It was only a passing comment. Hardly worth note. There were so many Witches and Wizards at the World Cup that the chances of Harry walking past right at that moment were incredibly slim, but none the less he had heard them.

"they were worried Black would turn up here. Cause trouble."

"Why would he? Just be a quick way of getting caught. Not that the bastard doesn't deserve it. I can't believe Fudge…"

The conversation went on as they drifted towards the next section of tents and Harry was distracted as Oliver Wood yelled out to them.

It wasn't as if Harry hadn't been thinking about Sirius. In fact he had been thinking about him an awful lot since he had arrived at the Weasley's. Ron's family just seemed to absorb Harry and Hermione into it, as in 'we've got seven, so what are two more'. It was nice, especially as he didn't really have a proper family, but at the same time something was missing. Mrs. Weasley liked to fuss, and secretly, Harry thought this was why she accepted him, because he was easy to fuss over. It was the closest he had, but it never really felt like what Hermione meant when she talked about her parents. Not that she did too much. They were dentists, and for all her front, Harry was sure that she didn't like to mention them because they were muggles. He wasn't sure, but she hardly ever mentioned them around Ron, and she never mentioned them to anyone outside their little threesome.

Harry tried to shrug it off, but deep down he was hurting for letting Sirius go. He understood. Sirius was on the run from the law, Harry would be a liability… But he had desperately wanted to go. For a few moments Harry thought he was free, that he would never have to return to the Dursley's ever again. Granted, this summer had been much better, mostly due to Sirius. No need to tell the Dursley's that he couldn't really turn up on the doorstep and turn them into bats.

It had been awful, having to let Sirius go, and Harry had been moping. His chance at freedom died with Sirius', Harry had wanted to be rescued, wanted to escape. He had wanted a family of his own, and while Ron's was great, Sirius would be better. Sirius would be… a dad.

Tuning back in to the conversation he realised Oliver had been talking mostly to him, Harry tried to catch back up, congratulating him on making the team. It was good, but that last overheard comment about Sirius really got to him.

They continued their way through the tents, Hermione was making little angry noises at all the ridiculous wizard tents. Ron, of course, was thoroughly enjoying riling her up, pointing out tents on different paths, dragging them on a longer route to go past a tent made entirely of shamrocks, again past another flashing the Bulgarian team names in bright blue. Harry couldn't help but feel there wouldn't be any water left in their buckets by the time they got back to the site. But then he didn't really see why Mr. Weasley hadn't just filled them with his wand inside the tent. If a muggle was in the tent the gig was already up.

Back at the Campsite Mr. Weasley had a running commentary on all the ministry workers going past – and there were quite a few. Harry was really enjoying it, while the Ron and Ginny just rolled their eyes, but for Harry the ministry was unknown territory. Beside him he could see Hermione was itching to take notes. He made a sort of game of it in his head, considering all the careers and if he would like them. Ludo Bagman was rather interesting, mostly because he started a debate in camp about the results of the match, which got Harry talking tactics with the twins. He didn't much mind about who won, or the teams, more how they won. He was excited to see Krum in action too.

"Their chasers are both pretty even..."

"So they shouldn't matter too much…"

"While the beaters…"

"I think Ireland has got the upper hand…"

"Only just mind…"

"Mullet would have been better with…"

"Willow, yes, but then their names…"

"Mullet and Moran, Mullet and Moran, Mullet and Moran."

Harry burst out laughing. He loved the way the twins did that, talked half a sentence each, then got completely distracted midway. Ron was scowling, but Charlie seemed to be silently egging him on.

Yes. Family.

Harry didn't think of Sirius again all the way through the match. Far to much excitement, and to much to think on. Watching Krum had been something else. Sure Harry had lots of Quidditch books, and he got to see the other teams seekers at school, but this was… Well, lets just say he couldn't wait to get back on a broom and give some stuff a try. The excitement lasted late into the night, still, after being sent to bed he lay there, sneaking the occasional look at his Omnioculars, just to see one more bit of re-play. It was a bit too short for his liking, but oh what a game. Eventually he drifted off to sleep, still grinning.

And then all of a sudden he was awake and out of bed, confused at first until he registered what was happening. He could feel the tension building all around them, and even in the forest, the tension felt familiar. Somewhere at the back of his mind a small voice said well Potter, you're starting your adventures earlier this year. And once he had the thought, it wouldn't go away. Deeper into the forest Ron and Hermione cast lumos.

"Oh no."


"My wand. I think I've lost my wand."

Ron and Hermione held their glowing wands high above their heads, searching the ground. The anxiety increased tenfold. Harry had a tenancy for trouble. Trouble without a wand was not good.

"Maybe it's…" But Ron and Hermione weren't paying attention, being distracted by Winky.

"Maybe she didn't ask for permission."

Ron and Hermione launched into one of their arguments, but Harry just watched the struggling elf. Something wasn't right.

"Come on." Hermione started dragging Harry along, being fed up with Ron. She dragged them almost into a group of Veela. Harry couldn't help but laugh at Stan Shunpike. For a moment the mood was lighter.

"Who's there?"

Ludo Bagman was not looking good. I wonder if he's involved. Apparently not, as he demanded to know what was going on.

"Not really on top of this is he?" Harmione asked. Ron started on a rant defending the ex-beater. Harry kept out of it, the unsettling feeling descending again.

The noise behind him made Ron and Hermione jump, Harry just spun around. He didn't like this. He needed his wand.


Green light came from the voice and erupted upwards, a great scull and snake lighting up the sky. Definitely not good. He dragged his eyes away from it to see a very worried Ron and Hermione.

"What's the matter?"

Hermione was getting paler by the minute.

"It's you-know-who's mark." She said faintly.

"Voldemort's mark?"

Together they started to get away across the clearing when suddenly there were popping sounds all around them. Harry had less than a second to register the wands, grabbing Ron and Hermione by the back of their shirts and pulling them to the ground.

The next twenty minutes passed in a blur, Accusations flew and the elf… Harry couldn't get his head around it. He couldn't help but remember Dobby dealing with Malfoy. It didn't look like he needed a wand for magic. Despite arriving safely back at the tent the unease didn't pass. More than anything Harry didn't like that someone else had used his wand.

The talk back at the tent didn't help. The conversation seemed to swarm around Harry. It caught him out, there was so much he didn't know about Voldemort, and he kept having those dreams. He had written to Sirius. What if the dreams were real. It didn't even feel like a question, he was sure they were real. And now this. He desperately wanted to know what Sirius thought, because if Voldemort was back, Harry was in trouble. More trouble than the muggles being levitated about for fun. More trouble than Hermione as a 'mudblood'. If he came back…well.

Harry missed Sirius. He hardly even knew him, but the more he learnt the more it felt like Sirius was all he had.