Title: Doomed Dorms

Setting: Right after season three, beginning of season four. Buffy and Willow are starting college.

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Chapter 1.

Faith Lehane, known as the Dark slayer emerged from her sleep. Her eyes blinked numerous times trying to get used to the bright sunlight that shone outside of her window. Things had been a little off since her and the Scooby gang defeated the mayor at their graduation. Faith herself though did not graduate. She was not in school, all though Rupert Giles, Buffy's watcher kept pressuring her day in and day out to get her damn G.E.D. Faith though was not interested in getting her G.E.D or going to college. None of that stuff interested her. What she wanted to do was kill things, and kill things she did.

Buffy and her friends though had moved on. With Richard Wilkins (The Mayor) gone they had continued to live their lives. Sure the high school had been slightly blown to pieces but the new Mayor along with plenty of construction crews and many Sunny dale volunteers had fixed it back up to looking good as new. Faith herself hadn't seen it yet but she'd seen it on the news. None of the civilians understood what had happened though. They were so damn blind to the obvious and it made her laugh over and over again to think about it.

Her and Buffy saved their asses day in and day out, but that was their jobs as slayers. The athletic brunette flung herself out of the bed and padded over to the window to shut the curtains. Maybe she'd get a little bit more sleep before she had to meet up with the very pesky watcher of Buffy's. She chuckled to herself when she thought of poor Wesley. He'd tried his damndest to be her watcher, but even he couldn't handle it. He was quite handsome though for a nerd.

As soon as the brunette crawled back in the crappy motel bed, she heard a knock at the door. "Yeah yeah." she shouted to the door. "You'll get your damn money. Go away!" The person on behind the door continued to knock annoyingly. Faith groaned and flung the covers off of her and slung the door open. "Can I help?" she paused when she saw the figure standing in front of her. "Oh. Hey B."

Buffy stood there, a huge smile planted on her face. Her golden locks fell perfectly around her shoulders in beautiful waves. "What ya doin here?" Buffy pushed the door open further and zoomed inside of the room before Faith could do anything to stop her.

"I came to gloat of course." the other slayer beamed.

"Oh yeah? What's got ya so amped up?" Faith questioned, an eyebrow cocked.

Buffy grinned and plopped down on the uncomfortable hotel bed. "Damn. How do you sleep on this thing?" she chuckled.

"Easy. I close my eyes." Faith shot back annoyed.

"Oh someone is moody." Buffy played.

Faith rolled her eyes and sat down on the opposite side of the bed. "What ya here to gloat about B, cuz honestly I was fixin to go back to bed." Faith complained.

"I so love college." Buffy was grinning from ear to ear.

Faith couldn't help but smile at this. She had devolved feelings for the blonde girl when they first met. Of course she'd never tell her. Buffy would probably kick her ass if she tried anything.

"That's uh great B." the brunette replied.

"Yeah. I got this really wacky roommate though. She's very strange Faith." Buffy continued to ramble on. "She has posters of boy bands all over her walls and she constantly goes around singing and dancing." she paused. "Plus she's so messy. It's just disgusting." the blonde complained.

"Well no one is as perfect as Buffy Summers." Faith said coyly.

Buffy grinned and punched Faith in her bicep. "I'm no where near perfect. I'm a vampire slayer for God's sake."

"Well I'd love to listen to you go on and on about college all day, but don't ya think ya better be getting back there?" Faith bit down on her lower lip and averted her eyes away from the blonde's.

"Yeah I guess so." Buffy got up from the bed and padded to the hotel room door. "Patrolage tonight?"

Faith nodded. "Always."

Once Buffy was out of the room, Faith flung herself down on the bed backwards. She covered her eyes with one of the pillows and tried her damndest to sleep, but sleep just wouldn't come. She didn't know why she liked sleep so much because every time she went to sleep nightmares would plow her, but sleep was relaxing. At least it was more relaxing than having to hold herself back from grabbing the other slayer and planting a kiss to her perfectly pink lips. Stop it Faith. She scolded herself.


Willow sat on the edge of her bed in her new room at the Sunnydale community college. She watched as her roommate walked around the room putting her things away. The red-head hadn't even begun to put her things away yet. She wondered what such a brilliant person as her was doing at a community college when she could be elsewhere, but then she remembered. Her best friends were here so this is where she belonged. As much as it saddened her sometimes Sunnydale was where she would stay. She'd make the best of it. Plus she had her werewolf boyfriend Oz didn't she?

Her roommate barely muttered a word to her. She was very quiet and minded her own business. Willow didn't understand why she and Buffy couldn't be roommates. That would have been so fun, but maybe she could make friends with the new girl. "Hey." Willow spoke softly, pulling the other girl out of what she was doing. The girl set some books down on the nightstand by her bed and turned to face Willow.

"Hi." she replied, her cheeks turning rosy.

"I'm Willow." Willow spoke brightly.

"I'm T-Tara." the other girl replied.

Aw, she has a stutter Willow thought to herself but replied with "It's nice to meet you Tara. You know, you shouldn't be so shy since we're going to be college buddies and all."

Tara smiled a cute little lopsided smile that Willow thought was just adorable. "S-sorry." she stuttered out. "I c-cant help but be s-shy around p-p-pretty girls."

Willow blushed at the compliment and finally started putting away her things. Maybe this community college thing wouldn't be so bad after all.


Xander sat in the dark basement of his parent's house. He decided that the college thing wasn't really for him and that he would just start working as soon as possible. Hell Xander barely even passed high school. College was more Willow's thing. He smiled to himself as he thought of his best friends, the Scoobies. He loved his life so much even though he'd been through hell. The only women that seemed to like him were demons. He was a demon magnet or so the rest of the scoobies had called him.

