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The Tahoe stops at the curb of the high rise hotel and I swear there's no more oxygen left in the limousine. I swing the door open, practically leaping out, before the driver can even come around to open the door for us. My chest welcomes the brisk night air as it fills my lungs, momentarily subduing the urge to press my lips against Josh's.

"Miss Lawrence? Are you all right?" The driver says as he makes his way around to me and at the same time Josh steps out of the limousine behind me, placing his hand on my back in the most beautifully antagonizing way. Jena and Sam come around the back of the black SUV, laughing and smiling.

"I'm fine. Thanks." I wave off the driver with a reassuring smile but my heart is still racing as Josh's hand trails across my back and then down to my waist, tugging me into him as we walk up to the revolving door. Why am I so nervous? What am I afraid of?

Then I realize the answer is simple. I'm afraid of what's happening between us, of losing Josh, my friend Josh, but now I can't look at him the same. I want him and it's not the alcohol, it's not a rebound, or even some lustful pleasure that will dissipate after one night. No, it's so much more now and I'm terrified.

The red and orange carpet squares lead us to the steel doors of an elevator that opens up in front of us and Josh and I follow Jena and Sam into the suffocating box of steel. My room is on a different floor from Josh's and when he grazes his fingertips over my waist as I step off the elevator with Jena I can feel his hesitation at letting me go. It's nothing compared to how much I don't want this night to end and as we bid the boys goodnight. I slide the card in the door knob to my room and tell Jena goodnight before closing the door behind me with shaking hands.

I pry the stiletto heels off and toss them across the room when I hear a light rapping on the door. My heart leaps and I dash over, barefoot, to look through the peep hole and see Josh mouthing the words, "Hurry up!" at me.

I jerk the door open, grab his hand, and tug him inside before quickly shutting the door back. Swiftly, his hands are on me, pushing me backwards. With each press of his lips against my own I acquiesce until the back of my knees are touching the mattress and I fall back, gently pulling him down with me.

There are no words, only incoherent noises. Gasps as his fingers delve beneath the hem of my dress, the rise and fall of my chest pressing against his and pleasurable curses muffled by my lips on his own. Only the bathroom light illuminates the dark room, the blinds open, and through the window I can glimpse at the orbs of light from buildings scattered across the cityscape.

I don't waste time gazing out the window, though, my eyes flutter closed when his nose brushes mine and noticing where my eyes were momentarily focused Josh smiles.

"I don't care if the whole city watches us."

His wicked grin darkens as my fingers fumble across the belt at his waist. His eyes gleam like smooth dark gems when my hands victoriously defeat the black leather, tugging it apart. That's as far as I get before he's pushing his hands up my thighs, hiking my skirt up until it's bunched at my waist.

A breathy sigh escapes my lips. I'm practically humming at his touch and my head falls back as his fingertips brush over the silk fabric of my panties. This is really happening.

I manage to open my eyes, to make sure this isn't one of my fantasies. His eyes are wild, full of something I've only seen once before, that day on the pier. My heart skips a beat, dropping into the pit of my stomach and I inhale sharply. I need my lips on his, I need more, I have to have more.

I reach for him but he shakes his head no and pushes my hands up above my head, his tongue sliding across his lips smoothly. My eyes have adjusted now and at first I fight because I need him so god damn bad but when his mouth collides back against mine I don't resist. I let my hands fall back on the blankets above my head and he holds them both with one hand, gently gripping my wrists.

His other hand falls between my thighs, rubbing the silk fabric with his thumb.

"Kiss me." It's all I can say.

I'm practically begging for it now but I don't care. I want him, all of him. I want his mouth on mine, I want it trailing wet kisses down my chest; down my stomach. I want his tongue exploring every single square inch of my body.

He obeys, lips colliding roughly, his tongue intermingling with my own with hot, wet kisses. He doesn't resist now when I pull my hands free and tug on the collar of his shirt searching for the buttons. His finger grazes across the edge of my panties and I begin to jerk the shirt until I hear buttons popping with my frustrated need to have his skin on mine.

"Slow it down, Lawrence." He smiles, unbuttoning the shirt from the bottom before I do anymore damage.

A blush creeps across my cheeks but once the shirt is tossed to the side and we're pressed together tightly I'm hardly embarrassed. His kisses set my insides alight, his thumb dipped beneath the band of my panties, I can hardly breath at all.

My mouth finds his again but I want more than just his fingertips. My hands reach down, taking care to unbutton his pants slower this time and his erection springs free as he pulls his slacks and boxers down.

Immediately I wrap my hands around it and the throaty noise that he makes leaves me reeling.

"Fuck, Jen."

Oh god, the way he says my name.

His hands are on my waist, the fabric of my dress beneath his fingers.

"This has to go." He breaths, wiggling the dress off my hips along with my panties. "Fuck, you're so beautiful."

"C'mere." I husk. It's all I can manage to say and then his skin is on me. He's hot and slick against me and his thickness is pressing at my entrance. My legs fall to the side easily.

His lips crash against mine as he pushes into me, silencing my gasp with his own sigh of relief. His fingers tangle into my hair as I lift my hips to meet him, letting my head fall back on the bed.

He fills me completely and it feels go perfectly good. My hands grip the blankets as we move together, my chest heaving with each rise and fall of his body against mine. His fingers dig into my hips, rougher with every meeting of our bodies as one.

"Please Josh. Don't ever stop." I plead. I'm not above begging, my body needs him. Not just his skin on mine, I need all of him. I need the good and the bad. I need the flirting and the sarcasm, the honesty and the friendship and I need this, oh god I need this.

My stomach tightens as he presses into me again, rubbing against the right spot so damn perfectly.

"There." I cry, my hands untangling from the blankets at our side to grip his back as he struggles to continue his same movements until I cry out again and the waves of pleasure rack my body against his own.

Triggered by my climax he grips my hips tighter until his hands wrap around the small of my back to hold me against him as his head falls back and he comes apart completely.

We're a tangled mess of limbs in the blankets, wrapped around one another so closely. My eyes don't hesitate to close when I'm in the comfort of his arms.

His lips trail across my ear, right as I'm on the cusp of sleep.

"I've waited so long for this," he says. "Don't go to sleep, that means this night will end." He whispers, placing damp kisses across my neck and I shiver.

"There's always tomorrow." I mumble sleepily in his arms and peek an eye open to see him smile.

"Tomorrow." He agrees, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear and laying his head down beside me.

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