Three years.

That's how long we had before everything started to go wrong

Believe me, I'm the expert of things gone wrong.

Anyways, time passed by pretty fast:

Tai and the others his age moved on to college while the rest of us were stuck with the same boring school routine that seemed to know no bounds. Although, we now have our Digimon who would always cheer us on.

I never fully comprehended what growing up would do to me.

The first strange thing is that I actually started, as much as it scares me, learning.

Yolie almost had a heart attack when I showed off my good grades.

Not just that, but I was able to mostly control my anger rather than instinctually looking for a fight like I used to.

I know that something so irrational would get my friends hurt.

Yet I still managed to get them hurt…one way or another.

I guess that will never change.

However, this new life was so casual and easy; I missed adventuring, discovering new worlds, meeting new friends, and fighting wickedly evil enemies.

I secretly wished that I could embark on another journey, to be free and livid again.

I got my wish.

I should've known that I would regret it. Especially since I heard what an impact wishes have on people, like Ken.

Nothing went right; everything went from bad to worse, everything we thought we knew was wrong.

I've made plenty of mistakes, never living up to the great leader that Tai was back in his adventure. I was stupid, rash, and made plenty of violent and wrong decisions that endangered my team.

Truth be truth, I wanted to prove myself more than anything in my life. Live up the goggles as a real leader. To make all the difficult choices, to have others depend on me, and to preserve the unity of our group.

Never again will I underestimate the responsibility I held.

I am Davis Motomiya, and I am sorry. I made the choices that led to our demise. I was the one who made the decision that I would regret, not for what it was, but for everyone it hurt. Once again, I hurt the people I loved the most. I made the greatest mistake of my life and it changed the fate of the whole world.


I should've known that all hell would break loose once I made it to high school…

It was April first, just in time for the new school year.

Most of the D3 kids made it to high school with the exception of Cody who was still in middle school, but he wasn't the only difference. Yolie decided to register in another high school across the town. It made them sad because now it was just Davis, Kari, and TK attending Odaiba High School while Cody was all alone in middle school. The good thing was that Yolie happened to transfer into Akasaka High School with Ken. The older digidestined had just begun college, but we'll get to them later.

Davis was running late, as usual, to the grand opening ceremony where TK and Kari were waiting for him. He barely made it through the gates and entered the gymnasium where the principal was making his speech on congratulating the new students for attending this school. Davis made it by the tip of his spikey hair; with Kari's help no less.

Demi-Veemon, who was hiding in Davis's backpack, peered into the crowd and pointed towards the familiar faces of TK and Kari.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late!" Davis called out. TK looked to him and motioned him to be quiet.

"Sorry" Davis said in a lighter tone.

"I almost thought you wouldn't make it, to the ceremony that is" Kari added.

Davis couldn't help noticing how cute Kari looked in the new uniform, which Davis wore unceremoniously.

Kari looked at Davis with sudden interest. In the beginning of middle school Davis had made some serious changes in his attitude, such as not forcing his opinions and feelings onto others; a change that surprised the living hell out her and most other people. She would think into it more but Davis interrupted her thoughts.

"Yeah, not to mention the fact I made it into this great school by that one point on the test, lucky me!" Davis said proudly.

TK nodded, "Don't forget Davis, it's all downhill from here."

"Don't remind me, it's only the first day and I already wish it was over." Davis said.

"Don't say that Davis, time goes fast," Demi-Veemon said. TK and Kari flashed a look at Davis's bag.

"Davis, you were supposed to leave him with Patamon and Gatomon outside," Kari whispered.

"I know I know, but I was almost late, remember, so I couldn't find them in time," Davis explained.

"Well do it when we're leaving okay?" TK said, "Look, it's almost over."

The principal had finally finished his speech, the teachers were addressed, and the students left for their new homerooms (which the three of them shared…again.)

Davis snuck passed the crowd, towards the set of bushes where they planned to hide the Digimon.

