Title: The Fixer and Her President

Summary: My take on Olivia's feelings post 2x08.

A/N: First Scandal fanfic ever and the first piece I've written in 2 yrs. Please review and let me know what you think.

It's only when she's alone at his bedside that she allows herself to contemplate the future. Mellie has finally been convinced to go back to the Residence to rest once Cyrus reminded her of the health of the baby. He had tried in vain to convince Olivia to go home but the pain that seemed to radiate from her was enough to silence the man quickly. He had quietly asked two agents to keep guard outside the door to preserve not only the Presidents safety but what was left of their privacy such as it coiuld be in a situation like this . He had left over an hour ago, giving her a kiss on the forehead and a reassuring smile. 'Alone at last' she thought.

The tears when they start aren't even a surprise at this point. She has been barely holding it together since she heard the first shots, those few minutes she allowed herself in Fitz's closet had help her to keep the appreance that she was a deeply concerned friend and collegue and not a terrified lover. Staring at him now she could hardly believe what had happened in such a short period of time, the part that was killing her though was that he was lying there hurt and defenseless and there was nothing she could do to fix the situation. Sure she could spin the stuff with Mellie and even Sally Langston or Madame President as she was being refered to now everywhere but in Liv's headm She was a fixer. No, The Fixer and there was nothing she could do to safe the man she loved more than sit by his side and pray.

For the first time she let's her mind stray to what might happen if heaven forbid she really did loose him. As much as the thought made her want to scream and cry her fiercly analytical mind forced her to consider the thought. It would tear her apart she knew. It was one thing to loose something she never really had - a future with him - it was quite another for him to be gone forever. Her hand tightened around his at the thought. "Please Fitz, you have to wake up. Please." She looked expectantly at his face but he was just as still as he had been before she spoke. "Fitzgerald Grant I swear if you leave me I will never forgive you. Not ever".