Chapter 1

There we were, Paradise City. The place that was supposed to be "infection free." It wasn't, it was just like all the other places we'd been to. There were zombies everywhere, complete chaos on the streets. That's why two weeks ago we found an abandoned hotel on the outskirts of the city. Of course we had to clear the place of zombies before we made it our new home. It wasn't perfect, but with the barricades keeping the zombies out, we were good enough. We knew we couldn't stay there forever, but we would be there for as long as we could.

"Ellis!" said Bruce as he peered outside the window of the hotel, "you'd better come see this."

I walked over to the window, I noticed the worried look on Bruce's face, this couldn't be good.

"They're at it again, must be the third time this week." said Bruce as he shook his head, "At this rate we won't last for another day."

"Goddammit! Why don't we just shoot the bastards!" I yelled.

"You know we can't just waste ammo like that, we need bullets for an emergency." Bruce replied.

I glared at him, "Wouldn't this classify as an emergency Bruce." He said nothing and walked out of the room. Just then I heard a strange noise down the hall, I looked into the hall, and in an instant a long tongue stretched past me, I heard a yell, and saw Bruce being dragged down the hall.

"Bruce!" I shouted as I dove for his foot. My hand barely caught it, but I would be dragging as well if my foot wasn't in the doorway of the room.

"Aaaah! Ellis! H-help m-me." said Bruce struggling to talk with the Smoker's tongue wrapped around his throat.

"Hold on! I'm coming to get you!" Just then my foot slipped and we were both being thrusted towards the Smoker.

"Let go or we both die!" shouted Bruce.

"No!" I replied, knowing I wouldn't let go, Bruce used his foot to kick me off. I rolled down the nearby stairwell as the Smoker clawed at Bruce's flesh.

"Dammit." I said as I began to lose consciousness.