"You idiot, you were late weren't you?" Gatomon asked when they approached.

"Sorry, I barely made it, here" Davis put Demi-Veemon down and he joined the others in the bushes.

"Be careful okay!" Patamon said. "We'll wait for you."

"Quiet, people are nearby," and with that the three of them turned into the bushes. Davis moved out towards homeroom class.

They got their seating arrangements and coincidentally, the three of them were side by side…again.

"Like old times eh?" TK said.

"Right" Davis replied. "I have a good feeling about this; maybe it won't be so downhill anymore." Davis's sudden remark certainly brought interest. Nor did Davis understand where the sudden sense of optimism came from. He just got this feeling as he sat down next to his best friends.

Not surprising the day was boring.

After the last class, Davis was approached by some group of kids. Kari and TK were surely waiting for him, but they stopped him from going.

"You there, Motomiya right?" the biggest asked.

"Yeah you have a problem?" Davis replied, calmly he might add.

"I saw those…things you talked to in the bushes, Digimon right?" Davis cringed, so much for that secret.

"Yeah, what about em? They're my friends." Davis replied.

"Right, let's get this clear, no one can make friends with monsters, not even self-centered brats like you!" This kid was really getting on his nerves now. Sure they are digital monsters, but not the kind this kid was thinking of.

"Yeah, those demons should be locked up in cages!" the ugly one on his right said.

"Look, they aren't monsters or demons, they're friendly, and you got a problem with that?" Davis said, getting angrier and angrier by the second.

The big one, who Davis clearly saw as the leader stepped closer, "yeah, my mom and I were attacked by those demons; but don't worry, soon, they'll be gone!"

After so much self-control, Davis lost it, he grabbed the kid's collar, he didn't care that the others were right behind him; he was ready to take them all on.

"You want to eat those words, Digimon are here to stay!"

"What'cha gonna do, huh! Call on your Digimon to kill us?"

"That's it!" Davis was ready to punch him to another dimension until he was pulled back by Kari.

"Davis! What were you thinking?" Kari scolded him, "getting into fights on the first day!"

"They threatened our Digimon that's what!" Davis got up sneering at the group, "Calling them demons and such!"

TK looked at the group, his turn to stand, "Look I don't care what you think of our Digimon, just leave us alone, or should I get the teacher involved?"

They looked towards the teacher behind them who was organizing papers and jeered away. The leader took one last look at them and said, "The digimon's days are numbered, they aren't welcome in this world anymore. The Society will take you guys down!" He then laughed and his lackey's joined him.

One of them then said, "Better get your Digimon friends out of the bushes before we call animal control!" Even TK was struggling not to beat them to a pulp, but he had much better anger control than Davis.

The gang then turned to leave, laughing hysterically as they left the digidestineds' sights.

"Jeez, the nerve of those guys! I can see why they pissed you off Davis, but you gotta avoid fighting okay?" Kari pleaded.

"Yeah, I know, but what is the Society they talked about?"

TK looked until they were gone; he was seriously worried about what they had said. Digimon's days being numbered, the Society, what was going on? He didn't have time to worry, they had other things to attend.

TK and Kari went to pick up their Digimon and sat on the bleachers with Demi-Veemon while Davis applied to the soccer team where, as luck would have it, the group of idiots happened to be trying out for as well.

"Well look who it is, little Motomiya, do you even play a little soccer?" The big one sneered.

"Yeah, and I bet you couldn't even touch the ball with me on the field!" Davis challenged

"We'll, see" the big one moved to the rest of his group, probably to gain up on Davis.

They played in two teams, the big kid, whose name was Ichigo, took the red team while Davis took the blue team.

It was really hard. Some of the red team tried their best with the ball but Davis out played them all. In the tryouts Davis was always with the ball, but Ichigo kept his post as goalie.

"You think you can stop me punk!" Ichigo called. He signaled for his friends to help.

"Davis take em down!" Kari called; "Get the goal ace!" TK also called.

