C.C felt strange when she woke up. She hadn't been feeling herself lately but wasn't sure what to make of it since she has never gotten sick before. She felt tired even though he had just woken up. It felt as if there were large butterflies flying around in her stomach, she felt hungry and nauseas at the same time. Then her worries went away once Lelouch woke up and wrapped his arms around her. C.C nuzzled in his embrace.

"Morning," he whispered as he tenderly kissed her neck.

"Good morning," C.C ran her fingers in through his thick hair.

"We are going to have to get going soon," he muttered.

"Where too this time?" C.C asked.

"Haven't decided yet," he sat up looking down at her. "We'll keep going east I guess."

C.C reached up and cupped her hands around his face. It didn't matter where they were going she was going to spend eternity by his side. She pulled him close and kissed him softly. Her hands gently wrapping around his neck pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. His hands began to explore her body just as they did last night. They spent the morning in their passionate embrace.

C.C jumped into the shower as Lelouch went to check them out of the hotel they were staying at. Of course he used a false name and careful not to let anyone get a real good look at him.

C.C. had just stepped out of the shower when she heard him return to the room and started packing their bags.

"Almost ready?" he called to her.

"Just about," she called backed. As she was getting dressed C.C felt the butterflies in her stomach again. Her hand flew up to her stomach she glanced in the mirror and noticed her reflection was a little different. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but something was different again the fluttering began as she watched herself in the mirror.

Just then Lelouch knocked on the door.

"C.C come on lets get going."


They boarded a train east bound. They were out to see the world and how much it has changed since that day. They traveled around city to city place to place. They stayed in some of the best hotels taking the honeymoon suite enjoying their everlasting honeymoon.

They ended up in Italy. They spent the day sight seeing, laying on the beaches and that night they had a romantic dinner.

'If this is to be my eternity,' C.C thought to herself, 'Then I will be happy with it.'

Lelouch wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close, kissing her passionately. C.C pulled back standing in front of the bed. She smirked as she slipped out of her clothes. Lelouch did the same. C.C grabbed his hands and pulled him onto the bed with her. Her body tingled at the touch of his hands, his lips against her skin. He entered her and gently started moving his hips. C.C pulled his face close and kissed him passionately. Lelouch trailed kisses across her cheek and down her neck, tenderly nibbling her soft skin. C.C arched her back softy moaning. Suddenly her stomach seemed to flutter quickly. A strange feeling as if something had given her a sharp nudge.

"What's wrong?" Lelouch asked, "Did I hurt you?"

C.C was quiet for a moment. She didn't feel anything else after that. She shook her head. Lelouch could tell that something wasn't right he rolled over and laid beside her, pulling the covers up over them.

"What is it?" he asked.

C.C shook her head. "Nothing."

C.C nuzzled into Lelouch's arms sliding a hand onto her stomach. Lelouch ran his fingers through her hair holding her tightly. C.C laid her head against his chest feeling it rise and fall with each breath, hearing his heart beating. With her other hand C.C started to trace her around his scar with her finger just as she felt another nudge.