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Author: Me (narusasulover1234)

Survival Of The Dead: The Dead Rise Again!

Chapter one: The beginning.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki, 20 year old, fresh out of school, well dropped out of school. I dropped out not long after my father had fallen ill, an incurable disease that attacked at his immune system rendering him powerless and weak.

We didn't have much, my mother had died when I was younger and without a degree I couldn't get much money and finding a job was almost impossible in the busy city of New York . My father had once been wealthy but with my ill father not being able to work, the hospital bills and the expensive medication, the money didn't last long. The money making was left up to me.

I had a job, a minimum wadge job at a small gun shop in the next town making my commute maybe three hours long forcing me to wake up early.

I , personality wise, was always bitter and cold towards people, I never showed my emotions and never cared about feelings. I had no reason to smile so I simply didn't bother faking a smile like most people did. I hated people mostly because my mother had not simply passed away quietly from a sickness when I was younger. She was murdered. I had witnessed the whole thing, a man had broken into our house while my father was out, he came from behind, my mother had no warning before he started stabbing at her with all his might. My mother wailed as she through herself on top of me, protecting me from the sharp knife. The police and my father had rushed in before he could get to me, I had no idea who had called them. I hadn't smiled since that day. I forgot the meaning of happiness. I only lived for my father but I felt bitter towards him to, I kept thinking that if he hadn't left that night she wouldn't have died.

"Fuck." I murmured as I brought a cigarette to my lips, taking a long drag, I had started this bad habit since my dad fell ill, no real reason but I got addicted quickly, it calmed my anger issues. It was another one of those mornings, the ones where everything pisses you off so I turn to my cigarettes.

I was cruising along in my old car, the old rust bucket still ran pretty well for being extremely old, we couldn't really afford a new one so this had to do. The morning sun shinning it's blinding sun rays high up in the blue American sky, it was silent as I drove along the empty boarder roads, once in a while id pass by cars heading in the same direction maybe for work or a visit.

I pulled the cigarette out of my mouth to lightly tap the stick, the ash falling out the window. I was about to place it back in my mouth when I heard the distinct sound of police sirens coming from the opposite road. I watched as the patrol car raced towards my city, New York. It didn't take long before maybe three or four more patrol cars as well as a swat team truck raced by.

'Weird.' I thought but I didn't really care, it was probably just an armed fucker fighting against the police, they had a lot of these incidents recently, people killing each others by shots to the brain. People disgust me to no end. I looked up through my window, slowing down my vehicle. The sound of the air being beaten into submission by the blades of a helicopter that flew over me left me puzzled and a bit concerned, if helicopters were involved then it should be quite serious.

"What the fuck is going on?" I said to no one in particular before I started my car up again and headed to my destination, feeling extremely disturbed and uneasy. I frowned, maybe I should go back. I decided against it, I would never hear the end of it if I got late.

I looked back once more before turning my gaze back forward. My eyes widened as I was rapidly approaching a silhouette that I couldn't quite make out since it was crouched on the road on top of what looked to be a deer, it's bloody guts spilling out.

Like instinct, I swirled the car to the left avoiding the silhouette but my car made it's way into the trees. The impact knocked my head against the steering wheel painfully and that was the last thing I remembered before everything went black. Completely black.

-XXXXXXXXXX- (time skip)

I blinked my eyes open, my body laying limply, the only support was my bloodied head against the steering wheel. Everything ached, I grunted, glaring at anything and everything. What the fuck was that thing doing on the road? I thought anger coursing through me. I tried to move but everything ached, my vision blurry from the injury to my head. Blood dripped down my forehead to my dark blue eye preventing me from keeping it open.

I looked around, taking in my surroundings. My rusty car smashed against a tree, around me were multiple rotting trees. I brought my hand to my nose, trying to block out the disgusting stench that I assumed came from the trees.

I had to get out of the car. I opened the door, before throwing myself out onto the floor. A pain shooting through me from my leg. Just great. It had a large gash along the knee, blood oozing out of the torn flesh like a river.

" Fucking great." I grunted bitterly as I winced before I willed myself to stand on my good leg. My head throbbing along with my injured left leg that I tried to put the least support on. I limped towards what looked like a fence before I heard rustling in a near by bush... followed by a moan and then a grunt.

"The fuck?!" I swore loudly as a rotting arm shot out of the bush. I backed up slowly as this disgusting thing crawled out from the bush, it's pale almost grey faced was caked with blood around the mouth, a gaping hole dripping with blood, no not blood, black ooze and flesh replaced it's nose and as the thing approached my shell shocked self I noticed that all of it's bottom half was gone, leaving his black ooze filled guts hanging. It left a trail of said ooze as it used his fingers to pull himself towards me. I knew this thing was dead but it was still fucking moving! Dead people aren't suppose to move! Now I was really panicking.

I snapped out of it as I heard more moans and grunts. More of those disgusting black ooze covered things approached from the distance. I didn't time to analyze them carefully, I feared for my life. I limped as quickly as I could with my leg wound towards the wooden fence just a few feet away surely i'd find safety the other side since it would surely lead to a house, my injured leg was slowing me down considerably. They were approaching quickly, their moans and sickly sound of dragging flesh alarming me of their rapid approach.

When I finally made it to the fence, I grabbed onto the blisteringly rugged ledge that cut the tips of my fingers, willing myself up with injury was quite the feat but when I finally made it with extreme effort I unceremoniously fell onto the hard ground on the other side, knocking the air out of my lungs.

I crawled backwards quickly, fearing they would jump up like I did, until my back hit the balcony. I heard those things desperately try to get to me by slamming their rotten fists onto the wood dragging their black caked oozing hands on the smooth wood on the other side, their moans and grunts penetrating my ears, the rotting smell doing the same to my nose, I could even hear the buzzing of flies. It would be a lie if I said I wasn't afraid of what was on the other side. I had seen a lot of shit in my life but never anything like this. I was shaking, my eye wide with fear and everything was flashing in my head. What were they? How did they get like that? Why were they moving?

A blood curling cry rang in the air and then the banging stopped, their attention turning to the sound, I figured out that they react to noise... at least I knew that. They must have left to attack that poor fool who yelled so loudly or maybe they didn't need to since maybe that person would be already dead by the time they get there. I sighed in relief and gratitude to whoever. Fuck. I almost had a heart attack.

I heard the sound of a door sliding open from behind me but I had no time to react before I felt an unbearable pain on my head as if someone had hit me with a blunt object. Another addition to my injuries.

"Damn." I let out before everything went black, I slipped into blissful consciousnesses.

The soft gasp barely reached my ears. Maybe it wasn't the end.

Only the beginning of it.

END OF CHAPTER ONE! I know it's short and everything but the first one is always short. You guys can pretty much guess who I will be introducing in the next chapter. Sorry if it's a little bit rough around the edges but it'll get better Anyways REVIEW FOLLOW FAV ENJOY! Till next chapter.