There was once a girl. She was alone, despite living in a world with lots of people. One day, a man came up to her. 'You're alone', he said, even though they were standing in a crowded place. She found this odd and asked the man who he was. He did not answer right away. 'I am the Great Sufferer,' he finally answered. Again, she was confused. The man replied that in time she would understand. And then he disappeared.

A while had passed before the girl saw the man again. He told her, 'You're still alone. Despite being in a place with so much space and so many people, you are still alone.' She did not deny it. 'What about you,' the girl asked. 'You look alone too.' 'I am,' he replied. 'I have traveled very far and while there are millions of people out there, I am alone.' For a moment, they did not speak. The stood in the silence, thinking. 'Well then, look at us. Two lonely people,' she said. The man looked at the girl with a smile, and she returned it. 'Come with me,' he said. She took his hand and never looked back.

The girl grew up in this time, and she learned many things. She was never lonely with the man. They traveled far and wide, their adventures numerous. The girl forgot all about being alone. She had also forgotten who she was traveling with.

The day came when the man had to live up to his name. The girl fought and pleaded and begged him not to go, but the man couldn't stay. He had come to love her throughout their time together, and he wanted to keep her safe, but he could not save their happiness as well. In short, he chose what would be best for her, and not himself.

'I am the Great Sufferer. I have seen many things throughout my time, and shall do so until the end of it. I possess the burden of many people, and now I shall carry yours. There is no other way. I have done my best to keep you from loneliness, but have done so in my own selfishness and vanity. I'm afraid I must part with you for the last time. I am the Great Sufferer, for I will suffer eternal loneliness as long as I exist.'