last time you put him in that he was fussy all day," Ally answered.

Kimberly stared at the powder blue shirt. She frowned for a minute before putting the shirt back into the drawer.

"Okay, missy, since you seem to know what your brother likes, then you can pack his bag," Kim said placing a hand on her hip. "And remember we'll be in Angel Grove for four days."

Alison sighed and nodded. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a blue shirt with a red car on it, a green shirt, a black shirt with a white bear on it, and a orange shirt with a yellow duck on it. She then handed the shirts to her mom who put them in a bag. Alison closed the drawer and pulled out the one under it. She then pulled out two blue pants, a pair of black pants, and green ones. She handed them to her mom.

"There," she said.

"I'm starting to think you have your father's confidence," Kimberly said.

Ally shrugged.

"When are we leaving?" she asked.

"When your dad get's home," Kim answered. "He's getting a few last minute items before we go."

Ally pouted.

Kim smiled down at her.

"I know you're ready to go now, but you know how forgetful your dad can be," she said. "He'll be here soon. Now go I have to finish getting JT ready."

"Okay," Ally said then left the room.

She couldn't wait to get on the road and to Angel Grove to begin her Christmas holiday.