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Chapter I: The Apples of my Eye

"I can't believe it… I'm not going be late for school… for once," I said as I rode my crimson motorcycle down the almost deserted road. It's no surprise considering I live in a small town, and not a lot of people lived around here. The ones who were out and about were either switching their 'closed' signs to 'open', tending to their gardens, or just heading off to work. Since this town was small, like I said before, people didn't really need transportation and were rather comfortable just walking to work. My situation was different though, with my house on one side of Magnolia while my school was on the other, you would understand as to why I choose not to go there by foot.

I continued my route at a speed not too fast to get me in trouble, yet not to slow to getting me late for school. The shopping district looked strangely vacant than the rest of the town as there were suppose to be quite a number of Magnolia Town's citizens already wide awake and going about their lives.

'Weird, where is everyone. Oh well, can't be worried about that right now. Not much farther from the school. Phew… that's one obstacle down,' I thought as I casually drove on my Harley Davidson. Though I drove it almost every day when I head off to somewhere far, I'd always clean it once I get home so it always looks brand new every time I take it out of the garage. Some say I love my motorcycle more than anything, but I just say that I like it with a strong passion. It was given to me by my Father before he passed saying, "Son, when your old enough, I want you to have my Motorcycle. It means a lot to me, it's what I used to take your Mother out to anywhere she wanted to go with no questions asked. And now I want you to do the same, I want you to take your girl around with this bike, just like I did."

A weird thing to say to your kid when he was barely seven years old, but he didn't have a lot of time on his hands to begin with due to him being struck by some fatal illness after the passing of my Mom. It was tragic, but I didn't get either of those events keep me down. I had to stay strong for their sake and continue to move forward.

I entered the school's parking lot, slowly pulling to a stop once I found a place to park. I took note to the lack of vehicles here. I got off my bike, taking off my black helmet, setting it on one of my bike's handle bars, and then took out the keys. I wasn't worried about someone stealing my stuff because our quaint little town had an extremely low crime rate. And besides, who would want to steal a helmet? Someone getting ready for their upcoming NASCAR race maybe? Anyway, I walked out of the parking lot and headed for the school.

I go to Fairy Tail High, one of most famous schools around the land of Fiore. Why they chose the name I wouldn't know. I heard it was because of the legend about fairies having tails, but that's only what I have heard from some of the faculty. You're probably wondering "How did I ever get into such a prestigious school," right? To be honest, It's definitely not because I'm smart, though some people said they have seen glimpses of my intelligence, but I have yet to see it myself. The reason is because of my athletic abilities. The school seems to accept students who excel in physical activities as well as students who were well versed in academics. The school has a lot of sports such as soccer, football, basketball, baseball, martial arts, and more that don't seem to go to mind at the moment, and it just so happens that I am the one of the top martial artists of the school. So not only does Fairy Tail High have intelligent, genius even, students, but it also has students who kick major ass in sports.

You could say our school is pretty unusual, especially if you are new and just recently enrolled. The campus itself was of unusual size, actually making up one fourth of Magnolia Town. But this was all just normal to me and the students and staff who go here. The only thing I consider that was unusual was my school life and you will understand what I mean soon, it's either that or you have already seen the title of this story.

"So far so good," I said to myself as I neared the school gates. I slowed down until I made a complete stop in front of the entrance. I took a good look around to see if anything was amiss, but everything looked normal, some female students chatting as they walked inside, the calm breeze tugging at the trees' branches making them dance to the wind, the occasional birds that flew by in an intricate pattern, and the whistling of a teacher heading to their classroom.

"Curiouser and curiouser…," I said referencing a good book I read a long while ago. Finally, I walk inside the school grounds. All seemed peaceful until I heard footsteps running in my direction. I gulped in fear as the footsteps came closer. I slowly turned my body to try and locate the source of the running, but only to be pushed to the ground seeing white locks of hair in the sky before closing my eyes, bracing myself for the impact to the ground. With a thud, I made contact with the red bricked pavement, a jolt of pain on my back soon followed. All was quiet as I kept my eyes closed tight, and then I started to hear some giggling. I opened my eyes to see a set of blue eyes seductively staring right at me.

