Hello and welcome to my story: Degrees of Separation, although this is simply the story base and the prologue, and I'm still drafting the rest, so please sit tight and I swear to finish this off ASAP but still complete and remain interesting.

Unlike my original OC Digimon story, this based Digimon Adventure; set 3 years after the defeat of MaloMyotismon. I was inspired by Sonfaro's Digimon Anniversary fanfic which depicted the Digidestined conflicting with anti Digimon groups (which was never finished unfortunately). The name and a major theme in the story was inspired by the song 'Six Degrees of Separation by the Script, a song I happened to listen on the radio only to inspire this story, although it is also loosely based on the scientific theory itself. I love Digimon and the Adventure series happens to be my favorite and a large chunk of my childhood so of course I would make them a fic. You're not here for me so I'll give you the base of my story:

Degrees of Separation features all 12 original digidestined as the main characters (note: I will make use of Japanese culture and school levels, but still use American names and ages k?). You should know that I try to fit every character like they were presented in the show; however since three years have gone by, so some characters will have changed a bit, especially relationship wise. The actual main protagonists of this story will be both Tai and Davis with the others being secondary main characters. Willis and his movie will not be mentioned because it is practically not canon. Also V-tamer characters will appear, have same features, but V-tamer's plot is of an alternate version of Adventure (as explained in the special chapter) and therefore will not be mentioned at all.

I must also add that if you are unfamiliar with Digi-lore, some things will become confusing. Just to list a few:
Obviously you should have watched Adventure and 02; you should also read V-tamer to understand certain characters; Kari made a video to guide new digidestined; Jun, Yolie's sisters, and Joe's brother (Jim Kido) became digidestined; you should be familiar with Ryo Akiyama's story (especially ENIAC and Atanasoff); etc.

Lastly, do not expect good English, I will try my best although I almost guarantee that I will not succeed in keeping stable English throughout as I hoped I could. Anyways, lets continue to special introductions.

Here's a special bio for the Digidestined/characters:

Tai Kamiya: 19 year old former leader of the Digidestined, bearer of Courage, and older brother of Kari, passed on his trademark goggles to a boy named Davis to lead the Digidestined at the beginning of 02. Organized the Digimon Reunions and hates everyone against Digimon, often leading to violent conflicts. As Davis tries to take upon the form of a true leader, Tai helps Davis his goals and make decisions. He has a crush on a girl named Rei and attends Tokyo U. Pledges to advance Digimon/Human relations with the UN. Partnered with Agumon, DNA Digivolution partner of Matt.

Matt Ishida: 19 year old original digidestined, bearer of Friendship, older brother to TK, and boyfriend of Sora. Helps Tai in his goal in the UN and advocates the complete fall of anti Digimon groups. Recently finds himself with inner turmoil. Attends Tokyo U but talks of joining the Defense Force. Partner to Gabumon, DNA Digivolution partner of Tai.

Sora Takenouchi: 19 year old original digidestined, bearer of Love, and girlfriend of Matt. Tries to keep the group together against the anti Digimon groups without getting in trouble. Finds herself conflicted with and worried about some of Matt's choices in life. Partner to Biyomon.

Izzy Izumi: 18 year old original digidestined, bearer of Knowledge. Spends his time with computer and technology and works with Gennai to keep humans from interfering with the Digital World. Also helps Tai in his fight against Anti Digimon groups in the UN. Helps set up digiports and digital barriers. Partner to Tentomon.

Mimi Tachikawa: 18 year old original digidestined, bearer of Serenity. Lives in New York and finds it hard to stay in touch with the rest of the Digidestined. Truly despises anti Digimon groups so much she actually leads an anti-anti group in America. Partner of Palmon.

Joe Kido: 20 year old original digidestined, bearer of Reliability. Aims to be a doctor and attends Tokyo Medical University. Finds fighting anti Digimon unnecessary and is more concerned about the welfare of the group's unity. Partner of Gomamon.

Davis Motomiya: 16 year old leader of the Digidestined inherited Tai's goggles; holds the power of courage, friendship, and miracles, and a huge crush on Kari. Recently, he decided to take on the responsibilities of the Digidestined against the anti Digimon organizations and the new threat. Not willing to take losses, Davis realizes that he may have to make hard decisions to insure the safety of the Digital World and his friends. He attends the same high school with Kari and TK. Partner of Veemon, DNA digivolution partner of Ken.

