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Freezing rain poured on through the night as my Pokémon and I pushed on through the unbearable cold that any normal human would've died miles ago in these kinds of conditions. Then again any normal Pokémon would've died a while back as well but mine aren't of any natural means of training or being raised. They've learned how to put up with harsh conditions and continue this journey with me no matter how terrible it's been so far.

It's been only about a week since we left town and it seems nature seems determined to kill us all the way to hell. The first day after we left was sunny and nice but that changed the next day when a tornado struck the land and nearly sucked my team and I into its never-ending spirals of wind. Aside from the rain, the single earthquake, the wind, and the wretched heat everything's been fine so far.

Luckily for us I had Honchkrow and Mismagius scout ahead as the rest of us were held up underneath large trees trying not to get wet. They quickly came back though with word of a town nearby that we could stay in until the weather became nice enough to continue forward. Since the sun was blocked by the clouds I didn't require the use of my umbrella for anything but to stop the rain from soaking my attire, besides it also brought use to my Pokémon as well.

Riding on top of Absol I looked at the bright and very shiny town with uncertainty and concern. First off humans lived down there, second, they were different from the other humans I knew back near our old forest, and third, anything could happen once we entered that unknown area.

I pulled out the map Pug gave to me before we left and looked up the city's name. "Disciple City Central, also known as the destiny town".

Putting the map back into the bag I scowled as I recalled what destiny had done to me in the past and what it had caused. Thankfully for me I knew where I was in my life and knew who I was with.

"Mama what're we going to do now"? Arbok questioned me.

Without even looking down at him I replied, "Seems as if we're going to have to stay at one of those Pokémon Centers tonight as for the fact we have no money. To get money in this world it looks like we're going to have to battle people and their Pokémon for it, and I should know this because before you all were born I observed people fighting for cash".

"Hmm, seems legit enough". Dusknoir said. "Although what else are we to expect from humans? They are such a pain in life that they cause one another pain in their own lives over petty money".

Weavile smirked, "Maybe we can find another Pokémon to call our kin within this new town"!

Drapion scoffed at him, "Yeah like we need more so called "kin" to compete for Mama's attention".

"Drapion," I scolded. "Hold your tongue young one! Now no more negative talk from any of you unless it's about humans, but other than that I expect silence from you my young ones".

Really I knew they were anxious but they were about ready to go at each other's throats with how annoyed this weather had made them. Though they remained silent all the way into the city, and very much to my surprise I might add.

Every human stared at us on our way to the Pokémon Center which I didn't understand why really, I mean they see Pokémon trainers and their teams all the time. Why was this time with my team and I so different than all the rest?

Thankfully my young ones didn't seem to notice any of the unusual stares as for the fact they were too busy taking in the sights of the enormous buildings surrounding them. Even I myself had to admit these human made structures were huge compared to normal human sized settlements. Alas, our sightseeing on the path to the center was cut short when a rather short human boy stepped in front of our path with his Pokémon out and ready to fight.

He nearly dropped his umbrella as he pointed to me. "I-I challenge you new trainer"!

I sweat-dropped with my expression for a second but then retained my usual glaring expression. "What the hell are you talking about human child"?

"I need to get stronger," He shouted with some courage. "So I need to battle you right and right now"!

"What a cheeky little bastard child this one is". I thought. "Although his ultimate mistake is to be challenging me to a full out battle with my skill hardened Pokémon".

Without even looking the boy in the eyes I agreed to his little brawl and without haste he sent out his crew of only three Pokémon. His Pokémon was a Mareep, a Lickilicky, and a Sunkern, but by their cheerful and all around happy expression I knew this was going to be a quick battle. Negative versus positive, negative wins by a landslide and especially when that team is that of the shadows.

Three against eleven didn't seem fair to him apparently and I then agreed to fight a three on three battle instead. He watched as my Houndoom, Arbok, and Honchkrow took the battlefield while the rest of my Pokémon and I set down upon a bench nearby to observe the brawl.

