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Stormfly stirred from her beauty sleep by mewls and the sound of ragged breathing coming from Astrid's bed. She growled in irritation.

Ungh… Don't tell me the girl's in heat AGAIN… she thought. She sniffed the air and grumbled, Yep, shes probably in heat. The blue dragon shifted over to her side and tried to ignore the sounds.

"Hiccup," she heard the woman moan softly.

Yep, shes DEFINITELY in heat. Her human always mentioned the night fury rider whenever she was aroused. Stormfly wished her rider would just ask the male she had riding her mind to mate her already and calm her down. Mainly because these late night horny streaks was causing deprivation of her precious sleep, and the bloodshot eyes she recently noticed in her reflection was making her rather self conscious. It made her prefer sleeping outside.

On the other side of the room, Astrid was currently savoring her favorite fantasy.

Hiccup lie on their wedding bed, his hands bound the headboard and his ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. Heavily drugged with dragon grade hormones, his member stood at full attention for Astrid's viewing pleasure.

Astrid bit her lip and held back another moan. Ending her massage on the hardened nub between her legs, she slipped her middle finger, the longest digit, into herself. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. Damn it… I still cant reach that spot myself…

Astrid had discovered a very "special spot" only a week into her almost-always-aroused state. Because of the length of her fingers however, she couldn't reach it without an object of some kind. The marble dragon totem Hiccup had made for her served her well, at least until she lost it three days ago. Now she was wasting entire nights of sleep trying to get a minimum of for or five orgasms to replace what pleasure the totem could have given her in mere minutes.

She bounced up and down on his lap, howling like a wild animal as he filled her over and over again. She watched him squirm under her, overwhelmed by the pleasure he was feeling. He let out a hoarse moan, made so by the overuse of his vocal chords, as he released inside her yet again. By now a puddle of their joined fluids had oozed into the bed furs from their repeated orgasms.

Her body trembled as her hips bucked into her hand for the eighth time that night. As her jolt of pleasure finally died and her breathing returned to normal, she reached over to her nightstand next to her bed. Using a severely abused washcloth, she cleaned her fluids off her thighs and pelvis. Putting it back, she turned on her side to hopefully get some sleep.

Barely an hour later, she awoke to her insides burning for more attention.

Astrid grimaced, Damn it Hiccup, you've turned me into a perversion addict.

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