Ken Ichijiouji: 16 year old digidestined, former Digimon Emperor, bearer of Kindness, and recent boyfriend of Yolie. Hates anything that would harm Digimon but fears the new threat more for its power. Tries helping Davis to not lead alone. Partner to Wormmon, DNA digivolution partner to Davis

Yolie Inoue: 16 year old digidestined, holder of Love and Serenity, and recent girlfriend of Ken. Though moved to Ken's high school, Yolie finds the unity of the group falling and is against it. Disturbed by anti Digimon groups. Partner of Hawkmon, DNA digivolution partner of Kari

Cody Hida: 13 years old and youngest of the Digidestined, holds the power of Knowledge and Reliability. He found himself easily detached from the group as he is just starting Junior high while the rest of his team starts high school. Strongly against fighting anti Digimon groups but also resents their cause. Partner to Amadillomon, DNA digivolution partner to TK.

TK Takashi: 16 year old digidestined, younger brother of Matt, bearer of Hope. Tries ignoring anti Digimon groups and focus more on the new threat, seeing it as more important as they use darkness. Goes to high school with Davis and Kari. Partner to Patamon, DNA digivolution partner to Cody.

Kari Kamiya: 16 year old digidestined, younger sister of Tai, bearer of light. Has a desire for a world with humans and Digimon coexisting, fears anti Digimon groups will prevent this from ever happening. Also fears the new threat for its darkness. Goes to high school with Davis and TK. Partner to Gatomon, DNA digivolution to Yolie.

*Yes, I know, everyone will hate the Anti Digimon groups

Antagonists: the new threat (To be revealed later), SADD: Society Against Digital Demons (and other anti Digimon groups), and some UN officials.

Other important characters: Gennai, parents of digidestined, Jun Motomiya, other digidestined, Rei and Neo, etc.

You probably expect pairings but don't be surprised:

Sorato (SoraxMatt): As much as I loved Taiora as a child, I also kind of understand this pairing and liked how it affected Tai and also find it kind of neat.

TaixRei: No, not the same exact Rei from V-tamer, but one in the anime universe based off of her. This is my alternative to Taiora since Rei seems similar to her anyways

Takari/Daikari (TKxKari/DavisxKari): I still cannot decide which one of these I like better; yeah you can complain to me all you want, there will be no definite choice…maybe, I will end up siding more to Daikari for this fic, but still reference Takari as much as possible to compromise. I TRY TO BE INDIFFERENT! DON'T HATE ME!

Kenyako (KenxYolie): I already confirmed they will be dating; I love this pairing to death.

CodyxNoriko: you'll see

There are so many other pairings I could do, and I may reference Mimi pairings, but I never really cared about them so sorry, forgive me and my fanfic for that.

Final Summary:

Three years have passed since their last adventure and the Digidestined believed they achieved peace; however, anti Digimon groups and a new dark threat challenge their already complicated lives. Davis must come in terms with being a leader even when it comes to making difficult choices as Tai tries to find a way to harmonize the humans and Digimon before all their hard work collapses; meanwhile, the digidestined realize that time has since dissembled their unity and the world's opinion of them has changed drastically. The Digidestined must prevail once again as things fall apart and they lose their faith in humanity.

Now that you're primed and ready to fire, I behold my return to fan fiction, Degrees of Separation!
This is the prologue!

The Digital World

It is a beautiful place full of wonder and adventure.

A place, once reckoned by evil forces, was restored to a world in tranquility. Oikawa's soul lives on in its core, spreading colors throughout: the clear blue waters, the lucid skies, the lush fields, tropical islands, dry deserts, and bold mountain ranges.

The Digimon were its main inhabitants, creatures with many shapes and sizes. Some were scary, others gentle, while some were just plain cool. Most importantly, it was there that we met our best friends and partners for life.

When we were all united by destiny.

Our first encounter with Digimon occurred in 1995, when a digiegg that would later become Greymon fought with a Parrotmon; while everyone declared it a terrorist attack, the eight of us were decided as digidestined.

Then on August 8th, 1999, seven of us entered the digital world for the first time. The world was scary and mysterious to us and we really didn't understand what was going on. But the seven, later eight, of us defeated all evils, discovered many secrets, and saved both of our worlds from destruction. We gained a lot from our journey, but lost a lot more in the end.

Our first adventure and the later fight with Diaboromon ended up spawning more digidestined. 2 years and a half later, a new generation was formed to fight against the impending crisis. Together, the new generation fought new evils, stopped a Digimon Emperor from himself, and once again saved the worlds.