"Alright Mareep start off this fight by using Thunder Bolt on the flying type Pokémon"! The boy shouted.

I smirked, "His name is Honchkrow and he will dodge the attack and use Fly on that Sunkern. Arbok use Poison Fang on that Lickilicky and Houndoom finish up Mareep by attacking it with Fire Fang".

Lightning sparked right towards Honchkrow but he simply went around the sparks and flew right past the other two Pokémon and took out the Sunkern with ease. Arbok snuck up on Lickilicky and clenched his fangs down into the flesh of that pink creature in which the poison was injected as well with the teeth. Without a sound Houndoom sunk its sharpened teeth down through the Mareep's wool and the bite mark scorched the skin of the Pokémon even more than necessary the longer Houndoom held on. Though he let go soon enough as for the fact the sheep fainted almost instantly when the wound became flamed.

The human child fell to his knees and returned his Pokémon back to their pokeballs before he looked up at the glaring figure before him. "You're so strong even without your Pokémon I bet, but don't you know mercy or how to go easy one someone"?

I smirked evilly, "No because the only times I ever went easy on someone was when I was somewhere you don't know, but even in that place it was only out of love and during love as well. Alas, even then he was rather hard and completely endowed like a true male of my stature".

"What are you talking about"? He questioned me.

My ear shot down in embarrassment and my face went red as I came back to reality. "Nothing, nothing at all boy. Now get up so that I will allow you to trail beside me on the way to that healing center".

He wiped his eyes and stood up when I was already a few feet ahead of him and not willing to wait around for the loser to waste my time. It disturbed my Pokémon when they saw that the human try and walk ahead of me but I shot back a glare and they forcefully relaxed.

"So why challenge a random person to a fight right as they walk into this city, boy"? I asked. "You wish to get stronger or prove how weak you are compared to others"?

He sighed, "Stop calling me boy, my name is Trent, and yeah I do want to get stronger but I can't beat anyone who comes into town these days".

I really wanted to laugh at this miserable, little human but I contained my laugh as for the fact he needed non-human help. "If you used to beat anyone and everyone who used to come into town and now you can't then you need to leave your town and go on the road and battle different people. Although if your parents do not allow you your adventure right now since you are of a young age then you'll try and leave when you're of a man's age".

The boy remained silent the rest of the way to the Pokémon Center most likely thinking over what I had told him and considering other options that he could think of. A smile even crossed his face from what I saw when I glanced down at him and saw that he was looking down at his Pokémon.

It seemed he was motioning to them that everything was going to be alright, but that just proved how much of a fool he was again. Seriously, as if everything in the world would be alright for him from now until the end of his mortal life, alas, I stopped myself from telling him that and just let him continue being a human fool.

The Pokémon Center was a rather small building compared to the rest but it was still big enough to heal all types and sizes of Pokémon. Trainers played with their teams outside of the center and some people battled with their healed partners. Several humans came running up to me challenging me to fight with them but I declined each and every one that asked.

"Why don't you battle them"? Trent questioned me.

I sighed slightly, "As for the fact I had no thought of even going up against any more weaklings as for the time being, besides the fights are always too short. Short in the definition of I never get to finish off any one in the brawl by sentencing them to their last breath".

Then I looked down at the child upon noticing how he suddenly went quiet. "Lady you've got to learn how to speak normal English".

Really I would've enforced my backhand right up against the side of that human's face but since it seemed if I did that the other humans would be highly concerned and try and banish me. Luckily for him his mother was waiting at the door of the center for her son to return.

"Oh hey mom-" Trent started to say but was then grabbed up by his mother in a rather large hug.

"Where were you"!? She scolded. "I was so worried about you, my little baby"!

Naturally I glanced away from the female as for the fact I recalled my own mother being abusive and always abandoning me in the most dangerous of places. Though once she let go of her son she held her hand out for me to shake and introduced herself.

