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Chapter 39: Hell

My whole body was numb and cold as I stared at the woman who sheltered me all my life, my own mother before my very eyes. My mother who I hadn't seen and had not known of her state since zombies began to roam. Her face full horror was a far cry from the calm face I'd been accustomed too seeing. Her eyes were as wide as mine, her's lacking light and mine full of unshod tears begging the be released. I was so relieved to see her alive, I wanted to jump in her arms and cry but my leg was burning and I knew I couldn't move much for a while.

She sat up slowly to get a better look at me, her son, tears rushing down her face and dripping on the bloody blanket that slowly slipping off her frail body revealing it's true state. My blood ran colder and my heart felt slow as my ears buzzed along with my mind, the tears I had been battling finally broke the dam and slipped down my cheeks that burned in horror. My mother's pale skin was red with lacerations and gashes, her clothing bathed in spots of blood informing me that there was much worse underneath. I opened my mouth to scream but only pitiful whimpers came out. My hands held my head, trying to hold myself together as everything inside me shook. I probably looked as pathetic as I felt, a crying unstable mess on the floor at the foot of the bed my injured mother sat on.

"M-My baby...My precious baby boy is alive...I-I'm sorry for leaving you all alone." Her voice was weak and raspy as she spoke with so much love through her tears. Her cut up arm reached for me and I lifted my own to touch her arm despite the distance between us, I just wanted her to know that I was there with her. Her action however was halted as the back of a pale hand connected against her cheek, sending her toppling off the bed. My cry mixed with her pained one as she fell to the floor, farther away from me. I couldn't even move to protect her, I could only sit there and cry with my leg burning and my heart aching. Sai walked around the bed and into my reach, his destination to my mother was cut short as I grasped the fabric of his pants. He smirked down at me with a look of amusement which I returned with a begging eyes.

"Please don't hurt her. I'll do anything just don't hurt my mom!" I pleaded, crying as I bowed along with my plea. Submitting to this tyrant's sick desire to watch me suffer and make others suffer for his own benefit. I hoped that if he saw that I would not rebel if he didn't hurt my beloved mother who laid limp in tears. I wanted nothing more then to comfort her by my leg was burning and I was in no position to make any sudden motions that could possibly risk both our lives. A large hand buried itself in my hair, pulling at the roots forcing a pained cry out of my mouth. It hurt even more as he lifted me up to my aching legs by the roots of my locks. I tried to hold my hair from ripping out of my skull, the pain making me grit my teeth and making tears prickle my clenched shut eyes.

"Anything?" He singsonged, I popped one eye open and squeaked in fear as his face was mere millimetres away from mine. His face smelt of blood and his eyes reminded me of the pure evil I'd see in the killers from the investigation shows I used to watch before things turned to chaos. It scared me as much as the undead who ripped people to pieces did. I knew what this cruel man could do, he wasn't beneath making innocent people fight for their lives for his entertainment and he was not beneath torturing people for his sick desires. I nodded through the pain before he grew impatient with my silence.

"Then how 'bout you entertain me a little bit?" He said gutturally, his tongue running over his chapped lips, wetting them with his saliva. I couldn't help but feel bile in my throat, I knew that their was noting innocent about his words. I wanted nothing more then to run into Naruto's arm, in his warmth, I only wanted him...not this man who stunk of evil but I couldn't leave my mother here and my leg was in no condition. I had to pray that some miracle would save me from this hell I walked myself into.

As if God was answering my prayers, a knock was heard at the door. Sai growled angrily at being interrupted and dropped me on the ground unceremoniously, I refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing my cries of pain as my leg received the brunt of the fall. I would not let him have that pleasure. I held all the pain in and glared as best I could as he walked around me and opened the large door.

A woman appeared behind the door, the same one as before. She whispered something about starting something and that's when it hit me. Sai had not changed since we met him at the apartment complex. I was stupid to overlook the fact that this man was probably still running that disgusting arena to watch people fight for their lives against the biters who were offered a free meal. I wanted to do something- anything- like last time but the circumstances were different. I had my injured mother with me and I wasn't in better condition.

