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"Come on, sweet cakes," a drunken man said as blocked the ally path as a way preventing the 24 year old woman from escaping.

"Yeah, where you trying to go," another man appeared from the darkness with two other men behind him.

"Yeah, the party is just getting started," a dark haired guy said as he lunged toward her trying to kiss her. But Rachel was a fighter she wasn't going to go down without a fight. The moment he lunged toward her, she kneed him in the groin causing the man to wail. The other two guys both grabbed her by her wrists as if she was their own personal Barbie, but the purple haired beauty continued to struggle and scream.

"She's feisty," the drunken man said as he planted a kiss on her lips, but he immediately pulled away clutching his bleeding lip, "She fucking bit me."

"Then she needs to learn some fucking respect," a guy said pushing her body against the wall. Rachel screamed when she felt the pain of her head hitting in the wall, all the men grinned at each other. They enjoyed the sight of fear on her face. She tried to kick him in the groin, but the guy blocked her and smacked her across her face as punishment. Tears were streaming down her face and she felt a lump in her throat as she felt the man's hands go up her shirt and then his hands traveled down her belly to her skirt that, a friend had talked into wearing that day.

"Don't," she pleaded, "Please don't."

The man grinned at her but then nodded for the two guys to hold her wrists to the wall as he removed her underwear and begin to have his way with her. Rachel let out an eerie scream that could of nearly deafened all the men, but the other guy put his hand over her mouth and just watched as his friend pumped into her.

Each guy took turns one after the other pounding into her. It wasn't until the third guy that Rachel lost consciousness. When she woke the next morning she began to cry as she looked down her body and saw her shirt ripped and her skirt pushed up. Her amethyst eyes looked at her own reflection a puddle of water. Her hair was a mess and she had a bruise on her forehead and dried up blood under her nose she looked at her legs and saw blood. She groaned in disgust feeling the guys' semen still on her. 'The guys' she thought in fear as she quickly got up nearly falling in the process. Her right hand leaned against the wall as leverage as she stood up.

It had been a long time since Rachel had been in Jump City she had no clue where anything was. The only thing she knew was that she was thinking about buying an apartment in Jump City so she could be closer to her clients. After she made her way out of the alley she stumbled upon a police department. She hesitated for the moment. Embarrassed by the fact that she had been victimized, but the feeling was immediately pushed aside when her fingers felt swollen lips and bruises.

Rachel pushed open the doors and was surprised to a blast from the past, head cheerleader of Jump city High Kori And'r in a police officer uniform.

"Rachel!" Kori yelled with a smile on her face as she recognized her old friend, but her smile dropped when she looked at her friend's ripped shirt bruises. "Follow me," she said leading Rachel to her private office.

"Rachel, what happened?" she asked.

"I-I," Rachel stuttered closing her eyes and imagining her horrid experience all over again. "Can I?" she asked picking up a pen and paper from Kori's desk. Kori nodded 'yes.'

The purple haired beauty sighed and wrote 'I was raped' on the piece of paper. Kori immediately called over a specialist to come over to examine her friend.

End of flashback

"Rachel," the fiery haired woman said as an attempt to gain her attention, "Rachel Roth."

Rachel sighed wrapping the coat around herself as she looked up at the beautiful woman before her, "I'm listening."

"Rachel, I'm here to help you," she said as she placed her hand over the purple haired beauty's, who nodded her head in response. She knew in her heart that Kori was trying to help her. Hell, Kori was the only one who was actually trying to help her.

"I know, Kori," Rachel said pushing a strand of her purple hair behind her ear. But the truth was Rachel was still traumatized by her horror experience. Kori looked at her friend she couldn't wrap her head around the idea that her friend was a rape victim.

"Kori, I just want to forget the whole thing ever happened," Rachel said in monotone. As she got up, but immediately began to tremble.

"Rachel, how about you stay at my place for a few days?" Kori suggested.

"That's very nice of you, Kori, but"- Rachel was cut off.

"No buts," Kori said, "You were going to start work here anyway as the new criminal psychologist. Please, Rachel, stay at my place."

Rachel gave in, "Fine, but can you come with me to get a drink of water?"

Kori got up and followed Raven as she went to get a drink of water, but as they were walking down the office Kori noticed officer Garfield Logan look at her friend. Garfield smiled and looked at Kori and mouthed 'who's that?'

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