Doctor Who

The One Who Wasn't Afraid

Emily P.O.V

I skipped down the grey sidewalk, looking around the area in my town. It was a quiet place, barely anything happened here, everything was so quiet...

I didn't mind though. Mommy and Daddy say that my love is all they need in their lives, they don't care if our town was boring. As long as I'm happy, they're happy.

I guess you could say the only thing everyone likes about this place is the kindness around here to everything, even the statues were cleaned and kept tidy. Yet, as I walked down the sidewalk to the park, I saw a statue that wasn't familiar. It was a concrete angel...

It looked upset, it was crying...

I stared at the statue with a frown, poor angel... I walked over to the statue, never taking my eyes off of it, and put my hand on it's shoulder. "It's ok, Mr. Angel," I said to the statue, "Don't cry. I know what will make you feel better!" I leaned over and kissed the statue on it's stone cheek, a smile on my face. "There, feel better Mr. Angel? I've gotta go, but I'll come and visit soon! Bye bye!"

With that, I skipped off to another place, leaving the statue behind me.

Weeping Angel P.O.V

I looked up from my pose at the girl that was skipping away, tipping my head to the side. Who was she? And why did she kiss me? I put a hand on my cheek, a lock of grey hair falling in front of my face. Why wasn't she afraid..?

I scratched the back of my head in confusion, what an odd human... Shrugging, I nelt down to my original pose again, still thinking about the girl.

I wonder... Will she actually come back..?

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