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This is how it began…this extraordinary experience…all our memories that held so close to one another for all of our lifetimes.

My name had always been silenced into the whispers of the nightmares of mortals. My appearance had forever been held back within the shadows of the eternal frozen lands of that of my ancestors. No matter the case I was still a person and I was still alive.

My name is Ashlethen Gecko Grace Moria, and I was an immortal of that of which was of an unknown race and forever to be hidden in hell. With devil horns protruding from my forehead, sharp fangs in my mouth, purple claws on both my hands and feet, pointed ears, and shadowy brown eyes I could never face normal humans without fear being the first thing they see from me.

I had always belonged to a different world and never had I been outside my realm, never had I ever known anything else but the devastating world that I had been reduced to. A day came when I had a chance to run away from the hell I lived in and instantly I took that chance and found myself thrown into a world of complete and utter mystery. With no knowledge of this newfound land I did what I had always known to do, hide within the cold shadows.

Days pasted quickly while the nights lasted as long as they could for the darkness of the land knew of my presence and knew of misunderstanding towards life. A town lied nearby the shadows I hid within and I observed humans interacting with strange creatures that I heard were called Pokémon.

Those Pokémon stood by their so called trainers and bonded with them with everything they did together, alas, all of this baffled me completely. Sure they battled together but no one's life was taken in the process, the humans only battled for fun.

Fun was a word I haven't heard in what had seemed like a full eternity. Fun was also something I hadn't experienced in almost my entire lifetime. Fighting for my life was the closest thing I ever got to experiencing a good time and then again those were the days when I wasn't suffering in my loneliness. Never had I had a true friend that I could count on and not worry that their life was going to be slaughtered right before my eyes so that I could have to mourn for their lose for the rest of my life.

As the day retired over the mountains night came alive and breathed its darkness of the land illuminating the shadows of the forest with spirals of the full moon's gentle light. I stepped out of the shadows of the forest, ran through the large meadows, and stood right outside the town where the humans lied asleep in their beds.

I intrigued me what went on during their nights since my nights were never-ending dreams or nightmares, but I found that humans did more than sleep when darkness came.

On the far side of the town bars stayed open and hotels let tired travelers in so that they could rest from their long journeys. While the side I was on had only houses and within the houses had sleeping families together with those creatures. Usually when I pasted by the homes I looked in and saw those things snuggled up close to their trainers.

Although one house I almost pasted by had its door swung open in which forced me back into the shadows of the alleyways. Silently I watched a human boy carry a rather large box across the whole town and I followed him still when he reached a bridge that was a good ways away from any human.

"What the hell is this mortal doing"? I thought from underneath the bridge.

My claws were stuck into the stone making it easy for me to hide from that human. Although as I thought he was going to continue carrying the box elsewhere I was proved wrong when he shoved the crate right off the bridge and to be swallowed up by the raging river below.

Instantly I heard a voice speak to me but I had no idea from, but all it said was, "Please! Give us a chance to at least be alive!"

I knew I couldn't swim but I flung myself right at the box and kicked the surface of the water in which the force of my kick lifted me back up in the air. With a bit of stumbling I at least landed safely with the box without killing myself and giving away my existence to that human boy. Though the said human boy had run off already since I could hear his dying laughter from a distance away.

A frown of disgust quickly took away my emotionless expression and my fist would've clenched shut if not hold the large object that I carried at that moment. Then I realized that I hadn't known what I had saved from utter death by drowning.

Gently I sat the box down and lifted open the lid and found that inside of it were eggs, little, colorful, baby eggs. Naturally the frown on my face was replaced by a soft smile and I carried the crate of eggs back into the shadows with me.

With use of my powers I walked through the shadows of the bridge back into the shadows of the forest with ease. Once making sure that no one was around I silently slipped past the trees and cut each and every corner I went by, and when I was finally at my cave I relaxed a bit and somewhat put my guard down.

I sat the box down near my sleeping bag, which I might've stolen from humans, and started a fire to warm the place up a bit. Even with the fire I still felt frozen to the bone tonight for some strange reason, in which I knew the eggs must've been freezing as well. Gently I took each egg from its place and held each one close to my body as much as I possibly could.

I leaned back against the cave wall and slowly started to drift off to sleep as my fingers softly traced the outline of each little egg. The next thing I knew I was staring at the darkness of my eyelids and then staring into the depths of my dreams.

A piece of my hair must've fallen onto my face because I awoke to brushing the hair off my head and then opening my eyes to something I never thought I'd see.

"Pokémon". I whispered to not frighten them.

They were all really tiny and they were that way because by my best guess they were babies. I stared at them and they stared at me until one of them spoke.

"Mama"? He questioned.

My pointed ears stood right up in confusing and shock almost instantly. The one who spoke seemed to be a ball of purple gas with sharp fangs and huge eyes, but he didn't seem any different than me other than the whole shaped like a ball of gas factor.

"What are you all"? I asked calmly.

A white Pokémon with a black horn from its head smiled and said, "Absol"!

The purple one who talked said, "Gastly".

Then a little blue bat followed, "Zubat".

It was then followed by a black bird, "Murkrow".

One with a skull on its face seemed to smirk and in traduced itself with one that looked to be a ghost wearing a necklace. "I'm Duskull and this is Misdreavus".

A purple snake Pokémon grinned, "Ekans".

A black and orange puppy climbed up onto my lap and licked my face before saying, "I'm Houndour"!

I set him down with the others and a weasel looking creature then introduced itself and was followed by a floating marionette it seemed. "Sneasel is my name".

"I-I'm Shuppet".

Lastly I looked to a scorpion creature and saw that it looked at me with a saddened expression.

"Skorupi….that is my name". He said.

Gastly looked at me again and asked, "Are you our Mama"?

That question shocked me again and I took a moment to think about all of this. True I never had been around children a lot but I knew how to take care of them, and even if that meant taking care of these babies and learning more about Pokémon. After all if I was ever to know anything about this world I would first have to start off by learning about its inhabitance.

I gathered up the little babies in my arms and warmly smiled at them. "Yes little ones I'm your mommy and I'll be your mommy my cute, little angels".

They all smiled back at me. "We love you mama".

I smirked, "And I love you too my babies".

That was five years ago. Five years before my organization began and five years before the start of my war raged across each and every region in the world. In this world.

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