I lifted my upper body off the floor and dragged myself to the wooden bedpost that would serve me as an aide to lift the rest of my aching body up. I wrapped my hands around the wooden post, begging my body to move quickly as I heaved myself up. Putting little pressure on my injured leg, I limped towards where my mother was. Her battered body was limp on the floor as she sobbed quietly, tears gathered in my eyes as I dropped down to her level. I hugged her tightly, I found her. I found her. She hugged me back, her thin arms holding me with the warmth only a mother could have.

"I'm sorry, my baby. If I'd known this would happen, I'd never leave you and your brother alone at home." She sobbed into my shoulder, crushing my heart. There was nothing more painful then seeing your own mother or any mother for the matter, in tears. I let my own drops of salty tears run down my heated cheeks as I shook my head in disapproval.

"N-No, mom. There was no way you could have known. Nobody could have expected what happened but m-mom...Itachi and I got separated..." I told her with a shaking voice, she pulled away, her tired eyes full of tears searching my own teary eyes. Her trembling hand settled on my side bangs, caressing me hair gently but shakily.

"I-Is he...?" She whispered through thick tears and I raised my shoulders, no longer finding my voice but she understood that I didn't know as she pulled me into another hug and ran her fingers through my hair in a comforting fashion. It felt like all the troubles that weighed on my shoulder, ever since my big brother told me the dead were walking, vanished with the touch of my mother's loving hand but reality had to come knocking at the door. Nothing was over, none of the troubles could vanish that easily and we had to get out of here.

"Mom...Will you be able to walk?"I asked her slowly and she nodded with a concerned look on her injured face. I pulled the sheets from the bed and wrapped it around her lightly clothed body. She held it around her and slowly got up, testing to see if her legs were steady enough to carry her out of here. She gave me a thumbs up and did her best to help me off the floor as well, she set me on the soft bed and slowly knelled in front of me to inspect my leg. She hummed at the stitch work that held my wound together before re-wrapping the slightly bloody bandages.

"My poor baby...How dare they touch my little boy like this? It's tender but there can't be any pressure on it." She whispered angrily before ending professionally. I nodded in agreement and looked around the room for something that could work as a brace for my leg. I needed something do keep my leg from giving up, the pain would still be there but at least I'd know my limb would be steady and strong. Unfortunately, there was nothing useful in sight.

"I'll need something to help me walk." I mumbled absently, looking around once more to see if maybe I missed something. My mother looked up quickly and limped towards a large dresser, she opened it and pulled out a wooden broom full of dust on the bristly ends. She helped me stand up and handed me the broom to help me walk.

"This works. Use this." She said as she watched me steady myself with the help of the wooden broom. I sent her a smile and nodded before walking towards her with a look of concern on my face. She looked tired and hurt, I had to get her and myself out of here as soon as possible. If by miracle, we'd be able to get to where Naruto and the others are then maybe I could get my mother good aid. I feared her gashes would get infected, they looked painful enough as they were, I could only imagine how much worse it would be if her wounds got infected.

"Alright...We need to leave now...We have to move quick and silently."I explained to her, limping towards the door with the my makeshift walking stick. My mother was right behind me, her eyes concerned as she rested her hand against my own that was wrapped around the door knob.

"Sasuke...You-Your father...He's here too." She whispered sullenly, her eyes dulling and her face falling making her look even worse then see already did. I knew that it meant bad news, my heart felt as if it fell deep in my stomach. I almost felt like puking and my head was whirling. Just by the look on my mother's face told me a lot, I knew I had to accept the worst. So I got ready to hear it. I shut my eyes and breathed as well as exhaled deeply.

"Where...W-Where exactly is he...?" I asked slowly, my voice coming out hesitantly and throaty. My mother was chocking up, tears filling her eyes once more as she looked down letting her hair block my view of her dark eyes. I could only see the droplets of crystal like tears pattering on the carpeted ground. I stared in horror, it was bad. Something was wrong.

"Medica-Medical unit I believe."She whispered, her hands furiously whipping at her eyes. She looked up at me with broken eyes that were dull and full of sadness that burned my heart and pained me more then any wound. I told her we had to go get him, I didn't want to hear of his condition until I saw him myself so I shook my head as my mother tried to explain, assuring her that we'd get my father no matter what.