Confidently, Davis easily surpassed the lackeys and kicked the ball right through Ichigo's hands and scored. The blue team cheered and the tryout game ended.

It was announced that Davis would be the new striker on the soccer team but Ichigo also happened to make goalie, being the best one who applied for the role.

"I'll make your life a living hell little kid, you and your digifriends will suffer!" Finally, the first confrontations with Ichigo had ended. Davis went to his friends who were waiting to congratulate him.

"Davis that was awesome, congrats!" Kari hugged him. TK shook his hand, "Great job man, Tai would be proud."

"Thanks you guys," Davis chuckled.

"Let's go, we're going to celebrate at Kari's! Everyone will be there," TK added.

When they arrived at Kari's place, the only ones present were Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, and Cody. Yolie and Ken were apparently busy and couldn't come, but both sent messages to congratulate him. Ken said he wanted to join soccer, but found no free time to match to the standards that he had set as the Digimon Emperor and to really earn them.

"Good going Davis, lead Odaiba to victory" Tai congratulated, "You'll do better than me!"

"It's good to see some of you guys, especially since there's almost no one to talk to where I am now," Cody said sadly, Davis patted him in thanks and for comfort.

"No sweat, Cody, everything's going to be fine you'll see."

"Thanks Davis" he moderately replied.

Matt brought up a new subject "Now what were you saying about this Ichigo kid?"

Davis was just describing his encounters with Ichigo's gang and how they made those empty threats, or were they? He also mentioned that having Digimon at their school was going to be a lot harder.

"Well nothing we can do about that, but threatening Digimon? The Society? That troubles me." Sora added.

"Izzy you got anything?" Tai glanced into Izzy's laptop.

"No, I wouldn't worry too much about those hooligans. Anyways, Gennai's been telling me that something is going on in the digital world, like things are getting tense. We might even be facing a new threat!" Izzy added and everyone went silent.

"We gotta get everyone informed; this is serious Izzy why didn't you tell us sooner?" Tai asked.

"I was going to tell you guys later, but no point now, we've gotta meet up with everyone to discuss this some other time. I don't know about this Society but hopefully things won't get too ugly."

Kari pondered with Gatomon in her arms "; do you think this Society will really get rid of Digimon? They can't just do that!" Kari cried. Gatomon snuggled with worry.

TK said, "Don't worry, we won't let that happen"

"Yeah, they won't dare mess with us!" Patamon added.

Davis cheered with his cup up, "Nothing will tear us apart!"

"YEAH!" They all cheered.

Sometime later, most of them left, Matt took Sora home, leaving only Tai, Kari, and the soon leaving Davis and their Digimon.

"Good job Davis and good luck!" Tai said.

"See ya tomorrow" Kari added.

"Thanks you guys, you're the best." Davis said, but as he and Demi-Veemon were about to exit he stopped.

"What will we do if more people start hating Digimon, more like Ichigo, would everyone eventually start hating the Digimon?" Davis said skeptically.

"Why would they hate us? We saved them plenty of times," Agumon answered.

"But what about Ichigo, he seemed to hate us despite that" Demi-Veemon countered.

"You guys shouldn't worry about it, don't let it get to your head, go Davis, everything will be fine" Tai said. Kari didn't answer, it seemed like she was thinking the same thing.

"Thanks Tai, Kari, Agumon, good night," Davis said.

"Bye!" Demi Veemon said.

And they left.

When they left, Tai frowned; something told him that this Society would prove to be a worse problem than they think. Kari noticed this and it didn't comfort her worries that something bad was going to happen.

Ken and Yolie had left school a while ago. They happened to be in the same classes and also happened to work the same amount of effort. Therefore it was appropriate that Ken walked Yolie to the train home but she insisted that they get something to eat first, being that it was about 5:00 in the evening.

"It's really different, huh," Ken said suddenly while eating his hamburger, "it's nice having such a close friend in the same school."