"M-Mira… h-hey there…" I stuttered out as her gaze never left mine. A smile formed on her lips and as quick as the wind, I found myself being hugged by the white haired beauty, with her… ahem… assets… smothering my face. I felt my face heat up and tried my best not to nosebleed on her clothes.

This is Mirajane Strauss or Mira for short. She is one of Fairy Tail High's most academically gifted students and one of the most popular girls in the school because of her great personality. She's also a famous singer and songwriter with her songs usually in the top ten in Fiore's music industry.

"I missed you so much, Natsu! What took you so long~?" she said as she continued to choke- I mean hug me.

"Mira! I can't breathe!" I tried to tell her, but it only came out muffled.

'So this is how I die… to be smothered in breasts… a man's dream turned into a nightmare…'

"What in Mavis's name are you doing you witch?!" A voice shouted out, a familiar voice to more precise. Suddenly, Mira was pulled off of me and I was able to breathe again. Not even realizing my eyes were now closed I said, "Thanks for the assist, Erza."

"No problem. I'm just helping out a friend." She said in a kind tone.

I sighed in relief, but then suddenly I felt some weight on my waist. I dared to open my eyes to find Erza straddling my waist.

Meet Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail High's student council president. She's strong, kind, polite, hard-working, and trustworthy. She is respected-admired even-by most, if not all, of the town of Magnolia. If she is not at the schools council room in a meeting, then she's probably in town helping those in need of her services. She also has this obsession with strawberry cake, but I find it kind of cute.

"Of course… we can always be more than friends…" She cooed as a mischievous smile ran across her lips. My face couldn't get any redder than this.

'Why did I even think that this would end soon,' I thought as I was currently trembling in fear of what the Titania could do to me at this position.

"What do you think you're doing to MY Natsu you hag?" Mira said sounding really irritated.

"What do you mean your Natsu? Can't you see he would much prefer someone better mannered like myself than some demon witch who cannot get a clue?" Erza remarked.

Steam seemed to be coming out of Mira's ears, looking like she was about to erupt at any moment while Erza didn't feel the least bit fazed by her rival's stare that sent off some incredibly dark aura.

"Natsu. Is. MINE!" Mira shouted as she pounced on Erza which in turn knocked her off of me. I stood up dusting the dirt off my uniform with my hands and then glanced up to see what the two girls were doing. They looked like they were at war with each other, or if you could call pulling at each others mouths and cheeks while rolling back and forth a war. I sweat dropped at the strange sight and seized the moment, running away like a deranged maniac that just escaped from an asylum.

I frantically made my way inside the school's hallway, taking random turns until I entered a room, stopping once I felt safe enough to take a breath. I continued to stand there, head hung low with one hand on my knee while the other was pressed against the wall, panting as if I had run a marathon. I suddenly took notice that my hand didn't feel like it was touching the wall. It felt a lot like a few books. My hand roamed the mysterious thing on my side.

'Row and rows of books on a shelf… no… no… don't tell me…'

I looked up to see thousands of books neatly put in rows on bookshelves; all in alphabetical order. Then, a giant window that reached from the floor to the ceiling, giving a good view of the school's large garden. I gulped as one thought came into mind.

'The school library…'

"Oh fuck me…"

"That could be arranged." A voice said from behind in a seductive manner. I suddenly felt something big and soft pressed against my upper back and a pair of arms wrap loosely around my waist. A hot breathe suddenly trailed my neck, making my situation all the while more uncomfortable; well… mentally uncomfortable anyway.

I turned my head to meet a pair of brown eyes that held a glint of lust, a very bad sign on my part.

Those eyes were owned by Ultear Milkovich who governs this part of the school; after all, she is the student librarian. She practically runs the place since the actual librarian does nothing but sleep. Not many know about her or her past save for a few people, I being one of them since she use to date my brother and she's my best friend's sister. She has a somewhat twisted sense of humor, and can be ruthless at times, but once you get to know her, she's smart, laid back, sophisticated, and fun to hang around with. Well, when she's not thinking about having her way with me in a locked bedroom.

