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Robin cut off the transmission and stared at the screen curiously. The voice on the other end had been young, as he had expected. What had caught his attention was the audible change in tone of the boy's voice as the conversation had progressed.

At first it was filled with exhaustion and a feeling of loss. It was a simple matter to connect that to being a hero and loosing rest, not a surprise. Then as Robin had made the offer the voice went from surprised, to curiosity and then… Relief?

The boy wonder would have meditated longer over this if not for the explosion and girly scream of Beast Boy shortly followed by an angry shout of Cyborg.

Robin took note of the feeling in the back of his neck, Raven had been pulled into what ever the trouble makers had started. With a few quick strides Robin was out the door and heading down the hall. The ishue of the boy's odd reactions pushed to the back of his mind… for now.

Danny took a deep breath of fresh air as he stepped off the train. Danny stretched in an attempt to shake the feeling of numbness in his limbs from the long ride. He had gotten up well before sunrise just to make the first train and had slept the five hour ride in an uncomfortable upright position while trying to ignore the smell that came off of the man sitting next to him. Instead of his plan to take a late night train he had changed his mind and opted for an early train. With a quick redial he had left a message of his change of plans to the boy wonder. I could have used my new ability to sense natural portals and travel here in minutes, but noooooo… I just HAD to act normal. Why is she so darn….

Danny's mental cursing's toward his sister stopped as something green blurred past him. Danny assumed the worst and dropped his bags as he crouched. As he looked around for danger he watched a royal blue robed woman fly past him in the same direction as the green blur.

Danny followed the woman and found that his sense of danger was misplaced as the woman caught up to the green man and started to shout at him in anger.

"That's what you get B'B' for forgetting her birthday" A man laughed from behind.

Danny spun around to find himself staring at a tall man that looked half machine. He felt his eyebrows rising as he realized just who these people were.

The Teen Titans, Danny recognized Beast Boy and Cyborg instantly, but the woman's name escaped him for a bit, Raven.

Danny looked Cyborg in the eye and asked, "So where is the rest of the teem?"

Cyborg reacted to the question with a shake of his head, "Look we're enjoying our free time at the moment and don't have time for any special requests."

"It's alright Cy, he's not a fan boy." A man called out as he walk around the corner, closely followed by a girl in purple that floated instead of walked.

Danny could only assume that these two were the last of the team, Starfire and Robin.

Cyborg looked back and forth between Robin and Danny, "Don't tell me this small fry is the guy that will help us…"

"Don't tell me this bucket of bolts got the Nobel Prize in physics instead of my parents." Danny shot back glaring at the blue armored man.

"What did you call me!" Cyborg growled in anger as Beast boy laughed.

Danny felt satisfaction in his vengeful comment. All is fair in this kind of war.

"Now that you two are done with your little ego war can we move on?" Raven dead panned.

"She's right, we have to work together to take out the ghost." Robin agreed looking pointedly at Cyborg.

"No we don't, Skulker is child's play." Danny ignored the glares that earned him and continued, "When he shows up again I'll figure out what he's after and end it."

Robin snapped his attention to the boy instantly on edge, "What makes you say he's after something?"

Danny felt his eyebrows raise in mock surprise, "Are you saying he didn't give you the whole greatest hunter ever speech?"

"He did, and then Raven sent him back to where ever he came from." Beast Boy replied.

Starfire stepped forward all smiles, "You came to help, so does that mean we are now friends?"

Danny looked at the over eager woman and smiled, "Sure I don't see why not."

While the reply was just a whim, he instantly regretted it but could not speak due to the woman's crushing hug.

After a moment she let go and her smile got even bigger, "That is glorious! Now we must do the sharing of information. Where-"

"Starfire, why not trade life stories as we head back to the tower?" Robin glanced back at Danny with a knowing smirk, "I think we should continue our conversation at a less public place."

Danny soon realized that Robins remark was more of a reality than an exaggeration. The green-eyed titan asked him every conceivable question while simultaneously telling him everything about herself. By the time they reached the tower Danny was beyond tired, how could one girl ask so many questions? But while tired he still noticed the size of the Titans' homes.

It was huge, the thing dwarfed everything Danny had ever seen. The news and pictures of the tower gave its giant size no justice at all.

Cyborg noticed Danny's reaction and smirked, "Half the technology used in this building is what earned me that Nobel Prize. Still think I'm just a bucket of bolts?"

Danny glanced over at Cyborg, "Never thought you were, that was just getting you back."

"Can we go inside yet?" Beast Boy asked, "I'm kind of hungry. I'll make tofu!"

"Oh no you don't grass stain!" Cyborg yelled as he charged after the smaller titan.

Robin gave Danny a nod, "Welcome to Titan Tower."

Danny overcame his stunned state and stepped forward ready to be amazed.

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