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"Mom I don't want to move" I complained. "Grandpa and Jacob are here"

"Don't worry Nessie no matter how much Edward threatens me I won't let you leave without me" Jacob said.

"Nessie its San Francisco we have never been there" Mom said trying to cheer me up.

"Actually only you, Nessie and, Jacob haven't been there 1982-2000 I had some good times there" Dad laughed. Then mom hit him.

"But what about Grandpa" I asked.

"Nessie we are supposed to be 15 years-older than we are" Alice said.

"Well can't we…" I sighed. "When do we leave?"

"In about a week" Dad said. I just hope something interesting will happen.


"Mom you promised!"

"I know I did Lauran, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you go into the Underworld to find a demon."

"That's so unfair!"

"Lauran you are only 12 I don't want you down there."

"Can I… I'm going to the bridge" I said and before she could protest I orbed out. Now I guess I should explain myself. Hello everyone my name is Lauran Penny Halliwell and I'm half- witch half- white lighter. Now I think your all thinking what the hell is a white lighter. Well they are like guardian angels and have healing abilities and can transport anywhere they want and we call it orbing. I'm not the only half- witch half-white lighter there's my Aunt Paige, Wyatt my older brother, Chris my other older brother, Henry Jr, Mia, and Lia… but I am the most powerful one. Then there is my parents the most known couple in the magical world. My mom Piper Halliwell is a witch, but not just any witch she is a Charmed One the world's most powerful witches and then my dad Leo Wyatt who is an Elder (The wisest white lightest and sort of like a council). Then there is Aunt Paige and Henry, and last but cerntainly not the least there's Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Coop. Uncle Coop is one of the million Cupids in the world. Now you probably have a bunch of questions, but I will answer the most obvious one. I'm the most power half- white lighter and half- witch I have all the Charmed Ones powers (including Aunt Prue's) and I'm a sponge… only I didn't know it yet.


"Lauran calm down" my brother Chris said trying to calm me.

"I can't she told me when I was 12 ½ she would let me fight demons like the rest of you guys, but she said I couldn't find a demon!" I said. I started pacing on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Yeah I said the Golden Gate Bridge, it was like a hang out spot for the kids of the Charmed Ones.

"Well Lauran you are only 12 ½ "said Lia

"Yeah well you started demon fighting when you were 12 and… plus you are 13" I said.

"Yeah well maybe Aunt Piper will loosen up if Mom and Aunt Paige talk to her" Melinda said.

"Can you ask them for me" I begged

"Yeah sure" she said and 'orbbed away' (AN: The reason it has '' is because hearts appear)

"Hey Chris where's Wyatt"

"I don't know maybe at Aunt Phoebe's he wants to find his True Love"

"Oh okay we should probably go find him mom is probably pissed at me for what I did and I want some back up" I said getting up from my comfortable position.

"You know Piper isn't going to be happy with what you did" said Elle an Elder.

"Elle what are you doing here" Chris asked.

"Well… Lauran the Elders have foreseen something awful and there are few of us that believe you would never do that your father included, but many are not convinced so you… have to prove yourself"

"What is this Survival" Chris said defensive

"Chris it's okay you can help her because your father thought it would be good if you had your own charge and… teach a class at magic school"

"…What about me" I asked nervously

"Lauran" she sighed "You have to have 2 charges and there is something specific that you have to do and you have to teach a class at magic school…" she trailed off.

"What!" Chris and I said together.

"I know Lauran they wanted to kill you because of…"

"Because of what!" I said.

"I can't tell you" she said.

"Okay can you at least tell me who my charges are" I said calmly.

"I can't tell you… but I can tell you that-"

"No you cannot" said Demeter an angry Elder. "We must go" and they orbed away. Chris and I orbed home to find a demon waiting for us… especially me.

AN: Hey guys tell me what you think and what should happen I would love to use your ideas. I'm pretty sure your wondering how old the kids are so here you go.

Wyatt 22 Chris 20 Lauran 12 ½ Henry 15 Mia and Lia 13 Melinda is 14

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