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"The time has come to permanently rid our village of this demon filth," a cruel, cold voice echoed around the town's square. "We, the Council of Konohagakure no Sato, sentence Uzumaki Naruto to death by execution for committing treason against our village in dealing with the unprovoked attack on Uchiha Sasuke." Wild cheers filled the square as a blonde-haired boy was thrown to the floor of a wooden stage that had been erected in the middle of the village square. Not one tear was being shed for the blonde boy, as each face was filled with vicious pleasure at the sight of the one they called Uzumaki Naruto being dragged to his death.

"Any last words Demon?" Mikokado Homura sneered.

"Fuck you," Naruto spat. "You do realize that if you kill me, the Kyubi will be released! And who then will sacrifice themselves to save you, the Fourth Hokage isn't here anymore. Though why he sacrificed his life for such a pathetic pile of shit."

"He lies!" a voice cried out. "The demon is trying to confuse us, don't listen to it!"

"So be it," Utatane Koharu snapped. She raised a hand, a masked man with silver hair stepped forward, his hand glowing and crackling with electricity.

"So they dragged you into this duty, eh Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Dragged?" Hatake Kakashi laughed. "I volunteered for this. You killed my sensei, the man I looked up to as a father, you caused so much destruction and devastation for this village. Don't you dare call me sensei, I never considered you my student!"

"Of course not, why should I have called you that?" Naruto spat. "To be a sensei, you have to teach me something. The only thing you 'taught' me was tree walking and that was only because the banshee bitch and teme were there. My father would be ashamed of you Kakashi, you who preaches teamwork yet who turned his back on those very principles." He turned to the Council members opposite Kakashi. "If you're going to have me killed for no reason other than your hate and fear, at least use my full name. Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto."

"WHAT!" the Council members roared.

"How dare you desecrate the name of our greatest Hokage? You go to far!" Homura shouted. "Kakashi do it!"

"Goodbye demon," Kakashi sneered. He raised a lighting-covered hand, ready to drop and cut through Naruto's neck. Just as he was about to drop his hand, a massive thunderclap boomed overhead followed immediately by a flash of lighting that impacted the stage next to Naruto. A figure appeared, glowing with power and rage. The man had curly black hair, a twisted staff in his hands and glowing blue eyes, which seemed to be emitting lighting bolts.

"What is going on?" the man roared, Kakashi and the Council fell back from the power and rage flowing from the man. "Why are you about to murder my grandson?" A gasp cut through the crowd.

"Grandson!" Kakashi and the Council exclaimed.

"The Demon doesn't have any family!" Haruno Sakura screeched. "He's an orphan!"

"That doesn't mean he doesn't have a family, you banshee child!" the man roared. "Naruto is my grandson through his mother, Uzumaki Kushina, the former daimyo of Uzushiogakure no Sato! He speaks the truth of his father, the man you all praise and hail, Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage is Naruto's father!"

"Lies! Minato-sensei never had a child, let alone this demon claiming to be his," Kakashi roared.

"Silence Hatake Kakashi!" the black-haired man roared. "You have shamed your ancestors with your actions this day, you all have shamed your ancestors this day for condemning a child who had committed no sins other than not taking his well-deserved revenge against this village. Well, I have news for you, this stops today." The man knelt down next to Naruto. "Naruto, magomusko, I'm so sorry for what you've had to deal with in this pitiful excuse for human settlement. I can take you away from this place, where you can start over, would you like that?" he asked.

"Gaisofu," Naruto said. "You don't know how long I've wanted to get out of this shithole of a village, please get me out of here."

"Call me Hermes," the man now known as Hermes said with a fox-like grin that seemed very familiar to Naruto. He slammed his staff down on the stage and the pair of them vanished in a flash of lighting. The villagers began screaming, as the 'demon' was gone!


"Where are we Hermes-jiji?" Naruto asked.

"Just Hermes Naruto," Hermes said. "And to answer your question, we are currently in the void between worlds."

"WHAT?" Naruto cried.

"Calm down!" Hermes shouted. "I am taking you from your world to a world where people never gained the ability to use chakra, instead they turned to technology in order to survive. You will still be 13 in this new world and have your ninja abilities but make sure they are kept secret. I'm slightly breaking a rule here by telling you this but in this world, there is a set of gods called the Olympians, and they watch over this world. I'll leave you a book on Greek Mythology which should help you understand, read it."

Naruto groaned at the thought of homework but agreed. "Hermes, you said that you were my kaa-san's tou-san? What was she like and did you know my tou-san?" he asked.

"I do but our time grows short, I will leave you both Kushina and Minato's journals which they wrote during Kushina's pregnancy," Hermes said. "There will be a chance that you will be different then those around you because of who you are, who your grandparents are. Keep on your guard and keep practicing the skills that you've hidden from the world. You will find friends; true friends learn to trust them. I'm sorry Naruto but I must leave you here, when you wake up you will be in New York City, in the country of the United States. This will be the last time we see each other for a while Naruto."

Naruto's eyes filled with tears. "But I just found my family, and you have to leave so soon?" he asked.

"Arigato Naruto but there is a rule among my family that our children or descendents must grow up without our interference. They must learn to live and fend for themselves. You know this better than most due to what happened in the village but I promise, I will send you friends soon. Goodbye Naruto."

"Goodbye jiji," Naruto sniffled as a white light enveloped him.

"Grow well my son, I know that will play an important role in the coming struggle," Hermes said. "We will need your strength and brightness to combat the coming darkness. Kushina, I'm so sorry that your son suffered so. But he will find happiness in this world…I hope." Hermes vanished a bright flash of light leaving the void between worlds dark once more.

A/N: Well, I recently got into a Naruto/Percy Jackson crossover kick, so here's mine. I know this is much shorter than my usual chapters but this was just to set the scene. Will follow the PJO books pretty closely but there will be some changes, though since I haven't really mapped out much of this story I can't say for sure when they will come. Also, give me some ideas on who Naruto should be paired up with, Percy and Annabeth will stay the same. Also, Naruto in this won't really be a 'true' demi-god, as he won't have a godly parent, though there will be a surprise that will be reveled later.