With that, I slowly creaked the door opened and peaked out from the small crack to see if the coast was clear. Luckily it was, I slipped out of the room followed by my mother who closed the door softly behind her. She took a huge breath of relief and I shot her a soft look, she'd probably been in there for a long time but we could not dwell on that much longer. We had to keep moving or else we'd get caught before we even reached my dad.

We weaved through hallways, following my mother's directions to the medical ward, moving as quickly as our injured bodies could. We stopped and slapped our bodies against the intersection corner wall, the corner would lead us to the medical ward but we heard voices coming from the room that my dad was in. It was two females from what I could pick up. I peaked around the corner, they stood in front of the medical unit, talking to each other. Guns were nestled in their belts, intimidating us from afar.

"Mom...We need to distract them...This is what we'll do..." I whispered her the plan and she nodded with a weak yet proud smile on her face. I handed her to broom and used the wall to help myself limp towards the ladies who were immediately alerted by my presence. They glared at me fiercely and I willed tears to spring in my eyes. I fell to the ground, dramatically crying out in pain but I looked up with tears streaming down my face.

"Ple-Please! Help my mother! She's over there, she got bit! P-Please she's going to die!" I pointed out, pleading for them to aide my 'bitten' mother who was hiding behind the corner waiting for her opportunity to strike. The women shot each other a terrified look and I mentally congratulated myself for successfully being convincing enough to fool them. One of the woman stayed with me, kneeling at my side to inspect me for wounds while the other one did just as I had planned, running around the corner where my mother was hiding. Our advantage was the element of surprise.

However, I had to do my part quickly before it was too late and guns were pointed at us. So from my position on the floor, I grabbed a fistful of the long greasy locks and heaved the head with all my strength onto the wall. Her head slammed against the wall with a smack, she fell limp on my lap. I quickly checked for any bleeding but only felt slight moisture. I deemed it okay for me to leave her here knowing that she would not die. My mother rounded the corner with a prideful look on her face and the broom tightly clenched in her palm with a smudge of blood on it. I looked at her in question.

"Broke her nose before she could even react. She passed out immediately."My mom explained and I nodded, taking back the broom to help myself up and into the medical ward that was now free of guards but the minute I entered, I regretted it. There was blood everywhere. People wrapped in bandages and moaning in pain. I held my free hand to my nose as I tried my best to limp through the bodies with my mother who had a horrified look in her eyes.

Suddenly, my mom cried out and sprinted past me. I watched as she threw herself over a bed where my father probably laid. I limped there quickly, tears gathering in my eyes at the thought of seeing my father since being separated from my family for what felt like forever. My mom was sobbing into her covered chest, blocking my view of him as I limped towards where he lay. When I finally reached to where she was I crumbled to the ground, my lungs ceasing function as I begged for air. My father...the man who made my existence possible...was...missing his eye and his face was caked in so much blood I could not tell the extent of his injuries least he was breathing. I lifted myself up and shook him with tears in my eyes. It felt like I'd would be crying for an eternity.

"Daddy...Daddy, please wake up." I called, shaking his shoulder as my mom sobbed at seeing her husband in this state. She pulled away to hold his hand through the blanket but froze as her hand touched the mattress where my father's hand was suppose to be. I wanted to scream in horror but I held myself back and begged my mom to do the same. If we made too much noise, we would be caught. My dad wasn't going to wake up anytime soon so we had to think of a way to get him out of here with us. My mother was too hysterical to help me think of a way to get a bigger unconscious man out of this hell. Suddenly, we heard a cry of surprise from outside the ward. My stomach flopped in fear as I looked into my mom's equally terrified gaze.

"What the fuck!?" We heard a rough voice scream in outrage. I was shaking like a leaf, my eyes darting from side to side looking for a place to hide my mother and myself before we were caught and brought back into the sick hands of Sai who was looking forward to satisfy himself at my expanse. I feared what he was going to do if he ever got his hands on me. I didn't want him. I wanted Naruto and only Naruto. I pushed those thoughts away and brainstormed.

I had to find a place to hide us before it was too late. I had too.

End Chapter!