Yolie swallowed a big bite out of her burger, "Yeah, I mean we've spent years with minimal communication and suddenly, here we are, in the same school uniforms."

"I think it's good that you and Ken are together," Wormmon said, but he said it like they were dating which caused them both to blush.

"Wormmon, don't say it like that!" Ken said.

"Yeah even though Yolie actually li…" Poromon was cut off by Yolie who clasped her hand over his beak. "Yeah it's embarrassing"

They laughed but then ended up staring into each other's eyes like his comment brought up a silent conversation between them.

"Yolie, isn't it getting late?" Poromon asked, it was now about 6:00 now and she was expected to be home around 6:30 as the trains can get pretty packed. Yolie then had a disgusting thought of having to do special schools. It would be terrible.

"Yeah, c'mon"

They got up and threw away their trash. From a distance a figure seemingly materialized from out of nowhere. He bared his teeth at the two teens and their Digimon, "Time to send a little message to the pretties."

Ken and Wormmon walked Yolie and Poromon to the station like a man on the first date, which Yolie would secretly like pretend it was.

Over time, Yolie's simple crush on Ken went into infatuation, and being with him every school day made her really happy. She wasn't sure he felt the same, but a girl could hope.

Ken on the other hand did not completely understand how he felt about Yolie. Recently, he began to notice how beautiful she was. These things didn't come naturally to him and he sees her as a really good friend, even if this relationship felt…lacking.

"Thanks Ken, see you tomorrow right?" Yolie asked, Poromon sleeping soundly in her arms.

"Of course, we have the same homeroom and almost all classes" he said.

"That's great but Ken, I…" Yolie was about to ask him what he thought of her when suddenly a blast hit the stairs around her, knocking her and Poromon to the ground.

"What the hell!?" Ken turned around, Wormmon instantly sprang into action. Yolie was thankfully unhurt and Poromon had been abruptly awakened.

Ken found himself face to face with the attacker, a pirate.
A pirate with a huge canon on his left arm and a hook on the right with the canon aimed straight towards them. He had a smile on his face that was barely visible and a metal eye patch over his right eye. His regular eye looked at them menacingly.

"It's Hookmon!" Wormmon called.

Poromon digivolve to: HAWKMON! Hawkmon went beside Wormmon and prepared to fight.

"Don't worry Ken, I'm here" Yolie said, Ken noticed a few scratches but nothing serious.

"Why did you attack us? How did you get here?" Ken demanded.

"Don't you dare strike again or we'll get serious," Hawkmon said his feather projectiles ready.

Hookmon tilted his head and let out another big grin, "Captain Canon!" He shot a cannonball straight at Hawkmon who sent his projectiles asunder. People who noticed the explosion were almost harmed in the mess. Bystanders panicked, some called the police or did whatever they could but get in their way.

"Hawkmon! You bastard!" Wormmon jumped to attack. "Sticky Net!"

The web stuck the canon to the ground, but he simply ripped it apart like it was nothing.

"I can't deliver the message to some weaklings without having some fun first" Hookmon said.

"Message, what kind of message?" Ken demanded.

"Liquid Bullet" Hookmon ignored Ken and fired again, Wormmon barely dodged it, but it hit Yolie, who was tending to Hawkmon.

"YOLIE!" Ken looked down at the immobilized girl and suddenly felt really angry.

"That were a weak attack laddy; I only need one of you to deliver to, better if she be dead!" Hookmon laughed again with that annoying pirate accent. Ken wasn't having it, Yolie needed saving.

But Hookmon readied another shot straight at Yolie's unconscious body. "NO!" Ken cried, running to her body and prepared to parry.

"Super Shooter!" Hookmon fired the bullet, but Ken grabbed Yolie and Hawkmon and threw them aside. However, the bullet exploded when it hit the ground sending him further back. People still panicked, some took pictures. No one could help, nor would they even try.

Yolie was okay, but Ken and Wormmon could barely hold it up, now was the time to end it.

