Pairing: Aria/Tevos, Liara T'Soni/FemShep

Spoilers: Mass Effect 1, 2, 3, Extended Cut, Omega DLC. Sequel to The Best Entertainment and Match Made In Purgatory.

Warning: This is a work in progress, but if I were to guess based on MMIP, this story will contain: masturbation, exhibitionism, humiliation kink, orgasm denial, strap-ons, bondage, spanking, blowjobs, quasi-group sex, and probably anal. All ladies, of course (I'm counting asari as ladies, obviously).

. . .

Conflict Of Interest

. . .

Aria T'Loak groaned as the familiar chime of her Omni-tool buzzed on top of her nightstand. "Goddess fucking – why do people always call when I'm..." she muttered in broken sentences, trying to catch her breath as one hand groped over the bedside table. She ignored the disappointed sigh from between her legs as she examined the text flashing on the screen: [UNREGISTERED IDENTIFICATION – NON-SECURE LINK]. That could only mean one thing, but just to be sure, she answered the call voice-only instead of holo. "Speak."

"Really, Aria, who answers a call that way?" said a familiar, chastising voice. "It isn't very polite..."

Aria let out a sigh of relief and switched on the holo function, setting her Omni-tool back on top of the nightstand. "Well, I didn't know for sure whether it was you or not." She smirked as a full-sized holo flickered into view a few feet away from the bed, just in time for her to enjoy the expression on the caller's face. Not much could surprise Liara T'Soni, but this was a special circumstance.

"Good morning, Liara," said Tevos, who was still kneeling on the carpeted bedroom floor, but had turned slightly in order to look over her shoulder at the holo projection.

"Hey!" Aria snapped, tugging on the leash she still held in her hand. "Did I say you could stop? Or talk?"

There was a pause, although not an awkward one, until Liara waved her hand carelessly. The collar and leash were new, but the rest of the situation wasn't. It wouldn't hurt to let her friends enjoy themselves for another minute before she ruined the rest of their day – and possibly their lives. Besides, she couldn't deny that she enjoyed the view as Tevos resumed what she had been doing. She tried not to squirm noticeably and made a mental note to go and find Shepard after she hung up.

"Well, since you're both comfortable..."

"Oh, stop being a bitch. If I didn't know better, I'd say you interrupted us on purpose."

Liara couldn't help smiling just a little. "Not this time, I'm afraid."

"So you admit it – oh, that feels good... harder..." she growled, giving the bunched up leash in her hand an extra tug and smiling when her willing captive let out a muffled whimper.

"Aria, will you be quiet and listen to me? And try not to clamp your thighs around Thea's head. She should hear this."

"Fine. What is it, spoilsport?"

"Glyph has been monitoring several data streams –"

"Wait, Glyph?" Aria asked, her eyes fluttering for a moment as Tevos abandoned the long, leisurely strokes of her tongue and began sucking instead. "I thought I melted that annoying little drone the last time I came over."

"Fortunately, I backed up his save files and re-downloaded his programming code into a new drone," Liara explained. "He now delights in telling me that he runs with .03 percent more efficiency." From Liara's tone of voice, Aria suspected that Glyph's bragging was far more annoying than his new efficiency was useful. "Now, as I was saying, I've left several filters running to monitor spikes in extranet search terms, and your name has come up."

Aria shrugged, idly stroking Tevos's crest with the hand that held the leash, wordlessly encouraging her to continue. "So?"

"As has Thea's."

That was too much, and Tevos jerked away from Aria, ignoring the strain of the leash. "What?" she asked, her eyes widening with panic as they quickly returned to their normal green shade. They hadn't been entirely black with the Meld yet, but they had certainly started to darken.

Liara sighed, feeling slightly guilty for ruining their fun, but told herself it couldn't be helped. "Shepard and I have already placed a call to al-Jilani. We thought now would be a convenient time to officially announce our pregnancy. It might buy you a few days, but..."

"I understand," said Tevos, suddenly every inch the professional councilor. Even naked on the floor with a collar and lead, she still carried herself with an aura of confidence and calm that befitted her station. Tevos got to her feet quickly, and Aria let go of the leash, reluctantly accepting the fact that sex would have to wait for a while. Liara's announcement had killed the mood anyway.

"Westerlund's servers will be down for 'regularly scheduled maintenance' for the next five standard hours," Liara added, folding her hands behind her back in a surprisingly military pose. Tevos suspected she had picked up that stance while onboard the Normandy. "You owe Admiral Tali'Zorah vas Normandy a favor."

