It had been many long hours. C.C was exhausted but Lelouch kept encouraging her to stay strong. He stayed at her side through the next few hours. Holding her hand letting her squeeze it through the contractions. Finally the local midwife had arrived and things started to move alone rather quickly.

Soon the room was filled with a chorus of cries. It was a beautiful sound. It brought tears to C.C eyes. Lelouch was at a loss for words as the mid wife placed his baby girl in his arms. She was so small and so beautiful, a full head of black hair and large gold eyes, she was more beautiful then words. Lelouch held her close for a brief moment then place her in C.C's arms. C.C couldn't help the tears as she looked down at her little girl, who settled comfortably in her arms. C.C sighed happily.

"So you're the one who's been kicking me through the night,"

Lelouch chuckled kissing both of them.

"She's perfect," C.C said.

"Just like you," Lelouch said.

C.C looked up at him and smiled. She kissed him and then her daughter. They were both happy to have her finally in their arms.

Time doesn't stand still. C.C knew that more then anyone. Lelouch was becoming aware of that as well. So they cherished each moment with their daughter more then ever. From the time she was a few weeks old awake and alert in C.C arms, laughing and giggling as Lelouch made faces. To a couple months pushing up on her hands and knees ready to crawl about. And before they knew it she was walking and calling out for her mommy and daddy. Before he knew it that little toddler had let go of Lelouch's hands and walked away on her own.

Time doesn't stand still. Lelouch cherished each moment since her birth and so forth. And thanked C.C for the life they live together.

"The power of the king," he said to her.

C.C smiled. "I told you I wasn't correct. "

Lelouch and C.C shared another passionate kiss.

18 years later ~

Kallen Kozuki was waiting for the new school year to start. She was now the new coach at Ashford Academy. The students were about to arrive. Just then she heard a familiar voice.

"Strange being back here," he said.

"It is," she chuckled. Kallen turned and saw Suzaku standing beside her, in disguise of course.

"How are you Kallen?" he asked.

"I'm fine," she said. "All is well." She smiled. They both share the same thought for a moment. They both think of him fondly but don't speak of him. He lied and committed such evil and hateful crimes; hurt so many people became a hated tyrant and changed the world. After all this time they were probably the only ones left who even remembered his name, other then Nunnally.

Just then the Students started to enter the school. Suzaku and Kallen just watched as they all came in. Then they saw the new student council members. It was almost like a blast from the past, the new members were a group of cherry students with bubbly personalities. Kallen laughed to herself. Suzaku did too thinking of the old classmates he missed. Then both of their jaws dropped when they saw a very familiar face walk into the crowd. A tall young girl with long black hair and gold eyes.

Kallen shook her head it wasn't possible.

"No it can't be. Hey you," she called to the young girl.

She glanced up as Kallen approached her, Suzaku followed.

"You're the new vice prez right?"

"Yes," she answered.

Kallen looked at Suzaku. He was still amazed the likeness was uncanny.

"Whats your name?" Kallen asked.

"Isabella," she answered, "Isabella Lamperouge."

Kallen and Suzaku nearly hit the floor. Kallen fought the tears that were about to burst through.

"Welcome then, to Ashford." Was all she could say.

Isabella smiled, to them it was a familiar smile, but she was unaware.

Kallen looked to Suzaku.

"Do you think?" she started to ask.

"I've always wondered," Suzaku said, "Just maybe, he managed one last miracle in the very end one that no one saw. And then when no one was looking he just vanished. And now he's living in some little house on the countryside somewhere."

Kallen smiled. "One last miracle."

Isabella was settling in with her other classmates in the council room. Her charm bracelet she wore had gotten snagged, her classmate helped her untangled it.

"There you go," she said.

"Thanks," Isabella said.

"Hey, that's really pretty," her classmate admired her heart shaped charm.

"Thank you, it was a gift from my father."

"What does it say?" her classmate read the engraved heart charm, "' Miracle,"

"Yes," Isabella told her, " My father always told me I was his miracle."

Isabella smiled as she held her charm bracelet. She remembered the day her father gave it to her. He told her to hold out her hand and close her eyes. She felt it around her wrist. Then he told her to open her eyes. There it was it sparkled in the light. She loved it right away. He told her to read it.


"Because you're my miracle."

Isabella smiled looking at her bracelet. Just then another classmate came over and sat beside her.

"Hey would you like to play a game of chess?" she asked.

"Sure," Isabella answered.

They started to play. Isabella's first move was her king.

"Your king?" her classmate was surprised.

"Of course," Isabella replied. "If the king doesn't move then the subordinates wont follow."

The game went on.