Part Four

Christmas day was finally here and everyone, especially Ally. This was the day everyone could open their gifts. It was sad that in a week that they would all be parting again. That was the part they all hated. They felt like family, but they had their own lives. The Oliver's and the Fernandez's would return to Reefside. Park and the DeSantos families return to Stone Canyon. Ethan and Conner would go home to LA and Justin to New York. Jason, Kat, Kyle, Trisha, Trini, and Zack would go home to San Francisco. They probably wouldn't be together again until next Christmas. That was the realty of their lives. But for now they were all together and that was all that mattered.

Christmas dinner was a large spread of everyone's favorite foods. Everyone decided to forget their diets.

"So, what does everyone have planned for the upcoming year?" Kimberly asked after they blessed the food.

"School," Alison answered.

"The same," Tommy said.

"Finishing designs on this new video game," Ethan said.

"Soccer," Conner answered.

"Finishing up the last details on our dojo," Adam said.

He and Rocky had given up their jobs to start a Martial Arts school.

"I'll still be working at the animal hospital," Aisha said.

"While, I look forward to watching the kids and writing some new songs," Tanya answered.

"Our business is soaring," Hayley said.

"Yes," Billy agreed with his wife. "And we plan on starting a family of our own."

"Us too," Zack chimed in.

"So are we," Kira said with an almost giddy voice.

There were gasps of surprise and excitement all of the room and then their were words of encouragement.

"Well I look forward to all of the Christmas's to come," Kimberly said.

"I think we should all get together more than once a year," Tommy suggested.

"Definitely," Jason agreed and what Jason says usually happens.

So everyone cheered, all feeling the same.