You ever get that moment where an idea strikes you... and you cant think about anything else but it until you get it on paper? well here is one of those...

sadly this is simply a challenge cause my plate is full with my other stories. this is an idea for a Danny and Terra story and if you take it up and want help well i do have ideas for the plot if your in need, i just dont have time to do it myself but i hope someone will XD

I had fought against my fate to become evil. I had saved the world from devastation. My deeds made me a world famous hero. I was no longer hunted as an enemy of humanity. I even had the most cliché moment of 'got the girl.'

I'm the good guy and now people know it. So why did things go wrong again?

Happily ever after was supposed to happen next. I wasn't so lucky.

Jump City

"Titans, go!" Shouted Robin as he glared up at the green figure. On closer inspection the figure could be seen actually glowing. His pure green mohawk and armor clad body gave off an eerie light.

Cyborg leaped off a nearby roof top in an effort to get closer. Robin could hear the wine of his cannon warm up just before he fired it. The blue beam was closely followed by Starfire's bolts as she let out a loud war cry.

Both attacks went through the green enemy's body as if he were not there. Robin registered this information and saw his friend in trouble. As he reached for his grappling hook he saw a rocket launcher sprout from the floating figure's shoulder.

Reacting fast Robin shot his grappling hook at his teammate. As soon as the hook had wrapped around his waist Robin yanked down… Hard.

Cyborg crash landed near Robin and shook his head as he got up. "Next time just let the rocket hit me. I'm sure it will do less damage."

Robin didn't have time to return a snide remark as two more rockets were fired in their direction. Cyborg dove to one side while Robin cartwheeled to the other.

Robin recovered and looked up to find a black ball of energy slam into the green figure, but to no avail. The figure reappeared in another spot with a laugh, "You are all far too easy compared to that Ghost boy."

"We can't hit him but he can shoot rockets at us!?" Asked Beast Boy in frustration.

Robin looked over at him, "Everyone has a weakness, it's just a matter of finding it."

"He is not a living being." Robin heard Raven point out.

"Not living?!" Beast Boy shouted, "A ghost! Don't tell me he wants to eat my brains!"

"BB that's a zombie, Ghosts takeover your body." Cyborg said.

"EEP!" Beast Boy cried out before diving under Raven's cape.

Raven let the irritation show on her face and pulled the shaking green kitten out and glared at him, "Do that again and ill throw you into an alternate dimension."

The kitten transformed back into a nervous Beast Boy "HeHe, sorry."

"What is it that we must do friend Robin?" Starfire asked as Raven tossed Beast Boy over her shoulder.

"Not much WE can do, but there is someone that can." Robin answered as he looked up at the floating figure. He looked at him in a last attempt to figure out what to do, then Raven's words came back to him. "Can you send the ghost into another dimension?"

"It would be fastest if I send him back to where he came from, anywhere else would take longer." Raven replied, "But if he got her before, even after I send him back-"

"He can do it again." Robin confirmed then he added, "We just need to delay for time."

"Then distract him, I don't want to be interrupted." Raven said before she floated up and sat in midair, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azerath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath…"

Robin pulled out three Birdarangs and launched one of them, the other two he combined and created a short sword. He ran forward closely followed by A green Lion and Cyborg. Above them Starfire took a direct approach and fired green bolts at the entity's chest.

The bolts passed through harmlessly and the thing simply laughed. "You are all so weak."

"Hit him from behind with your cannon Cy." Robin said as he ran.

"Think it will make a difference?" Cyborg asked.

"His attacks are solid, I think he can control when he is solid or not." Robin said.

"So if he isn't expecting it then I might be able to hit him." Cyborg answerd.

"Good luck." Robin replied before using a grappling hook to pull himself up onto a nearby building.

Cyborg looked at the green lion, "Grass stain make sure he doesn't notice me."

The green beast squinted his eyes but nodded in agreement after a moment's pause. Beast Boy transformed into a raven and made his way over to the nearest building top.

