If It's Over… By ShadyGreySteele

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So this will be my very 1st story that doesn't have a "what if" theme revolving around how Anastasia & Christian met. It has a "what if" things were different vibe! I figured after 10 stories it was time to take a new turn so I hope you like this story. I will try to keep it going for a while as I am nearing the end of my Housekeeper story. I will still have a few good chapters left so I promise it will be good. Quality over quantity comes first so just be patient with me.

I hope you all enjoy this story. I look forward to your reviews and messages. Happy holidays to you all, whatever holiday you may celebrate I hope it is filled with love, happiness and joy xoxo ShadyGreySteele

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Synopses: Ana & Christian have been married 6 years but have been apart for 18 months after a he said he needed "more". Ana is still deeply in love with him but ready to give him his freedom. It the anniversary of the day they met and she pays him a visit at Escala. She is going back to basics and ready to give up the luxurious life she had been living to try to find her old self again.

Back To Me : Chapter 1 By ShadyGreySteele

It's been six years to the day that I tumbled into the office of Christian Grey and fell in love at first sight. We have been through so much together and have been married for over five years and share two lovely children that we both adore. Beside our wedding anniversary we always would celebrate today also because it marks the day we met. I still love him the just as much as the day I met him, nothing's changed for me. I wish I could say the same for him. I know he still loves me but he is no longer in love with me.

We have been separated for about 18 months now and every day I fall apart inside just a little more. We haven't made divorce plans yet but I'm sure he's hoping for one soon. There was no prenuptial agreement and I think that's what's holding him back from filing the papers.

If he only knew that there is nothing more in this world than I want more than him. I am going to see him at today at Escala to talk to him about it. It's been so long since I've been there and I feel odd. Usually on this day we would meet at his office and celebrate the day we met, we obviously skipped last year and I was devastated so I am guessing he just wants to forget and get this over with.

I just want him to know that I love him and never want to hurt him. He can keep all of his money I don't want any of it. We can share custody of the children and I will be more than happy to move to a small apartment here in Seattle not far from my current job. Before I had the kids I used to work at Grey Publishing but I wanted to be home with the kids so I worked at home for a while then after we seprated I thought it would be best to quit working for him since our contact was now so limited.

Now I am working from home editing E books for a small online publishing company for the past eight months. I haven't mentioned this to Christian because we barely communicate anymore but he may know and just doesn't care. The pay is decent though and I will be able to pay my own way and stay home with the kids. I like having the freedom to spend the day with them and set my own work hours.

I'm sure Christian will be generous with a settlement but I'd rather him just set up a trust for the kids. He didn't work all these years to give half his wealth to me. I've never been comfortable being rich and I'm sure I can easily adjust going back to the way I was. I haven't forgotten who I am just my clothes and hair was a bit more polished for a while.

The kids will be fine as well. I have never spoiled them and even though they are so young they are taught every day to appreciate what they have. They are wonderful lovely children and thankfully too young to understand what's going on although Teddy does ask why daddy has a separate house than mommy sometimes. He looks exactly like Christian and Phoebe is a mix but has my eyes. I usually just change the subject, he's too young to understand and I'm too fragile to think about it. I miss him, so much. I mustn't cry again.

Hope you are enjoying this story so far. I will post all the chapters I have completed so far so this should get me off the hook for updates right away. Should be at least 10 chapters maybe more. I was going to post one per day but I know ya'll don't like waiting for updates! so Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think so far.