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AN: Hey guys so I thought I would tell you all of Lauran's powers. Lauran can: Move things with her mind, Orb, orb things to her, levitate, feel other people's feelings and inflict feelings on others, be too places at once & be conscious (Unlike Prue), has visions/ can see the future before it happens, freeze thing, and blow up things. That is all her powers. And here are the Charmed Ones jobs. Piper works at a restaurant during that day and at night works at P3 were many of the Charmed Ones kids work. Phoebe is a teacher at Melinda's, Lia's, Mia's, and Lauran's school. And Paige, when not working at Magic School a guidance counselor at the school also. I think that's it…


Dad, Alice and I were out hunting. Dad had already got an Elk and Alice… well was Alice I have no clue where she went, but anyway I didn't like animal blood! I remember back when I was a baby I had human blood. I miss it. I understand that having human blood is wrong I just like the taste of it.

"I do to Renesmee, but its not right… how about this we will make it to a contest whoever catches one first wins okay" I smiled and nodded.


"I won" I gloated once we got to the café. For some reason after hunting I was always hungry for water… and a lot of it. After we left the café some man ran behind us and stole Alice's 'Designer bag' and she ran after him. I don't know why Alice did that she has like 20 of the same bag. Only Alice would chase after some fool who stole a bag that she has 20 of them.

"Alice!" Dad and I yelled as we were trying to catch up to her. Alice was in a dark alley with the man. The man had a pocket knife as if that was going to do something, but then another man came out of literally nowhere.

"Joesph that is no way to kill a vampire" The man said and he shot an arrow at me and I fell to the ground.


I orbed to the noise and I understood why he or she called me. There was a girl on the ground with a Dark Lighter arrow in her chest and a dude reaching for the arrow.

"Don't touch the arrow!" I screamed running over to the girl. That turned some heads, but no one was caring enough to come over to us and see what was wrong. He looked at me and he looked extremely pissed, like he was going to rip my head off.

"I can help you have to take her to your house" I said. I put my hand on her about to orb her, but then he picked her up and took off at an incredible speed. I was stuck in the alley didn't know what to do then I heard a voice in my head.

Lauran orb were ever feels right, but do not tell them what you are. I did what the voice said. I orbed into a big white home with a lot of stuff. Then reality caught up to me and I had 12 golden eyes on me… golden why were they golden.

"How did you—" started a dirty blonde, but I didn't let him finish

"I promise I will explain… later Jasper" Did I just say his name. I felt, not only his shock, but everyone else's shock. In the mean time Edward came. Seriously how am I knowing this people names! I felt Bella's anger and sadness. I went over to Renesmee and Edward again hissed at me.

"Are you trying to tell me that touching this arrow will kill me" he said.

"Yes, but not immediately it will be slow and very very very painful". I went over to Renesmee she was asleep. The arrow hadn't breached the skin that much. I felt Bella's wave of emotions.

"Are you saying Renesmee is going to die" Bella hissed. What is it with this family and hissing?! I tried calming her down with my empathy, but I felt something weird like… someone else doing the same thing.

"Not if I get that arrow out"

"I thought you said we couldn't touch it" and Edward touched it and fell to the floor.

"Some people just don't listen" I muttered under my breath and went over to him and healed him. He sat up in a gasp, but I didn't have time for him so I went over to Renesmee. I used Aunt Prue's power and got the arrow out and she screamed. I felt Bella's anger, but Edward was holding her back. Once the arrow was out I froze it in midair. Then I healed Renesmee, the of course Jacob had to come in.

"Hey Nessie I got—" he started, but was staring at me healing Renesmee. "What the fuck are you doing" he yelled at me and charged at me. I in reaction orbed out, but it was meant to be an orb in place, but it wasn't…

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