It's a little short, but I haven't updated in so long.

"You're going to take the test?" Yukio asked with a raised eyebrow. He wasn't expecting his brother to say something like that. The brunette would've discouraged his brother, but he didn't know how.

"Yep!" Rin exclaimed with a grin. "I'll pass it, too. Then we can go to school together!"

"Rin, it's not that I don't want you to take the test," Yukio gave a sigh. "I don't recommend you taking it."

"It's cool, Yukio. I'll just study really hard," Rin said. "Dad said he could try to talk to the headmaster about me taking the test. They're old friends." Yukio gave a frustrated groan and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"It doesn't matter about that, Rin," Yukio said, squinting his eyes shut. "I thought you wanted to work. Why do you suddenly want to go to school?"

"Because, Yukio," Rin turned his gaze away from his brother for a minute before speaking. "I want to be with you, again." a tint of red filled his cheeks.

"Rin, I know you just want to be with me, but I don't think taking the entrance exam is the best thing for you." Yukio said as gently as he could. The brunette knew how fragile his brother was right now, and didn't want to make the raven haired teen upset once more.

"Yukio," Rin gave a sigh. "I'm sorry, but I don't care what you think about this." Suddenly, their conversation was cut off by Shiro entering the room.

"Rin, I got you a spot to take the exam tomorrow!" Shiro exclaimed with a bright smile on his face. He placed a hand on Rin's head. "The teachers are expecting the best from you."

"Why?" Rin asked, raising an eyebrow. What kind of teacher would expect anything from him.

"Because you're Yukio Okumura's twin brother, of course!" Shiro cackled. "Tomorrow, I'm taking you to the academy to take your test. I want you in your room studying. Yukio can help you, Yukio."

"Yes, Father," Yukio gave a sigh. He took Rin by the hand and led him to their room. "Now, I'll help you study. I want to see you get a good grade on your exam."

"I thought you didn't want me to go." Rin said with a raised eyebrow.

"Just because I don't want you to go doesn't mean I want you to fail the exam," Yukio said, lifting a book from the small desk in their room. "Let's get started."

After hours of studying, something Rin was not happy about, the raven haired twin finally passed out at the desk. Yukio had to carry him to the bottom bunk of their bunk bed to make room on the desk. With Rin sleeping, Yukio could finally attend to his own studies.

Shiro knocked on the door of the bedroom the twins shared, and let himself in. The man never worried about walking in on his sons getting dressed, after all, they didn't have anything that he didn't have himself.

"Did you boys study?" Shiro asked, raising an eyebrow when he son his 'older' son sleeping in the bunk bed against the wall. He didn't expect to see Rin sleeping, though he probably should have.

"We did for a little while," Yukio said quietly as he turned around from where he sat at the desk. "Rin got tired and fell asleep." he added to fill Shiro's curiosity.

"I see," Shiro chuckled. He sat on the bed next to his son's feet. Rin stirred a bit at the sudden movement, though didn't wake. "Yukio, tell me the truth. Do you want Rin to go to the school with you?"

Yukio stiffened. In truth, he really didn't want his brother to go to school with him. Sure, he would miss Rin, and did wish they could be together a lot more than they were, but it just wasn't right for them to go to the same school again. Rin chose his own path of being a drop out, he had chosen it before his accident.

Why did it seem that as soon as he got his brother back, he didn't have him anymore?

"It's not that I don't want him to go to the same school as me," Yukio paused for a moment to gather his words before he spoke once more. "He's just not the same anymore. He's not my Nii-san anymore."

"I know it's hard for you, Yukio," Shiro gave a sigh. "It's hard on all of us. Despite what we feel, we have to be here for Rin." the man looked down at his sleeping son and placed a hand on the teen's ankle. Rin's brows furrowed, though still, he did not wake.

"I know, Father," Yukio sighed. He turned his gaze on the papers sitting at the desk, trying desperately to keep his thoughts from spilling out of his mouth. "I just...I just don't think he's ready for something like this."

"You don't think he's ready?" Shiro raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you tell me why you don't think he's ready." the man suggested.

"Father, you're not my therapist," Yukio let out a forced laugh. "I don't think he's ready because it's too many changes. Rin still hasn't adjusted to what he was before, why does he think he can just move on now?"

"I'm sure there's nothing wrong with that," Shiro said calmly. "I'll tell you what. I'm going with Rin to his next appointment. Suguro wants a little family meeting, you know, to talk to Rin about how we feel, and for him to talk to us about how he feels. If you want to come, you can, if not, I'll voice all your worries, and I'll find out what's going on with him."

"Thank you, Father, but no thanks. I don't think I could let you voice any worries of mine, and I'm so busy with school, I don't think I'll be home for the meeting." Yukio said calmly. He returned to reading the book, or rather ignoring his Father. The brunette realized this was a childish thing to do, though he couldn't speak at the moment.

"Very well," Shiro said softly. "I'll be going then." he said standing from the bed after giving Rin's foot a pat. He left the room silently, shutting the door quietly behind him. The soft click of the door was what brought Yukio to being able to study once more.

"Do any teachers really expect anything from me here?" Rin asked as he waited outside of a classroom with his Father. Shiro had been required to attend to fill out paperwork once Rin began testing, as well as taking Rin home afterward. The man still didn't trust Rin to go home by himself since he had just woken up not too long ago.