Tevos's lips twitched in a smile. "Done. I always liked her." The plucky quarian had come a long way from the scared, angry youngster that had testified before the council all those years ago. "Now, Liara, if you'll excuse me, I should probably call Velana."

"Velana N'Shir? My mother always spoke highly of her."

"She's the matriarch that's least likely to bite my head off," Tevos said bluntly. "And then I should probably call my mother..."

Aria, who had been sulking a little over her ruined orgasm while lounging in what she hoped was a casual sideways pose on the mattress, suddenly started choking on air. Tevos caught the glimpse of amusement in Liara's eyes, but didn't say anything. "Your mother? You have my sympathies."

"You had better be talking to me, T'Soni," Aria said in a slightly hoarse voice, still shaking a little as she tried to suppress her surprised cough.

"Both of you have my sympathies," Liara corrected herself.

"My mother's bigotry isn't new to me. Aria might be the first bondmate I've brought home, but she won't be the first asari."

Aria was unable to hide her disdain. "Not that I'm complaining, since I got the prize in the end, but your old girlfriends were cowards."

Tevos's lips pressed together into a thin line. "You haven't met my mother yet."

"You two obviously have a lot to talk about," Liara said, feeling a little like an interloper on the conversation. "I'll do what I can to delay the inevitable. Call me or message me if you want to reach me."

"Not even an apology for the interruption? And you had the nerve to lecture me about my manners..." Aria tried to give Liara a smirk to show that she was joking, but the expression fell flat. "But seriously, thanks. You went out of your way to watch our backs. I won't forget it."

Liara offered them a strained but genuine smile. "See that you don't. Shadow Broker, out."

Aria shared a look with Tevos as the councilor scrambled to find an appropriate covering amidst their discarded clothes. "Why does she always have to end calls that way? That arrogant little..."

"Hush," Tevos said, sliding her arms through the sleeves of the nearest garment and looking around the room for her own Omnitool. She finally found it next to one of the monitors on her desk. "She's doing us a favor, you don't have a right to complain. Oh, and I'm using holo, so stay in the other direction unless you want Velana to see you in all your glory."

"Babe, before you call N'Shir, you might want to –"

"Not now, Aria," Tevos insisted, selecting a familiar number on her Omnitool. "I promise to make it up to you later, but your orgasm will just have to wait a few hours."

"But you're still wearing –"

Tevos held her finger to her lips as she waited for the connection to be established, and sighed with relief when Aria climbed under the bedcovers. Tevos had always loved Aria's bed – now their bed – particularly since it was a sturdy, reinforced four-poster. They didn't even bother removing the restraints from the posts anymore.

Her musings were interrupted when her call was answered. "Thea?" Even though it was in miniature, the expression of shock on Velana N'Shir's face was obvious. She was a fairly attractive matriarch with surprisingly light blue skin and dark, intelligent eyes, which were currently wide with surprise. "What on earth are you wearing?"

For a moment, Tevos felt the grip of blind panic squeeze her stomach. She did her best to ignore the sudden burst of nausea and her rapidly thumping heartbeat. "Human fashion statement, Lana."

"Funny. I haven't seen many humans wearing leashes on Thessia. Maybe it's a Citadel thing?"

Instead of rising to the bait, Tevos kept her expression completely blank and did not reach up to remove the accessories. "Have you received any messages requesting an emergency meeting of the matriarchs in the past twelve hours?" she asked.

"Because you're fucking Aria T'Loak?"

"How did you find out?"

N'Shir let a long sigh escape. "In addition to the leash, you're wearing the infamous white jacket with the Omega symbol on the back. And little else, if I'm not mistaken. Everyone knows that jacket. What am I supposed to think?"

Tevos wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or upset at this. "So you didn't read it on the extranet?" Velana shook her head. "Well, that's good news. Anyway, about that message..."

"Nothing yet. Give it another couple of hours. Since you're calling me in a half-naked panic, I assume you're worried that someone is going to tell them you're sleeping with a dangerous criminal."

"Well, no." Tevos cleared her throat uncomfortably. "I'm worried that someone is going to tell them I married a dangerous criminal."

If Velana's shocked expression had been comical before, the double take she did at Tevos's statement was even more dramatic. "You bound wrists with Aria T'Loak? Are you high? Do you have a concussion? Because I can't think of any other explanation for the crazy things coming out of your mouth."