"This is getting boring, I'll just hurry up and destroy you." The floating thing said as more of Starfire's bolts passed through him.

"Why do you have green hair?" Beast Boy asked. "I mean, come on. Only I can pull of this look."

"Are you Mocking me? I am Skulker, the greatest hunter in all the ghost zone!" The green ghost shouted.

"If you're so great, how come I have never heard of you?" Beast Boy asked.

"You will pay for that green whelp." Skulker threatened as another rocket launcher appeared on his shoulder.

Starfire flew beside Robin, "Is it good for friend Beast Boy to anger our enemy in such a way?"

Robin could only smile, "It is for what we need."

Beast Boy dodged the oncoming missiles with and laughed as he somersaulted through the air. "Are you sure you're the greatest cause your aim off by a mile."

Skulker's eyes narrowed in anger, "You will-"

Cyborg had chosen that moment to fire and nailed Skulker in the back. "Boo-Ya!" He shouted as the teen titans watched the ghost fall to the ground.

"So it seems that tricks and surprise are needed for these… ghosts" Starfire said to Robin.

"Azarath! Metrion! Zinthooooos!" Raven shouted and a ring of black appeared around Skulker. The ring then rose from the ground creating a wall around the ghost before both the wall and Skulker disappeared.

"So does anyone know why he even came here?" Beast Boy asked. He looked at the other teen titans as they gathered together in the middle of the street.

"No, But we are going to find out." Robin said before walking off. The team looked at each other before following.

Amity Park

Sam glared at Danny, "Maybe we were never meant to be together!"

Danny crossed his arms, "If you have to say that then maybe your right!"

Sam clenched her fists,"Fine!"

"Fine!" Danny shouted before slamming the door and walking away from the house. After a few feet he looked back and sadly whispered, "Fine."

Danny reached his home found his bed and collapsed in it. If Junior year is this bad, I can't wait for Senior year.

Danny rolled over and saw a picture of him and Sam on the night stand. He could remember that day, it had been such a great day. That had been the day he took her to out to eat at some expensive restaurant. That had gone so perfect and had followed by an evening lying in the grass staring at the stars.

Tucker had secretly followed them and had been hoping to get a picture of something to blackmail them with into helping him with a class project. They had turned the table and wanted the picture of them laying together in the grass instead of wanting him to destroy it. When had things gone so wrong? I had thought that Sam was the one.

Danny flipped the picture so that it was facing down and hidden from his view, but that was not enough. The picture frame was also a reminder. In resignation Danny rolled over and faced the wall. Sleep came to him, but only after a while of sad thoughts and wishful thinking.

Danny woke up the next morning to his mother calling his name. Danny rolled over and saw the clock read out that it was still a little past nine in the morning. On a Saturday!

"Danny come down, you have a phone call." She said.

Danny groaned as he got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen where his mother was standing with the house phone in hand.

"And get ready, soon it's your turn to patrol the city." She added as she handed him the phone.


"Is this Danny Fenton?"

"Yes, who is this?" Danny asked startled by the serious tone of the caller.

"We have a problem, a Skulker problem. How soon can you be at Jump City?"

"I can be there in a day, but who is this?" Danny asked, he was now wide awake and curious. The voice sounded familier.

"My name is Robin, I'm with the Teen Titans." The voice replied.

Danny was now completely interested. He remembered seeing the teen titans on the news and had great respect for them. The fact that they were asking for him to help, and the chance to get away from his problems here in Amity was a pleasing aspect. "I can be there by tomorrow evening."

"We will be waiting at the Titan Tower, it's the giant building in the middle of the ocean inlet." Robin replied and hung up.

Danny pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it. Looks like he was going to meet the Titans soon.

Feel free to continue it and what not to who ever wants to (and to be honest i would be grateful if someone did XD)

anyways thanks for reading it, and double thanks to anyone that takes this challenge :)

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