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Fifth Entry

I've been really busy recently with dancing competitions and auditioning for local productions. I hate school, I wish I could just spend my whole life on stage, but unfortunately my dad thinks otherwise, he is making me go to sixth form to get A-levels before I go and work with him on the builders yard. I don't even want to go and work with him on the builders yard, but like mom says there is no harm in getting some qualifications. I don't know what A-levels to take, I mean Drama is a must but I don't know what else to choose, nothing else really interests me. I might just ask everyone else what they're thinking of taking and just tag along with them, I mean if I'm gonna do something I don't wanna do, it might be a bit more bearable if I do it with a few friends. Chris has already said he wants to do psychology, he never really said why but I guess it might be more interesting to do something new than doing a subject which I have already been doing for 5 years like Maths or some other shit like that.

Sixth Entry

Not much been going on recently, it's half term and even though I hate being in school it means I have fuck all to do except dancing at the community centre. There's a new guy Cody who came to the dancing class today, he seemed pretty cool, all the girls were over him like flies on shit. To be fair he's not a bad looking lad to be fair, fairly lean but toned, medium-long brown hair and he looked pretty damn hot in that tight white top he was wearing…. Or at least that's what the girls said. He was really friendly too but he seemed to ignore any advances the girls made, mind you looking like that he's probably got a girlfriend.

Seventh Entry

I'm absolutely knackered, just got back from dance and my legs are killing me so I've just started to run a bath to help soothe the pain a little, whilst I am waiting for it to fill up I'm just sitting here lying on my bed in my underwear updating this thing. There are rumours going round at dance class that Cody is bisexual, I doubt it though it's just the girls getting all upset just because he isn't interested in them. It turns out Cody actually lives really close to me, so he gave me his number and he is going to call for me on the way to dance. It's weird, when I'm with Cody, I feel kind of… inferior. I mean he is so fit and I'm just… not, I need to lose weight, I'm almost 9 stone now… I hate my body.