By now, we saved the world many times. We tried our best to work in secrecy; but, following the Myotismon and Diaboromon incidents and after years of secrets and lies, Digimon became common knowledge. We were inadvertently famous, lionized by our actions. It seemed to be that we were heroes…right?

You'd think that the world would have appreciated our hard work, after all the times we saved them.

We believed that we had earned the trust of everyone; we actually believed people saw the heroic actions of the Digidestined and their Digimon; that because of one period of peace, we could expect humans and Digimon to finally work together in peace forever.

Turns out we were wrong and we just didn't realize it yet.

Although, this wasn't the only thing we were wrong about.

It only took us three years to realize, just how much the world has changed. Three years of peace before we ended up losing the one battle we could not afford to lose.

My name is Tai Kamiya, former leader of the Digidestined, and I have to say that I'm sorry, we're all sorry. But it's too late now and humanity will pay the ultimate price….


The story actually begins a while before things went bad, in a more simple time; let's jump a couple of months since our last battle with Armageddonmon. On August 1, 2003….

It was a perfect day. And it was the perfect day to be a perfect day.

The sun was out, the summer winds were soft, and the air was moist; a perfect day for camping.

Twelve children and twelve Digimon decided to go camping in a summer camp not too far away from their homes with Mr. Ishida and Mr. Takenouchi as supervisors.

It was around noon and Tai was waiting patiently for their task to be completed.

"This is it, this is really it" Tai dropped his bad to inspect the scenery. His partner Agumon sat beside him, eating the remains of a potato chip bag.

The camp itself has barely changed and remained stable. There are no freaky winter storms this time nor are there digital gates to force children into new worlds. Now and then there are graffiti sprayed on facility walls and trash littered in certain spots, but other than those minor flaws, the vista was almost impeccable.

"We just finished registering, c'mon, the others are probably over there unpacking without us" Matt said.

"Yeah, at that campsite too, how lucky are we?"

"Hope it hasn't changed too much, though"

"C'mon guys, the faster we get there, the sooner we eat!" Agumon called, running towards the site with his backpack on and ready to go. Gabumon was right beside him with Matt's duffle bag. "Let's go!" he cried, wobbling with the large bag.

Meanwhile, the rest of the digidestined and Digimon began settling in. All the girls shared one huge tent provided by the park while the boys were sent to another. The two adults had their own mini tents for some reason, probably to watch games or something not summer camp related.

"Mimi! Is the tent fully set up yet?" Sora asked; she, Hawkmon, and Biyomon returned from fetching fire wood for a fire. Hawkmon and Biyomon dropped some sticks before flying back into the trees to fetch some more.

"Yeah. Kari, Gatomon, and Yolie helped me set it up moments ago" Mimi replied while she emptied her backpack onto her sleeping pad. Mostly make up and girly stuff.

"Great, now I can start unpacking huh." Sora emptied her bag, which contained actual camping stuff. She looked onto Mimi's things in comparison.

"So, still packing like you did that day huh"

Mimi giggled, "You know me, beauty above all the rest!"

"Looks like you'll never change" Sora added.

Yolie and Kari sat near the indicated fire place, Gatomon resting on Kari's lap.

"Wow, I never imagined this summer camp to look like this," Kari said.

"That's right, you were sick and didn't join the others, huh" Yolie said.

"Yeah, a shame really, but I think things just needed to happen that way. I wouldn't have had a Digimon since Gatomon was separated."

"Interesting how that happens"

Davis, Ken, TK, Joe, Izzy, and Cody set up the big tent a while ago with their Digimon. Ken and Davis finished early and decided to play soccer with Veemon and Wormmon in an open field.

Izzy spent his time once again on the computer, having an intense chat with Gennai.

"Yo Izzy, you really gonna be on the computer…again?" TK asked.

"He's in a very important discussion with Gennai" Tentomon said defensively.

"Really, about Digimon research? I swear Izzy, this is your second offense to summer camps" Joe said.

"Did you really spend the first day of summer camp that you barely attended on the computer" Cody asked.

"Yeah, so what? I didn't really 'socialize' back then." Izzy retorted, slamming his monitor down as he finished discussing with Gennai. "There you happy now, now what should I do?"

Joe scratched his head, "Well, actually I don't know what we're doing right now?"

"We could go swimming!" Gomamon asked

"Not now, we just got here, besides, the others would have to join us too you know" Joe added.

