Anakin had been at the temple for three years now and thought that he knew all the Jedi. He had, however, never met Aayla Secura. His first encounter had been a bit embarrassing...

Anakin had decided to go train to get Obi Wan off his back. As he entered the temple gymnasium, he scanned around him to check if anyone else was there. There wasn't anyone except an attractive Twilek. She had blue skin, was dressed in a midriff top and tight pants that accentuated her curves and left little to his imagination. Anakin stood there gaping at her for a few moments before he gained enough composure to move over to the weights in the gym. He tried to move confidently, which turned onto something of a strut, and glanced over to see if she noticed he was there. While his attention was elsewhere, Anakin tripped straight over the weights he had been heading to. He landed on his face, which had turned blood red and quickly stood. Of course she had looked over at that moment.

He kept his head down and decided to just stay invisible for once. He started lifting the weights with the force and moved them into a pile beside him. As Anakin moved on to the heavier ones, he risked a glance over at her. He spied her running on the treadmill, breasts bouncing up and down, making him lose focus and resulted in him dropping the weight on his foot.

It took all Anakin had in him not to scream, but he did let out a rather unmanly yelp. Anakin cursed himself and moved onto machines that worked his arm muscles. He sat down in it and started pressing the weights. He watched Aayla moving some weights and bent over so her butt was facing squarely at him. Anakin forgot to breathe for a few moments.

As he stood to move onto the next task, but as he did so, he passed out. When he came to, he saw two large breasts leaning over him. He couldn't stop the blood from rushing down to his crotch.

"Are you okay," she asked not noticing the growing bulge in his pants.

"Fine," he half yelled as he jumped up and ran as fast as he could.

Needless to say but he never looked at her the same way again.