Nationals were over, I was the national champion and my best friend broke her back at nationals…

I watched out for my team even though I was not team caption I still cared for them. I watched Payson carefully and saw that something was wrong when she was warming up. She was normally happy and ready to go but not today.

I walked up to her and asked "hey Pay is everything okay?" "Uh yeah I'm fine" she said as she gripped her lower back."Payson you mean everything to me and I love you we are like sisters and best friends! You can tell me anything even if you are in pain." "I know Kaylie and I love you for caring about me. I really do but I'm fine I promise to tell you if I was in pain." "Okay Pay then go kick some ass out there!" I said as I hugged her.

Me and Lauren have not been friends since what she did with Carter and I couldn't trust her because of that. I knew that something was going to happen I wasn't sure if it was going good or bad.

I saw Payson going to the uneven bars and that's when I got a sick feeling in my stomach. That's when I walked over to Lauren and grabbed her hand and she turned and gave me a confused look but then she saw I had tears in my eyes so she squeezed my hand and hugged me. When I turned around to watch Payson I knew she was about to fall.

I saw the pain in her eyes when she tried to flip. With in seconds there was a loud THUD and it came from her hitting the mat neck first and with in milliseconds I was by her side calling "PAYSON!" the only respond I got was "I'm sorry I didn't tell you kay.." with that she was out.

She had a tight grip on hand so I knew she was just unconscious but I knew I had to let go of her hand so they could take her to the hospital. Once they wheeled her out on the stretcher to the ambulance and they drove off to the hospital it was my turn on floor.

I had to win this for Payson. I walked to the corner of the mat so I could start my routine but before I began I said "I'm dedicating this routine to my teammate,best friend,sister and gymnast Payson Keeler!" Then I started my routine and Finished it FLAWLESS! We all asked the judges to show us Paysons score and they agreed to. Once they did everyone gasped at what they saw...

That's when I knew I had to go tell Payson what happened so I left. I ran out the doors and didn't stop till I was in my car everyone was calling my name and telling me to come back but I didn't. I started my car and drove to the hospital Payson was at and with in minutes I was there.

I rushed inside and up to the front desk and asked "Payson Keelers room" "Relation?" Without even thinking I said "Sister" "Okay room 125" I thanked her and walked to her room as fast as I could without running. When I came around the turn I saw Mr. Keeler Punch the wall I was confused on why he did. So I asked "Is she okay?" "Uh yeah but there is something that you both should know but first go she her she has been asking for you since she woke up." "Okay" I walked into her room and saw laying in the bed with her eyes closed and a neck brace on.

I walked up to the bed and grabbed her hand and said "I love you Payson" "I love you to Kaylie" she said opening her eyes. I had tears building back up and wiped the few tears that came out and Said " I have to tell you something" as i reached into my pocket and pulled out...

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