"Hello and thank you for bringing my son here safely". She stated. "My name is Margret or you may call me Mrs. Honey, and what do you call yourself"?

I moved her hand aside and walked past her and her son. "My name is that of shadows and now I am of no concern to you two. Believe me you don't want anything to happen to you two or any of your family so don't get to know me. Trent I advise that you take up my words of wisdom and move on; you don't want to keep losing until you end up losing everything you love and care about".

Without a word my Pokémon followed behind me as I stepped into the Pokémon Center while the mother and son just stared at us until the automatic door blocked their view. Hopefully my time in their lives won't do any real damage to their lives or anything around them, but then again I had no control over my curses.

A red headed nurse was standing at the front desk with a Chansey right by her side with a little nurse hat on. They both gave my partners and I cheery smile and open eyed looks which made me want to smack them to hell for being so optimistic when hell was that of human lives.

"Hello would you like me to heal your Pokémon"? She questioned happily.

Instantly I scoffed and stared her down with my glaring eyes. "Listen I need I room for my team and I to sleep in for the night, a good dinner, and you people give free healing so get to that. I have no money on me on this point and time so I hope for everyone's sake here that you people are charitable like you say you are".

Without even blinking at all she tilted her head and continued to smile like a ninny. "Right away miss. You and your Pokémon can stay on the second floor of this center in the third room to the left, as you can see we give warm hospitably to any trainers and their teams. Now would you like to have you Pokémon healed in their pokeballs or outside of them"?

I frowned slightly, "Outside would work wonders for us".

She stood a few feet away from us as I made sure I got every one of my Pokémon out in the open. I gently removed my large, black cape revealing Crobat had wrapped his wings around my body and had his fangs deeply imbedded into my back shoulder blades.

The nurse dropped her clipboard and staggered back a few steps until she regained her footing. She shrieked out in fear and held her arms right up against her body.

I scowled, "Lady would you happen to calm down or contain your screams?! My Crobat has been imbedding himself into my flesh for quite a long time as for the fact he feeds only on blood. Feeding normal Pokémon food to my Pokémon is fine but everyone should know that Zubats, Golbats, Crobats, Woobats, and Swoobats feast mainly on blood. Domesticated ones either eat blood still, are forced to eat normal food, or feed on the blood of their masters, so behave yourself you nodding ninny"!

Thankfully she somewhat chilled out and picked up her clipboard and watched as I gently woke Crobat up. Once he gained full consciousness he removed his fangs from their deep, inserted spots and moved from my back to my arm and sat their lazily looking at the others.

I smirked, "Wipe the blood from your cheeks sweetie and go with the others to be healed up all the way".

He looked at the red stained blotches and easily licked them away before he flew onto the back of Absol and sunk his fangs into his back. Absol stared at me with a slight frown. "He's a lazy blood sucker and craves the blood like hell, mama".

"Yes I know he can be a bit batty at some points but just let him feed as for the time being, young one". I chuckled darkly. "Make sure you let the nurse lead you to the room when all of you are healed up".

As my team walked off with the human female the little Chansey took me to the room that would serve as our sleeping quarters as for tonight anyway. Right as I entered the room the Chansey threw the key at me and ran off faster than a Buneary on coffee.

"What a surprise…" I hissed. "…What a surprise that people still fear me even after I tell them everything is fine, but then again those who fear are called that of human kind".

Without even wasting time I shut the door and headed towards the bathroom where a shower stood in full working condition. Setting my clothing down on a small table in there I stepped into the rain of hot water and let the warm droplets dance over past scars I had obtained in my other lifetime. Feeling the cleansing soap wash away the grime from my limbs and hair felt like everything wonderful but painful. Alas, I missed only one thing about feeling this fine feeling but that one thing died quite a long time ago and can never be brought back. Either way I pushed my memories back as for the time being and enjoyed my peace that I hadn't had in such a long while.

Till the next chapter of this here story I bid you all yet another slight farewell! Also have a happy New Year!

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