"How's my favorite rose haired delinquent doing?" She asked me in a playful tone.


"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" she asked another question before giggling. I remained silent for about thirty more seconds before she closed her eyes, her smile never leaving her face.

"Answer me right now or I cut the cat off with a pair of rusty old scissors, blood and all." She commented with a hint of anger in her voice.

Hearing her threat, I spoke as fast as I could. "Oh hey Ultear! How's it been? I'm kind of in the middle of something and I really need to go but if you insist I-"

"Slow down, speedy. I was only kidding; you know I wouldn't harm you, though I feel rather hurt that you thought I would have." She told me, sounding genuinely hurt. I sighed and turned to look at her.

"Sorry, Ultear, I just can't think right at the moment. And I know for a fact that you wouldn't hurt me. Just please forgive me but I really need to go now. Think you could give me a head start?"

I saw her look at me again with a soft smile and said, "Alright, I'll forgive you, but only if you do something for me later today. And I give you five minutes."

"Thanks a bunch! I promise I will!" I said as I ran off. I thought that was over, but then, to my dismay, I heard her say, "Five minutes, five seconds, I was never really good at keeping track of time."

Then we cut off to the next scene where I am, yet again, running for dear life as a black haired haired librarian, a red headed student council president, and a white haired celebrity were currently pursuing me. I reached the soccer field and spotted someone with messy black hair and noticeably droopy eyes.

"GRAY!" I yelled as I sprinted off to his direction. He stopped texting on his phone and looked up to see me.

Gray Fullbuster is my best friend and rival. We've known each other since elementary school. We may fight a lot and have different view points on certain subjects, but we'll always have each others back. He's been my rival since I could remember because we'd always compete with each other for almost anything.

"Flame-brain? What are you doing here?" He asked me as I neared him. I didn't have time to stop and chat with him, so just before I ran passed him, time seem to slow down. I stared at him with my every being. His eyes slightly widen at first, but then gave a knowing look before the time returned to normal.

"You so owe me for this." He said as he faced the girl's direction.

"Your sacrifice will not be in vain, friend!"

"I'm not gonna die you idiot!" He shouted.

'He will surely be missed.' I thought to myself, a single tear ran down my right cheek as I ran. I ran to the back of the gym to hide. Lady luck enjoys being against me, and so I crash into someone. When we hit ground, my face landed on something…soft. Like two clouds, if clouds ever felt this soft that is.

"S-sorry about that, I didn't look where I was going so-" I couldn't finish however, because my face paled for the second time today as I found out who I crashed into.


"Hey there… Luce… Nice day today isn't it?" I tried to avoid the awkward encounter, but to no avail.

Lucy Heartfilia is the new student that transferred here a few months ago. She's really smart when she's not being weird, well weird in my opinion that is. She's one of my closest friends in this school, but lately she, like almost every other girl I know in this school, has been trying to break that boundary for a while now.

"Why you are..? This is so sudden… and in public… I didn't know you were into this kind of thing… oh my." She looked like a blushing mess. It was incredibly adorable, but I seriously needed to get off this position, but it just so happens that her arms had already enveloped around my neck, pulling me closer to her.

"Lucy! What are you doing?!"

"It's okay Natsu. Don't fight it." It's as if she completely accepted this situation from the start.

'She's been reading too many of those damn novels…'

"Lucy, I really don't have time for this." I said as I tried to pry my way out of her hold.

"But why? We may never get an opportunity like this ever again." She then started to inch closer to my face and her chest was now against mine.

"Look I'm trying to run for my life so I have no time for this! How about we do this sometime later…" I stopped and processed what I had said. Lucy gave an expression like she had answered the million dollar question correctly.


'Oh fuck me sideways…'

She got up and started what looked like dancing in victory shouting, "Ha! I beat Mira, Erza, and Ultear! Victory never tasted sweeter."

I bolted as soon as I thought that she was too into her own world now to notice. Deciding on a different approach, I hid behind various objects I passed by. I really didn't want to find another friend of mine that has an unusually large attraction to me. I currently hid behind a tree, looking around warily for any signs of trouble. As I made my final look around, my phone started ringing from the inside of my pocket. I checked the screen to see who was calling. I answered and asked, "What's the situation now Gray?"