"Well, you're the twin brother of Yukio Okumura, the student with the highest scores on the entrance exam, I would think they would," Shiro commented casually as he flipped through a book. "At least you studied, right?" he raised an eyebrow with a smirk.

"Yukio forced me to study. He just kept badgering me, and quizzing me. He wouldn't even let me take a leak without a text book in front of the toilet!" Rin groaned. He leaned his back against the wall that was outside of the classroom as he awaited the teacher. "When is this crony coming, anyway?"

"Any minute now, just be patient," Shiro said as he continued to read. "And be nice, Rin."

"Yeah, yeah." Rin pouted just before a teacher found her way to the classroom and stood before them with a clipboard in hand.

"Are you Okumura Rin?" the female teacher asked as she pressed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose, much like Yukio did on a daily basis.

"I am." Rin said simply as he stood straight. Yukio had told him that if he wanted in the school to stand straight, listen to the teachers, answer them directly, and be nice. Even if Rin didn't want to act this way, he did want to go to that school.

"You're the twin brother of Okumura Yukio that I've heard about. Fujimoto, you seem to be able to raise smart boys," the teacher smiled. "My name is Neuhaus Michelle. You'll adress me as Mrs. Neuhaus in class, if I have you as a student."

"Yes, ma'am. Um..Mrs. Neuhaus.." Rin trailed off quietly. He bit his lip a little, unsure if he was addressing her correctly or not. She did say if she has him in class, and he wasn't officially enrolled just yet.

She lead him into the class room, Shiro following along to collect the paperwork he would be filling out while Rin was testing. It was just some boring paperwork that would need to be done if Rin passed the test. Boarding selection, such as that. Rin was seated at a desk and handed a thick packet that consisted of his test, and he was given a pencil.

"If you're anything like your brother, you'll do fine on your test," Mrs. Neuhaus said after handing him the packet. "Start." she said suddenly after picking up the paperwork that Shiro needed and handing it to him.

Shiro sat on the far end of the room at another desk, filling out paperwork as he did when Yukio was taking the enrollment test. Rin groaned as he sat at the desk, Mrs. Neuhaus looking up at him as he did so. It was obvious that Rin wasn't as smart as Yukio from the fidgeting that the raven haired teen was doing, and the slight groans and sighs that were heard from him.

Shiro could only guess what terrible problems Rin was having with the test. It was most likely the math section of the test. It could have been the science area, though. Rin was never good at his maths or science. The small writing portion would be a breeze for him. Rin was always good with creativity, and it was a creative writing portion.

The test was called at time and Rin handed the test to Mrs. Neuhaus, and walked over to where Shiro sat. He had finished the paperwork long ago and handed it to Mrs. Neuhaus earlier, just waiting for Rin to be finished with his test.

"Ready to go?" Shiro raised an eyebrow to his son when Rin only gave a silent nod. Usually he would have said a smart ass comment about how you didn't need anything on that test for real life experience, and such. But there was no such thing coming from his son this time. "Alright. They'll mail the test results, and it should be here within the week." he told Rin, who just gave another nod.

It was a silent ride home, Rin didn't say much. He leaned against the window of the travel car that was bringing them home, and Shiro didn't bring much up. When they finally reached home, Yukio was the first one to break the ice with Rin.

"How did the test go?" he asked as Rin walked into the front door. The raven haired teen's midnight blue eyes made contact with his twin's teal ones before ignoring him and going straight to his room. "Rin!" Yukio suddenly shouted as he turned around, going after his 'older' brother.

"I don't know if I passed or not, is that what you want to hear?!" Rin suddenly shouted. He flopped onto his bed, glaring at the bottom of the top bunk bed.

"We studied, Rin, I'm sure if you actually payed attention you'll pass," Yukio said with a sigh. "It's not like it was the hardest test in the world. Besides, you can always try next year."

"If I tried next year I wouldn't be in the same class as you and the others!" Rin glared at Yukio. "It wouldn't be worth trying if I didn't get to be with my friends!"

"Brother, if you're going to be angry, write down in your journal or go see Mr. Suguro, do not take it out on me." Rin earned a glare from his brother and turned over in bed so he wouldn't have to face his twin.

The raven haired teen never noticed that he was slowly falling asleep until he had woken in the dead of night. Everyone was asleep, and Rin could hear Yukio shifting in his sleep in the room. Rin stood out of bed, noticing his shoes had been taken off and he was now wearing sweat pants instead of his jeans. Yukio must have changed him.

Rin opened the door and gently shut it behind him. It had been so long since he had been in the monastery, walking around the place during the night while everyone was sleeping. It was nostalgic, and made him feel a bit more relaxed.

When Rin entered the kitchen, he saw his Father on the phone. Rin quickly backed away from sight and listened carefully.

"I'm sure he'll stop thinking about that soon enough, Suguro. He'll realize it's fake." he heard Shiro say.

"I don't think he can be helped, Fujimoto. He's too far gone." Rin could faintly hear old man Suguro.

"What do you suggest?" Shiro asked. Rin could practically hear the eyebrow being raised on the man's face.

"Medicine that will make him forget." old man Suguro suddenly said. Rin's eyes widened. Shiro wouldn't ever give his son medicine to make him forget...would he?