If It's Over Chapter 14 Ana's POV

I open my eyes and glance at the alarm clock its 6:30 am and Phoebe should be up soon, usually by 7am and Teddy usually follows by 7:30 he loves his sleep and since it's the weekend he may even sleep until 9am. Then it dawns on me that I am not alone in my bed as I look down and see his arm wrapped around me. I glance to my left and there he is, it was real, yesterday happened and my husband is lying beside me in our bed here in our home. Holy Fuck!

Everything comes back to me in a rush, going to Escala, his anger, the possible divorce, the letter, the tears and making love several times, hearing about the blackmail scheme, and seeing my friends and family all standing in my home. Wow that's was a lot to endure for one day, I'm just glad its behind me and hopefully I can move forward a little at a time.

I stare at him while he sleeps peacefully and notice now that his copper hair has inherited a few grays. He is so beautiful and here we are still married and together again after so long. I can't help but wonder if he will leave me again, he won't get another chance if he does, so he better work his ass of earning back my trust. I'll deal with the rest of the Grey's another time and Kate too. Christian will always have my love I'm not going to lie. I love him so much that it's indescribable but trust is standing on shaky ground for me right now.

I can rationalize that he thought it would be in the best interest of me and my kids but he can't expect me to just forget all I've been through in these last eighteen months. I can't forget, I won't ever forget but I can forgive and try to move on. I stroke my fingers down his sexy muscular back and he opens his eyes. He looks around for a moment and I think he's not sure if he knows where he is.

"Baby, it's real I am here with you?" he asks ask he pulls me closer and softly kisses my neck and my lips while holding me tight.

"Yes, it's real, for a moment I thought I was dreaming too"

"Oh Ana…..Anastasia I love you, you have never looked more beautiful"

"I love you Christian, so much. I'm so happy you're home" and without warning my tears fall.

"Don't cry baby, I'm home I'm never leaving you. I promise you Anastasia I promise" and he holds me gently in his arms as I cry softly into his chest. He smells so good as I nuzzle him. I love being so close to him I never want to let go of him.

I sit up and glace at the video monitors and Phoebe is still fast asleep in her toddler bed and Teddy is gripping his torn up Buzz Lightyear and Woody blankie tight lying sideways across his bed. He's so adorable, just the spitting image of his daddy but with my eye color. He's going to be a heartbreaker one day and my little Phoebe looks just like me with dark slightly wavy hair pale skin but has her daddy's hypnotic gray eyes. She will not be allowed to date until she's' 30!

Christian smiles at me sweetly as we glance at our babies on the monitors.

"You are a wonderful mother Ana, our children are beautiful wonderful children because of you baby. Let them sleep, the nanny is still here and your mom is taking them to story time and the zoo today so they are going to need their energy"

We lie back down and just snuggle each other. I just want to look at him and trace every inch of his face and body. He's mine, my husband and I need him I never want to be without him again ever.

After some time exploring each other we make slow sweet love and just lose ourselves in each other for the next 30 minutes. I jump out of bed and put on my robe and go see the kids. Ted is already downstairs having cereal and watching TV. Phoebe is still in pull-ups, she's just 2 ½ and we have just begun some potty training and so far she's doing well it's just overnight that I keep her in a pull-up so she doesn't have an accident. Hopefully in the next few months she will be 100% in big girl panties.

Cassie is already running a bath for her while Christian smothers her with kisses and helps her pick out a cute outfit for the day. She has asked him why he is here a few times and he's tried to explain that he lives here now with us but she had just turned one when he left so she doesn't remember him living here. Teddy was just three so he just has some scattered memories but he mostly thinks his daddy lives in the tall building in the city. Thankfully they are still young enough to adjust without too many questions. They just like seeing us together I think, they are such happy kids.

As Cassie puts her in the tub Christian and I head back down to Teddy and sit with him while he watches the Lion King on Blue Ray. He jumps into his daddy's lap and sings along. When Scar shows up he buries his head in Christian's neck and I giggle. He has watched this movie at least 100 times and he's still afraid of Scar.

"It's okay bud, Simba's going to save the pride lands and marry that pretty lioness Nala" Christian says to Teddy as he strokes his back while hugging him.

It's been so long since I've seen him with our children. Despite all that's happened he has always been a loving daddy to our kids. Phoebe comes running into the kitchen twenty minutes later in cute little white capri's and a pink tank top with a white cardigan and her little pink converse. She looks so cute.

"Mama I go to the zoo and see the monkey and birds" she says in her raspy little baby voice.

"I know sweetie and Teddy, Grandma Carla and Cassie are going to come too. If you are a good girl you can have an ice cream okay" I whisper and Christian scoops her up and kisses her chubby cheeks. She looks at me with excitement and claps.

"Teddy go take a shower baby and get ready. I will give you money to get a souvenir at the gift shop"

"Yes" he jumps and punches the air.

"Mommy, can I get the book with the stuffed polar bear this time? You said maybe last time mom" he pleads adorably.

"If you're good then I will allow it, last time you had a tantrum so you know why you didn't get it. Do you remember that?"

"Yes ma'am I promise I'll be good but you said it was spensive" and he glances at me and Christian looks at me with almost sadness.

"You mean expensive and yes it is. It's forty five dollars and that's a lot of money for a stuffed polar bear. I will make an exception this time if you are extra good okay sweetie" and I give him a giant kiss and he runs upstairs for his shower grinning ear to ear.

"Ana forty five dollars is nothing, we have all the money you could wish for"

"Christian, don't.. You know I didn't spend any money after you left me and my so called job didn't afford me to blow forty five buck on a stuffed animal. I will never get used to just carelessly blowing money. Once in a while it will be a treat for them but I'm not working right now obviously so.."

"Ana stop I'm here now and I don't know why you didn't spend OUR money it was yours. You don't have to work baby but if you choose too I will buy you your own company. APT is real though Ana and it's yours if you want it. I have already told you I won't leave, You can chain me to the bed if you'd like but in the meantime just let the kids have a special day. Think of it as an early treat or Christmas present"

"Chain you to the bed" I gasp and he rolls his eyes

"Hmm now if I did that my bottom would be sore Mr. Grey"

"I can't wait baby, as soon as your mom and Cassie take the kids you're all mine" and I flush

My mom arrives just after 9am and she and Cassie get on their way to story time.

"Ana honey, story time is at 9:45 then we are heading straight for the zoo, Christian said to get Teddy some book and bear and he gave me a stack of cash, all hundreds it must be a few thousand dollars" I roll my eyes knowing he can't see me.

"Yes mom today is an exception, just get them what they want but only if they behave then go have lunch, shopping whatever you'd like"

"I should be back around 5pm, you enjoy this time with your husband. I'll be sure to call when we are on our way back"

"Thanks mom, Cassie has the kids in the minivan already. Make sure to remind Phoebe to go potty and remember she can't eat too many sugary treats if she's going to have ice cream or she will be very hyper and then you can kiss nap time goodbye. She should nap around 1pm for an hour. Love you mom and thanks again" and I hug her tight

I close the door and Christian gives me that look. "Come shower with me baby" and I nod and take his hand.

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