"Yeah… we have trouble." He said lazily, but he did sound a little serious.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well… things happened, witty banters were exchanged, and now it looks like they're going- no wait… yep, they're going to go all out now. And I mean all out."


"Technically no since-" I hung up my phone before he finished and ran to where I last saw Gray in the soccer field.

I got there in the nick of time; Erza and Mira looked like they were mentally preparing themselves for the coming fight. A flash of white and black aura engulfed them, and when the aura dispersed, they had transformed.

I guess I forgot to mention that not all of the people who reside in Magnolia are actually Human, or in all of Fiore for that matter. You see the ones who weren't human, or at least completely human, come from different dimensions. Long ago, portals from different realms had suddenly appeared all over the world. Some spat out different creatures that were literally not of this world, others gave way to a parallel universe. Many of the new inhabitants were actually friendly, and decided to secretly coincide with the human race, while others found pleasure in raiding our land or causing destruction. Now, not only do humans live here, but there are also fairies, demons, angels, spirits, and even monsters now live here.

Erza, for example, is a Fairy. And right now she's in her true form. Plated armor covers her chest, with a large metal flower over it, and she wore a large billowing skirt that has metal plating in the upper area. Her stomach and neck are uncovered, and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of separate blades, and had a wing-like headpiece. Not only is she a fairy, but she is also their queen.

Mirajane is a Demon. In her true form, Mirajane gains ears that are covered by long sky blue scales, extending backwards, which have pointed edges. She also gains similar scale-like armor in her forearms and hands as well as in her legs. She also grows a large, sky blue, stocky tail seemingly made of metal scales. Her clothes also change, with her school attire being replaced by a light blue and dark blue, one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her stomach, wide cleavage, and upper back, and also dons two angel-like wings that are always pointing upwards.

'Great… Titania and Halphas… just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.'

After I finished my thought, the two women ran towards each other in blinding speed and begun their battle.

'SHIT! Gotta set things up!'

I grabbed a small cube the size of a marble out of my right pocket and threw it in their direction.

"Dimensional Barrier open!" I shouted as the cube landed on the ground and grew in size, enveloping all of us within its range in itself. Inside, the surroundings outside the cube are covered in a blue tint and time froze from the outside as well.

I should probably explain a few more things before they get out of hand. You see after the arrival of creatures bent on causing destruction, a few selected humans were taught magic in order to prepare themselves by some unknown beings. When we fully mastered it, we fought the enemy and sent them back to where they originally came from. Some we had to dispose of permanently, but it was to be expected. My family was one of the selected few to guard this part of the world and it was my duty to make sure things like what I'm seeing right now doesn't happen.

Erza went for a diagonal slash using one of her swords she summoned, but Mira swiftly dodged it and flew right above Erza's head before launching several orbs of dark energy at Erza. Erza's sword was magically replaced with a large shield and blocked the attack before launching forward to tackle Mira. Mira dodged to the side and sent a horizontal kick to Erza's back, crashing into to the cube's inner wall. Not even looking at her opponent, Erza summoned ten swords that flew towards Mira. Mira used her scaly blue forearms to block and catch all of them, but didn't expect to be fiercely elbowed on top of her head by Titania, crashing into the ground. Seconds later, Mira emerged from the dust and continuously tried to punch Erza as she used her swords to block every hit. Feeling a rise in her rival's power, Erza distanced herself from Mira who now had enough strength to completely shatter every sword that blocked her punches.

Erza then wielded long swords in each hand and slash the air creating cross shaped energy slices aimed directly at Mira who created a dark barrier that surrounded her and blocked the attack. During the fight, Natsu stood next to Gray and watched the fight.

"Do ya mind telling me how this started?" I turned my attention to him as I questioned him.

"I don't really know. I think I heard them insulting their hair, then it escalated to who's boobs were bigger, it then moved to slapping each other on the cheek, and now this."

"You've got to be kidding…" He shook his head and his attention went back to the fight.

