Chapter 2

I awoke to find myself lying at the bottom of the stairs. My head was spinning, trying to get up was difficult but I managed to do it.

"What happened?" I asked myself, just then I remembered the events that occurred earlier, I rushed up the stairs to find Bruce's dismembered body lying at the base of a window. The window that the Smoker was at, I was foolish to not have boarded it up. I walked back up to my room and began packing up my supplies, I could not stay here. The smell of Bruce's body would attract more zombies, there were enough already. I couldn't use the front door because it was surrounded by zombies, I needed to go to the top floor, but the only elevator access was from the 1st floor. I had never been to the top floor before, I was very nervous about going up there, but I had to.

I ran downstairs and found only two zombies, to avoid noise I used my knife to cut their heads off. Holding my knife in hand I approached the elevator. I pressed the button and the doors flew open, a zombie lunged at me knocking the knife out of my hand. I wrestled with it until grabbed my gun and shot it.

"Oh crap." I said as a Charger burst through the front doors of the hotel, alerted by the noise of my gun.

"Shit!" I said as I scrambled into the elevator. The Charger charged me, I quickly pushed the button, as the doors shut the Charger rammed into the door creating a huge dent. Luckily the elevator still ascended towards the top floor. I had reached the top, but as the doors opened I saw zombies littered throughout the hall. I pulled out my gun and started running and shooting. They started to surround me as I tried to shoot them all. I ran out of ammo. It was impossible to escape my impending doom. There was no door to the roof, my efforts were wasted.

Just then a Jockey burst through one of the room doors and leaped onto my back. I yelled as I tried to get it off, it was pulling on my hair, trying to steer me into a room. There was a window at the end of the hall, I had to jump. I struggled to regain control, I was so close! I used the last bit of my strength to leap out of the window, it was a five story fall. I wrestled with the Jockey in midair, I was going to hit the ground, I reversed my position with the Jockey just in time to have us hit the ground. I was alive. I got up and secured my backpack, zombies began to gather. Knowing this I sprinted into a nearby alley, hoping for more survivors.