"That's it! Now Wormmon!" He aimed his digivice.


Wormmon digivolve to! STINGMON!

Ken could hear the people screaming about another monster but he didn't care. He had a battle to win before any others could get hurt. Some unlucky people were also slightly hurt by the exploding canon, but again, he had to focus on ending it, now.

"Go Stingmon!"

"Spiking Strike!" Stingmon fired his spikes at the pirate but he dodged and fired another captain canon which hit Stingmon in the side.

"Don't give up!" Ken called.

"Right! Spiking Finish!" Stingmon span towards the enemy and managed to drive him into a building. However, he swatted Stingmon away with his hook.

"You'll never beat me you scallywags! Once more Super..!" Hookmon was about to blow Stingmon to dust when suddenly...

"Mach Impulse!" a blade of energy knocked into Hookmon and sent him to the floor. Ken turned to find Yolie awake and her digivice out. She managed to armor digivolve Hawkmon, who had also woken up, to Halsemon just in time.

"Yolie, you're okay!" Ken called in relief.

"I'm fine, finish him!" She replied.

"Right, Stingmon now!"

"Spiking Finish!" Stingmon drove into Hookmon, mortally injuring him.

Wormmon and Hawkmon reverted to their rookie forms and they four of them surrounded him.

"What is your message Hookmon?" Ken demanded, grabbing the champion Digimon by the collar, "Who sent you!"

He laughed with another pirate accent, "We means to tell you that yer days are up. We arr coming to destroy you meddling scoundrels! We are the Dark Legion and we have announced our presence to thee, expect much worse!" Hookmon laughed again before dissolving into Digi-dust.

Yolie got up, "This is bad, very bad, and we gotta tell the others!"

"Don't worry I'm sending Izzy a message, we'll organize something, but first let's get out of here!" Ken said grabbing Yolie's hand and ran her and the Digimon to the station where thankfully, the trains didn't stop despite all the commotion outside.

Sometime later, the police investigated the remains of the battleground. A man exited a limo parked on the curb. He looked at all the people that required medical treatment from debris and shrapnel and all the terrified witnesses to the horrific battle.

"Those monsters were fighting and there were children involved! It was terrifying." One old lady cried to an officer that was interrogating her.

He stepped towards a police man to get some details.

"What happened? Was it those monsters?"

"Look, I don't know who you are but this is a crime scene! Step away civilian!" The policeman ordered.

"But officer it WAS an attack right?" the man asked again.

The officer made sure he escorted the man away and told him, "Yeah, those Digital monsters were battling it out in the streets, those 'chosen kids' were involved apparently."

The man smirked, "That's what I wanted to hear."

The man leapt to his car and pulled out a microphone. He then pressed a button to release a party ball from the top of the limo that opened up to a banner labeled: SOCIETY AGAINST DIGITAL DEMONS! TO STOP THE MENACE FROM TAKING OUR WORLD ONE BEAST AT A TIME!

"People, victims, I come to you as a leader and a symbol of hope. These 'Digimon' have terrorized us humans with demonic powers and destroyed our homes!" People everywhere stopped what they were doing to listen. The cop tried to ask what he was doing but the man jumped on top of his car. Newscasters aimed at him like he was the scoop of the day. "Look to Odaiba, Tokyo Bay, the world, and even the internet! Remember what the Digimon did to us! Today I will remind you that all Digimon are beasts that threaten the very safety of our world! Even these so called, Digidestined, are nothing but kids with ticking time-bombs ready to blow! They are no heroes, they are punks! Join me and the Society Against Digital Demons as we force these digital monstrosities back to whence they came! Join us and we shall reclaim our civil lives! To one again live without fear! JOIN US TO SAVE THE WORLD!"

Everyone cheered, terrified bystanders, unfortunate victims, even the police. News reporters that originally covered the battle now focused on this one man and the revealing of the Society Against Digital Demons: the new group to serve justice against the monsters that so terrified the human race.