Michael and Emmi left to get the car. I wasn't in any shape to travel so I stayed with Emmi behind the counter with the gun in hand. She was tucked against my side and I had my wounded arm around her despite the horrible ache in it. I felt so tired as if I closed my eyes I could fall asleep. And cold.

Sunny's hands were still stained in my blood and I wished I had the energy to go to the car and get a bottle of water to wash her hands. I kept her face away from the body laying in a gelling blood pool and tried not to think of the horror in the little boy's eyes as his only family was butchered in front of him. Emmi said that she killed the others. That meant he was alone now. Guilt weighted on me for scaring him with my tale of demons.

"Why did they want to kill us?" Sunny asked me startling me out of my brood.

"I . . . I don't know."

"Was it because we came here?"


"What's going to happen to that boy?" Sunny asked.

"I'm . . . I'm sure that he has a safe place to go to. Don't worry about him."

That's the best I could do. Lie to Sunny and try to believe it myself so I could abate my guilt. If I was a good person, I would have asked Emmi and Michael to find him and make sure he would be alright. No, we have no right. Emmi killed his brother, his only caretaker. And we couldn't take on another mouth to feed, much less one that we couldn't trust. I'm a terrible person.

Finally Michael and Emmi pulled up in a car. Michael told me that they had to look over several cars that had their tires blown out. It seemed that the bandits have made trap in this town. Wait for survivors to come and take out their only means of escape and take what and who they wanted. They had done it many times and it seems that this time was their last.

They worked together to transfer our supplies from the station wagon to a car. It was smaller and they told me our supplies would to be placed into the trunk of which I was fine with. They gave me a bottle of water which I used to rinse off Sunny's hands the best I could. I would love to get her hands under streaming warm water and just give them a good soapy scrub.

"Do you think you can stand?" Emmi asked me once she and Michael had everything transferred. "If we help you that is?"

I nodded. "Yes, just take it easy."

Emmi and Michael each too an arm and I was lifted to my feet. My head swam and I nearly buckled between them. I saw the faceless body on the floor on the other side of the counter and nearly vomited. I felt like I was in Heaven when I stretched out on the soft leather backseat and a blanket was draped over me. Sunny sat on the floorboard and held my hand. Emmi handed me a body of water with Simon's medicine mixed in. I took small sips and noticed that it had a jasmine tea taste to it. A steady warm flowed through me, making me feel better, but I still felt wrung out like an old dish towel.

"I'm turning on the radio." Michael said after he and Emmi got in front.

"Why? It's just static," Emmi grumbled.

"He said the angel on the radio." Michael leaned forward and switched on the radio. We were all started by the loud burst of static from the stereo.

"That just him dying. His brain was loosing blood so he was saying stuff that didn't make sense," Emmi explained.

"Still, it wouldn't hurt to . . ."

Michael had been adjusting the stations and then through the static came a smooth voice that spoke to us. It flowed over us as light at the end of a dark tunnel.

" . . . survivors may come to St. Johns Community in the county Parkinson south of Terrace. We have food, water, and protection. I am an Angel of Heaven and I was sent to aide you and guide you through these dark times. And also to protect you from any dangers. If you are of the Light, then we welcome you with open arms . . ."

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Second Eve was greatly inspired by Kirkman's epic The Walking Dead. If you haven't read them, then by all means do so. The story was originally going to entail Michael and Yemina surviving together, however I ran into writer's block and let the story stand by itself for a while until I came up with Emmi and Sunny and then it took off from there.

Yemina, to me, is the female version of the everyman type character. She's in her thirties and is trying to do the best she can taking care of kids who aren't her own after the Apocalypse. Every time I create an OC for a work of fanfiction, I take great pains to avoid the Mary Sue and I tend to create characters who are normal, like people you would see walking on the street or having a latte in a coffee shop. I try to make them human.

Michael is a teenage boy who isn't sure of what his place is in the world now. He has an idea of what he believes it should be, but ends up making things worse when he tries to fulfill this role. Often causing him to bump heads with the independent Emmi and Yemina. Michael is smart and is good with tinkering with cars and vehicles and also has a hand in lock picking.

I based Emmi off of Katniss from the Hunger Games books. And a little bit of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. There's something about a teenage girl welding a bow that just screams independent and powerful female to me. She may have started off as Katniss when we first meet her, but I believe that by now she's like Carl from the Walking Dead, harden by the world and trauma that she endured. Emmi has a lot of rage that can be helpful in protecting the group, but can also harm the group as a double bladed sword.

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