"To think your first self would've complained about all the dangers of swimming" Izzy said.

"Yeah, paranoid me sure was a doozy" Joe laughed at the memory of his old self.

"Times do change" Patamon added.

"So when are we eating?" Amadillomon added.

"Whenever Tai and Matt get back" Cody replied.

"We're back!" Tai called. He, Agumon, Gabumon, and Matt finally arrived with the paper work done. Everyone moved to the center of the camp with them, including the two adults, to discuss plans.

"Alright, we can finally start enjoying ourselves!" Tai called.

"Finally!" Kari said.

"Can we eat now" Agumon asked.

"Yeah…hold on, where are Davis and Ken" Matt looked around with no site of them. "Veemon and Wormmon must be with them, but where are they?"

"Didn't they go play soccer a while ago" Cody replied. "Yeah, they went to find a good playing field" TK added.

"I'm sure they'll be back soon, let's just wait, I did send them a message!" Izzy said.

They waited for twenty minutes.

"Those two idiots! Now they've kept us waiting for so long!" Yolie cried.

Some Digimon looked like they are about to die from starvation.

"Don't worry everyone, Hawkmon and I will find them quick" Biyomon assuaged. "Right!" Hawkmon saluted and they flew up. They searched a while on top of tree tops until they spotted the late-comers in an open field playing soccer.

"There!" Hawkmon called, "We found them on a field a short hike that away."

Veemon and Wormmon were goalies. Davis was running the ball towards his goal, Ken right next to him in an attempt to cut him off. Wormmon shuffled awkwardly while Veemon stood firm. Ken managed to steal the ball and run towards Veemon fast.

"Veemon, stop him!" Davis called, Ken kicked the ball like an ace, right between the two sticks and Wormmon's web. "I got it!" Veemon replied. "VEE-HEADBUT!" Veemon thrust his head into the ball, sending it flying into the air.

"I got it Veemon!" Davis ran towards landing point, but the ball never touched the ground. Hawkmon caught it with his talons while Biyomon landed midfield.

"No I got it!" Hawkmon said triumphantly.

"You guys are really had to play soccer this badly?" Biyomon asked, "We're trying to get started here and here you guys are fooling around while Agumon and the others wait for their precious lunch!"

Veemon stampeded over, "It's that time already?"

"Yeah come to think of it Davis, we've been playing for a while" Ken said.

"But we still have a tie to break!" Davis cried out.

"Well do you want me to finish you both off in one game or will you actually join us!" Tai called out, the others had followed the birds to the field.

"Everyone, looks like we are in trouble right Ken" Davis said, looking to his friend for help.

"What do you mean Davis, this was your idea," Ken said defensively.

"Honestly, are you four stupid! We're here to celebrate, you can play soccer somewhere else!" Yolie screamed.

"Hey we were just waiting for you to finish setting up, we already finished and just wanted to pass time!" Davis argued back, "Is it because you wanted Ken…"

Yolie was about to tear Davis apart had Sora, Kari, and Hawkmon not pulled her back.

"C'mon guys, let's not fight on such a day alright?" Kari beckoned. Immediately she looked at the soccer players who lost track of time. "And you guys need to apologize for keeping everyone waiting."

"Sorry" the four said.

"Now that we're together, let's eat!" Agumon cheered, finally about to get his long awaited lunch.

"Well, I guess this is a nice place to eat lunches, everyone in the mood for sandwiches from the store?" Yolie asked.

"I'll get the picnic supplies!" Mimi said, as she went back.

Eventually everything was set up and they all at lunch in the open field.

"I can't believe it's already been four years since it happened. Time really moved fast then huh?" Sora said.

"Well technically, it was a lot longer but distortions in time made everything all weird." Izzy added.

"This is where it all began for us." Tai looked up to the small cabin on the hill. The top of which was where seven lights hit the earth and thrust seven children into a whole new world. He'd never forget it.

Joe handed everyone a napkin to avoid messes "We never really got to enjoy ourselves the first time anyway, it's actually kind of funny that this is the first time we actually got to experience camping here."

"I used to think camping was terrible, back when I was a total brat. Now I find it kind of soothing." Mimi added.

"Yeah, times sure did change." Matt said as he calmly lay onto his back.

"Amen to that, can you believe that Digimon is everywhere now." TK said, sipping his drink.

"We're famous right" Patamon added.

"Of course, it's kind of hard to deny that our little secret is secret no more." Kari said.

