Capturing Frost

Jack felt the disturbance in Burgess long before he was even over the Atlantic. Jack knew that as Burgess was his home he could feel whenever another immortal passed through the area. Jack asked the wind to make him go faster; something about the tingle that Jack normally felt was off. Within minutes Jack was at his pond, he looked around trying to figure out where the other immortal was. Most of the immortals just passed through barely staying long enough to even register on Jack's radar. This one was different they had lingered far longer than any other with the exception of the battle with Pitch Black. Jack felt the tingle coming close behind him but before he could turn around his world went black.

He was drowning. He tried to breath and got a lungful of icy water as a result. He flailed his arms, searching for a handhold that was just out of his reach. He could hear his sister as though through a tunnel. She was screaming his name at the top of her lungs. He opened his eyes against the cold water. He screamed out his last lungful of air as he saw his sister fall through the ice above him. He had tried to save her but he had failed…

Jack jerked awake screaming. His screaming was accompanied by the sound of rattling chains and caused the floor beneath him to sway.

"Ah, Jack, how nice of you to join us," the voice that spoke was familiar and it took Jack a second to place it.

"Pitch," Jack said as he tried to figure out where he was even though he was still slightly woozy from the nightmare sand that Pitch had hit him with.

"It's good to know that you remember me, though I don't think you really could forget me as that lovely nightmare that you just had can attest to." Pitch smiled from the shadows as he looked into the cage that contained the winter sprite. "How are you doing on making the children believe in you Jack?"

Jack growled as he shook his head trying to clear the fog from his head. "Better than it is for you I'm sure."

Pitch snarled. "That is where you are wrong Jackie Boy. Now that I have you my fear will spread through the world and there is nothing that the other Guardians can do about it. Do you want to know why Jack? Because they will have no idea where you are, and they will think that you are helping me."

"I would never help you," Jack said as he struggled to stand up, hindered by the fact that his arms were chained behind him and to the floor of the hanging cage that he finally realized he was in.

"Oh, I know that you would never help me Jack. You proved that when you denied me in Antarctica. But your fellow Guardians have no idea that you wouldn't. So I am using a power that I have not used in years. What do you think?" Pitch said with a cold laugh as he stepped out of the shadows.

Jack's mouth became dry as he stared at Pitch, or rather who he thought was Pitch. It was as though Jack were staring into a mirror. Pitch somehow looked just like him Pitch held Jack's staff in his hand and had an evil smirk on his face. Jack tried to swallow as he looked at his doppelganger there was only one small difference between the two of them and that was the fact that the eyes were black and not and ice blue like Jack's eyes were. Jack had the feeling that it wouldn't matter because no one would get close enough to his double to be able to tell the difference.

"Impressive don't you think?" Pitch said. "I can also use your powers for a short time as well. By the way I wouldn't try to break out if I were you. Since I am using your powers it would be a long drop out of that cage even if by some miracle you got out of those shackles. I hope your comfortable Jack because I don't think I will be back for quite some time." With that parting shot Pitch walked away laughing.

Jack struggled against the chains that held him to the floor of the cage. It was no use and he knew it. Jack slumped down to the bottom of the cage and hung his head. He knew that the other guardians would believe that whatever Pitch did disguised as Jack was all Jack's doing. They didn't know him well enough to know that he would never intentionally hurt a child, or cause a child to fear him or anything around them.

It had been only six months since he had become a guardian and in that time he had made no effort to get to know the other guardians better. Jack had been standoffish and distant from the others just like he had been for the last three hundred years of his life. When one of the others, normally Sandy or Tooth, tried to get closer to him Jack had pushed them away not wanting to get in to deep only to be burned. Jack had tried to befriend other sprites and spirits in his three hundred years of life and each time had ended in disaster, so Jack had decided that he would do his duty as a guardian and nothing more. He didn't want to get close to the others because he was afraid.

Now see where that fear had landed him. The other guardians would not know that Pitch was back until Pitch had destroyed Jack's reputation and made the children fear again. This would be all Jack's fault and there would be nowhere Jack could hide if he ever got out of this cage. Jack screamed out his frustration and lunged against the chains that held him to the floor of the cage. The only result was the cage's swaying and pain in his arms. Jack collapsed back down to the floor of the cage and finally looked at what was outside the cage.

Jack found that he was not in the main area of Pitch's cavern as he thought he would be. Instead he was in a darker part of the cavern he was also in the only cage that was hanging from the ceiling in this part of the cavern. Jack examined the cage that he was contained in. This cage was similar in design to the ones that the Baby Teeth had been confined in during Pitch's first uprising. The difference being that there was not net like fencing around the cage instead there was bars that made it look like a giant bird cage.

Jack sighed as he once again tugged uselessly against the chains that held him. He tried to draw on his winter powers but found that they did not respond beyond a slight movement in his veins. Jack now knew that he at least still had some of his powers, but they were so weak at the moment that there was no way that they would be of any help to him. Jack bowed his head and closed his eyes wishing that when he opened them again that this had all just been a nightmare and that it wasn't real. Jack swayed forward and felt the now painful tug of the chains against his wrists, that was when he knew for certain this wasn't a dream. The world was going to be plunged back into the Dark Ages and it was entirely his fault.