"I'm not injured or compromised because of illegal substances, I assure you," Tevos said stiffly, holding up her right hand and displaying the woven band around her wrist.

"Wow. The sex must be amazing."

"Excuse me?"

Velana shrugged. "I can't think of any other reason you'd do something so incredibly stupid." She waited a beat. "You're covered in hickeys, by the way. You might want to break out a tube of medigel before calling anyone else. They didn't go through University with you."

"I'll take care of it when I get rid of the collar and jacket," Tevos said through clenched teeth, more than a little annoyed with her friend even though this awkward situation was all her own fault.

"I think it's sexy," Velana joked, trying to cheer her up. "Well, maybe if you had some talons to go with it..."

Tevos rolled her eyes. "You and your weird turian fetish."

"It's not a fetish," Velana said with mock defensiveness, "it's a personal preference. Besides, at least I'm not chasing azure and getting in trouble with the other matriarchs. Really, Thea, what were you thinking? You might as well turn around and bend over now, because I'm pretty sure you're going to get screwed."

"You think the matriarchs will force a confidence vote?" Tevos asked, her sliver of humor evaporating. Asari government was simple and extremely complex all at once. The relationships between the most powerful matriarchs were always fraught with conflict, but the structure of the government itself was not complicated. The asari had no formal legislative body to speak of, and the vast Republics relied entirely on an e-democracy. Although matriarchs were usually the ones that suggested and wrote legislation, all potential laws with enough backing were listed for any eligible citizen to vote on.

The system had its flaws – decisions were rarely made quickly, which had nearly caused the total destruction of Thessia when decisive action was needed. Sometimes, Tevos still woke up from horrible, guilt-ridden nightmares. As the Asari Councilor, she was the sole elected official of the Republics, and was responsible for all diplomatic action on their behalf. After being elected, a Councilor was theoretically appointed to the position until she decided to retire, but if enough of the matriarchs lost faith in her, they could call for a confidence vote.

"I honestly don't know. You went against the matriarchs when you told Shepard about the Prothean Beacon in the temple of Athame. Even though your decision ended up saving our asses, some of them are still sore at you."

Tevos shook her head and glanced away from the Omnitool. "I should have ignored them sooner. Maybe then, Thessia wouldn't have..." Looking over at the bed, she met Aria's eyes briefly before turning back to the holo. "I should go, Lana. Let me know if you hear anything from the matriarchs."

Velana N'Shir tried to offer a smile. "You have powerful friends, Thea. If the matriarchs do try to oust you with a confidence vote, you won't have to face it alone." After a brief goodbye, both of them ended the call, and Tevos headed back over to the bed, where Aria was still waiting underneath the covers.

"I told you so," Aria said, kicking the sheets off of her legs and stretching languidly in the open air. Tevos caught herself looking a little too long and busied herself with unclipping the leash, tossing it carelessly aside and shrugging out of Aria's jacket. Instead of dropping it on the floor as well, she folded it neatly and set it on the foot of the bed.

"I should make a few more calls," Tevos murmured to herself, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring intently at the screen of her Omnitool. "Get dressed, contact my mother, check the extranet, tell the other Councilors, find out –" She didn't even relax as Aria's lips caressed her bare shoulder, kissing along the slope of her neck, occasionally tugging at an unmarked patch of skin with her teeth. "– Oh..."

"You owe me an orgasm first."

Tevos tried to pull away, but found herself trapped against Aria's warm body, held in place by a pair of strong forearms wrapped around her stomach. "Really? Now hardly seems like the appropriate time..." she protested even as she automatically removed her Omnitool from her naked wrist and set it on the nightstand.

"What could you possibly hope to accomplish in the next half-hour? Liara is doing her best to downplay the news, and you can't predict the matriarchs' decisions. This is a wait and see situation. So we might as well take our minds off this clusterfuck with actual fucking while we wait."

Tevos had to admit that Aria had a fair point. She relaxed against Aria's chest and shut her eyes, taking a few deep breaths and trying to recapture the arousal from a few minutes ago. It was surprisingly easy – almost too easy, and she wondered for a moment if she should call the whole thing off. Somehow, wanting sex while the rest of your life threatened to fall apart at the seams didn't feel right. Then Aria nipped a tender place below her jaw, and she decided she could use some stress relief.