"Where the hell's your sister?!"

"I'm right over here." She said, comically sitting on a foldable armchair eating some popcorn.

"How long have you been there?" I raised a brow at her.

"About the time they were insulting each other's chest sizes." Ultear deadpanned, still keeping her eyes on the fight.

"Do any of you have some butter?"

"NO WE DO NOT!" Gray and I exclaimed.

"Why aren't you helping out, Ultear?"

"Well, I came early to the school's library and had to dust off the place, make sure the books were in the right order, and clean the large window. Do you know how exhausting that is to such a delicate girl as me?" To prove her point, she tried using her magic power to lift one piece of popcorn only to fall back into the bag.

Gray found it amusing and began laughing while I sweat dropped.

"You guys may not be related by blood, but you make it seem very convincing…" said before turning back to the fight scene.

"I guess I'm the only one able to stop this." I sighed as I focused my energy into the palms of my hands, making them glow red-orange. I aimed at the large space between them and fired at the empty space. The energy stopped midway, directly between Erza and Mira, and then it exploded into a thick line of fire, separating them before they could clash into each other once again.

"Alright you two, enough fighting." They turned their angered gaze to me, making me flinch slightly, but their expression took a one eighty degree turn and happily pounced onto me; transforming back to normal.

"There you are, Natsu! Where have you been? I was being picked on by the mean old hag. Can you please tell her to go away?" Mira said as she snuggled her head on my right shoulder.

"What did you just say you demon witch?" Erza hissed.

"What are deaf as well as stupid? I really must have done a number on you during that fight."

"Why you little-"

"Alright, alright, that is enough out of both of you!" I silenced them both. They both turned their head away from me. They looked like siblings being scolded by their parents.

"Man it feels so good to have this much power!'

"Apologize to each other." They looked at me as if I had told them to do a strip tease.



"Now!" I gave them a stern look. In the end, they finally complied.



I sighed in relief for the millionth time today. I deactivated the Dimensional Barrier, shrinking back into a small cube, and put it back into my pocket.

"Great. Now I'm really late for School."

"What do you mean, Natsu?" Erza asked me as she raised a brow.

"I woke up two minutes before school started and with the whole fiasco that went on as soon as I got here made me really late!"

"Ummm… Natsu?"

"What is it Mira?"

"You do know that today is Sunday, right?" Mira looked like she was struggling to hold in her laughter.

"… Say wha?" A collection of face-palms were heard.

"You really are stupid aren't you?"

"Shut up you exhibitionist." I glared at him. I looked back at the three girls and asked them, "Why are you all here anyway?"

"I just finished soccer practice with the team. They left about an hour ago while I stayed behind." Gray said behind me.

"I was at the council room. I remembered in the middle of the night that I left some papers that I haven't finished working on and couldn't sleep till I was able to get the work done." Erza exclaimed proudly while everyone else sweat dropped.

"Like I said before I was cleaning the school's library for my detention." Ultear said looking bored.

"You didn't explain the detention part." I told her. "Why were you in detention in the first place?"

"I kicked Zancrow in the balls because he said boys were superior to girls right in front of the class." The girls nodded in while Gray and I covered our crotches.

"Well to be honest, I saw you head inside the school's gates and I got curious as to why you were there. So then I followed you. Then I had the urge to hug you after you looked around the school. You just looked so cute it was criminal." Mira said as she cupped her blushing cheeks. Questionable looks were exchanged among the group.

"And why was Lucy here?"

"She has cheering practice here in about twenty minutes with the cheer squad." Gray told me.

"Cheer squad you say?" I thought of the cheer team doing their routine in those rather eye catching cheer leading uniforms and felt some heat rise on my cheeks. Gray nodded, sporting a blush of his own. I suddenly felt a large amount of anger surround the area. I looked at the girls only to see them as the source. My whole body paled.

"What are you thinking about?" All three said in unison.

"Oh-I… well… you see…," an idea suddenly popped into my head, " I was just thinking how good you three would look in cheer leading uniforms!"




"NATSU!~" all three squealed as they jumped onto me. Gray left shaking his head, heading towards the school's exit.

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