"That doesn't make it a bad thing does it?" Patamon asked.

"Who knows, it certainly boasts no negative feedback as it is." Gatmon said.

"You'd think we're heroes or something!" Davis showed a large smile in pride of himself.

"But Davis, we saved the worlds, so we are heroes!" Veemon said proudly, regarding his partner.

"That's right, brings kind of a weird feeling when you think of yourself as a hero." Davis replied.

"I don't think we tried to be heroic, we just did what was right." Ken said solemnly, remembering his emperor days.

Everyone agreed.

"Do you think that some people might hate us?" Gomamon asked, so randomly as well.

"No Gomamon, I don't see why anyone would hate us," Gabumon answered, "Do you know anyone who would hate us?"

"Well, I saw it on a TV show that humans don't always appreciate those who aren't normal"

Joe patted his partners head, "Don't worry about it buddy, we don't hate you."

Still the digimon looked like they were getting quite upset. Tai looked around and tried to diffuse the situation.

"Really guys, everything will be fine. If it comes to that we'll protect you no matter what!" Tai said, thankfully the Digimon seemed more reassured. Tai looked to Sora and motioned that she changed the subject, quickly.

"It was the best day ever, and to think I thought it was terrible at first!" Sora cried.

"Of course, finally meeting you guys was really the best moment of my life! Then we embarked on such a crazy adventure together." Biyomon said.

Tai pumped his fist into the air "A journey unlike any other!"

"Yeah we learned a lot from our journey: about ourselves, each other, and we met many strange people that are now our good friends." Joe added.

"Don't forget, we lost a lot of friends along the way." Matt said, his eyes never opened to fully capture the moment in his head. Yet he was slightly aware that his words brought forth some grief amongst the others.

"Wizardmon…: Gatmon nodded her head down in such a sad memory.

"Oikawa" Cody also added sadly.

"And the others who died for our sake." Palmon continued.

"That's what this anniversary is for; to remind us of everything we learned and show our respect to all who were lost. We also have to remember our unity; we've spent some time apart haven't we?" Izzy asked.

"Yes, but thankfully, we can all be here together now. No school, no worries, just us!" Hawkmon exclaimed.

"And nothing bad is happening to us." Wormmon hugged Ken specifically, after all the bad things that happened to him.

"It really is a perfect day, huh." Tentomon added.

"Well, let's take a toast shall we?" Davis raised an empty cup.

"Nonalcoholic of course" Mr. Ishida said, interrupting his deep argument with Mr. Takenouchi in another picnic blanket, sipping some drink while talking about their kids who happened to be dating.

"We've got the right drinks." Gabumon filled everyone's cups with specially prepared (non-alcoholic) sparkling grape juice.

"Who'll make the toast?" Amadillomon said, trying to keep the cup in the palm of his stony palms.

"I'll do the honors," Tai got up.

"Here, here!" everyone raised their cups in agreement.

Everyone got up and, those who could, raised their glasses towards the sky.

"To all those we lost and to those we gained. For all the good and the bad times. For all the wonderful memories we've shared together. We are thankful for our friendship and hope for peace and prosperity with both the Human and Digital World!" Tai said proudly.

"KAMPAI!" everyone cheered, their cups bashed together and they drank it all up.

It was like a mid-summer festival. The day was great: they played and laughed and sang. All the bad memories washed away as happiness and celebration filled their hearts with joy.

They celebrated on this day, when their adventure had begun years ago; on the place where it began with the ones who they started with and more.

It was a perfect day.

It could be the last one they ever had.

For that was the last time all of us were together as one, in a time of peace and prosperity. Nothing went wrong, but we began to fall apart. Slowly increasing degrees of separation.

Well what do you think of it so far? I worked really hard and this is only the prologue! I really hoped you enjoy this and anticipate the rest of the story very much. Also please review the story! Good or bad, I don't really care, reviews/favorites/alerts/etc in general make me happy and invigorates me so I would feel more encouraged to continue. I promise to work hard on this story and actually complete it by sometime early next year. Thank you and await the first chapter!

A/N: In case you didn't notice I will be working this out really weird. In this chapter the first person POV was put in italics, in case you didn't know. I may or may not use first person POV but if I do it will be in italics.

S.S.D.S will be working on Chapter 1 soon: Anti-Digimon groups will be introduced, new threat is detected, Digidestined lives get complicated, changes happen, and all hell starts to break loose.