He found himself missing his friends very much so he decided that he would take it upon himself to drag himself up and make his way to the college. Sunnydale was a very small town so everyone knew everyone. He found himself even kind of sad that Cordelia Chase moved away, as annoying as she had been he'd found himself in love with her. He'd also been in love with Buffy as well but the blonde slayer didn't return his feelings. He was her best friend though and sometimes they even fought side by side when she went on patrol, mostly him being thrown out of the way, but hey it still counted didn't it?

He made it to the college in less than thirty minutes. Sweat dropped down his forehead and matted his thick brown hair down. He brushed it out of his face and made his way to the front office to see where Buffy or Willows dorm room was. Fortunately for him their rooms where right next to each-other so he could kill two birds with one stone or whatever that saying was.

A grin plastered on his face as he reached out with two hands. One hand rapped on Willow's door and another on Buffy's door. Both of the girls opened up at the same time and chimed "Xander!"

"Hey. It's my girly friends. How's tha college thing? Is it nice and schooly?" he joked.

"We haven't exactly been to any classes yet." Willow smiled as she pulled away from the group hug Xander had pulled them in.

Buffy pulled out of the hug shortly after. "We're still picking classes." she flashed a smile at Xander.

"Coolio. Is there like a cafeteria in this place? I'm starving."

Willow and Buffy both laughed. "You're always starving." Buffy said.

"Where's Oz man?" Xander asked as he peeked into Willow's dorm room. "I don't see him, but a woman in his place. Willow are you for the ladies now?"

Willow chuckled and slapped him playfully on the arm. "No." she paused. "I haven't heard from him. I guess he's busy with the band or something."

"So you girlies wanna go grab lunch?" Xander asked, a big grin on his face.

"I'm down." Buffy replied "I'm up for a big greasy something. What about you Wil?"

Willow was in her own world. She was lost in her thoughts. What was Oz really doing? Why hadn't he came in saw her, or called her for that matter? Was he really busy with the band or maybe it was going to be a full moon tonight and he had to lock himself up? Maybe he was cheating on her? No that couldn't be it. Oz would never cheat on her. He loved her.

"Uh earth to Wil." Xander poked her, jolting her out of her head.

"Oh yeah. Sorry. Food."

She frowned when she noticed Tara sitting there by herself and decided to take it upon herself to invite the other girl without asking the scoobies. It wasn't like they would care anyway.

"Hey Tara. Wanna get some food for your belly with us?" the red-head asked.

Tara shook her head and politely declined. "No t-hank you. I wouldn't want to I-intrude."

"Oh don't be silly." Xander beamed. "There's plenty of gross cafeteria food for all of us." he joked.

Tara smiled her cute little half smile and joined them. "Thank you." she softly said as they walked to the cafeteria.


Dark approached quickly for the brunette slayer and she couldn't of been more thrilled. She hated wasting her days in that crappy hotel room, watching a TV that barely worked. She had almost gotten so angry with it that she flung it across the room, but then she remembered it was the only thing to do in that piece of shit so she refrained from doing so.

She quickly got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black tank top and of course her big clunky boots. They worked best for kicking vampire and demon ass. Whatever came her way tonight she was ready for.

She slipped a stake in her back pocket and another she carried in her hand and she was out of that crappy hotel room. She knew Buffy would be at the graveyard waiting for her like she was every single night of the week. Night in and night out they met there, slayed baddies together and then parted their ways. On a rare occasion Buffy would ask Faith if she wanted to get something to eat and Faith would always agree on it. She loved food, and slaying always made her hungry and not to mention horny but the horny part Buffy wouldn't be able to help with. I fucking wish the brunette thought to herself as she walked towards the graveyard.

Shortly after she noticed Buffy sitting on a tombstone, twirling her stake ' ' in her fingers. Faith quietly snuck up on her and jumped up out of nowhere startling Buffy. The blonde slayer attacked her and shoved her to the ground, stake pointed at her chest. "You really shouldn't sneak up on people in a grave yard." she warned Faith.

The brunette slayer just laughed and pushed Buffy off of her, jumping up on her feet. "You ready to slay some evil bastards?" Faith questioned.

"Always" Buffy replied a grin plastered on her face.

The two slayers quietly lurked around the graveyard just waiting for some creature of the night to try and get them. They were always ready. It was strangely quiet out tonight though and it made the girl's wonder what was really going on. Something evil had to be brewing because Sunnydale was never this quiet.

"Uh. B. Something weird is going on." Faith broke the silence between them.

"Yeah. No baddies and it's been over an hour." Buffy agreed.

"Something's up."

As soon as the girls started talking three vampires came out of the woodwork, startling both of them. They stood back to back, stakes ready.

"Oh there's two of you!" one of the vampires hissed.

"Where have you been?" Buffy asked sarcastically.

"Let's kill them." one of the vampires spoke. The other laughed and declined. "We are only supposed to be delivering a message." the other one said.

"But I'm starving."

"Oh get over it."

Soon a blonde vampire jumped up out of the woodwork and Buffy's eyes went wide. "Harmony?"

"I thought you died." Buffy and Faith both stood there, confused looks on their faces.

"I did. See." Harmony flashed her fangs and grinned evilly. "Time to die slayer." the blonde clueless vampire beamed.

"Oh Harmony. Get real." Faith spat at the stupid blonde.

"Shut your mouth Faith. This is none of your business. My lovely boyfriend wants the slayer's head and the slayers head he'll have. Isn't that right Spikey?"

Soon after Harmony mentioned him Spike stepped out of where he was hiding and bared his fangs at her. "Oh Sod Off." Spike spit at the lackeys. "Can't trust a bunch of bloody idiots to kill you slayer can you?"

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