This is my first Pokemon story! This chapter is going to set up some pivotal parts of the story, and just establish the characters a bit. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Ash and his two companions Brock, and Dawn, sat on the top deck of the S.S. Sinnoh on their way to Ash's Kanto home in Pallet Town. Brock and Ash had been friends since Ash's first journey through Kanto while Dawn was a new friend from Sinnoh. After competing in the Lily of the Valley Conference, otherwise known as the Sinnoh league, Ash had decided, after his loss in the final four to Tobias, that he wanted to go home to recuperate and prepare for his next adventure. Brock, also from Kanto, had jumped at the chance to return home while Dawn, who had never been to Kanto before, thought that this would be a great chance to see the foreign region. The relaxed silence that had settled between the three trainers was abruptly broken when Ash's best friend Pikachu jumped off of his spot on top of Ash's head and onto the railing overlooking the sea.

"What's up Pikachu?" Ash asked his friend.

"Pika pi pik pika!" Pikachu yelled back enthusiastically.

"It looks like Kanto just appeared on the horizon," Brock chimed in.

Upon hearing that, Dawn stood up excitedly accidentally dropping her piplup, much to his dismay, from her lap onto the ground. "Sorry Piplup!" She exclaimed apologetically as she scooped him up so he could get his first look at Kanto.

"You must be excited," Brock started, "it has been a while since we've been home."

"Yeah definitely!" Ash said gazing at his home region before thoughtfully adding, "I just wish I could see everyone. May and Max are off on an adventure of their own in the Unova region and I can't even remember the last time I saw Misty in person, but she has a gym to worry about."

Ash, being the loyal friend that he is, never lost touch with those he cared about. He always made time every once in a while to check up on May and Max and catch up with Misty via video phone in the Pokemon centers.
Brock turned to Dawn and gave a small wink. Brock had talked to Delia Ketchum just the night before. Tomorrow was May 22, Ash's 19 birthday. Together, Brock and Delia had been organizing a surprise party and had made sure that all of Ash's close friends would be able to attend.

Turning back to Ash, Brock chuckled and said "Well you never know who you'll run into."

"Yeah," Ash responded with a sigh before brightening at the realization that he will get to see all of his other pokemon."I can't wait to introduce my other pokemon to my new ones!" Ash said completely forgetting about his previous notion as he paced back in forth impatiently waiting for the boat to dock.

By the time that the S.S Sinnoh had docked in Pallet town, the sun had set making way for the moon. Ash, Brock, and Dawn walked down the gangplank and onto the path that led to Ash's house. It was a beautiful moonlit night with a slight warm breeze. Small street lights lit the way causing shadows to dance on the front of Oak's lab as they walked past. If it weren't so late, Ash probably would have gone straight to the lab to visit his pokemon, but that would just have to wait until tomorrow.

As the trio arrived at Ash's front door, it swung open before anyone got the chance to knock.
"Ash! I'm so glad you're home!" Delia cried out pulling her son into a loving hug and kissing him on the top of his head and then turning to Pikachu on Ash's shoulder, she did the same. "Come in, come in!" She continued moving out of the doorway and ushering everyone inside. Turning to the rock pokemon trainer she said "Brock, I'm glad you decided to come visit before going home!"

"Thank you for having me!" Brock said smiling.

"And you must be Dawn!" Delia said extending a hand.

"Yup that's me," she said accepting the handshake.

"Well you guys must be starving," Delia began, "Come to the kitchen, I'll heat you up some dinner while you tell me all about your journey in the Sinnoh region!"

After a hearty dinner, each person filtered off to bed, thoroughly beat after such a long day of travel.

The next morning, Ash awoke, slightly late, to the sun trying to burst through his closed shades. Getting out of bed, he drew back the shades allowing the sun to wake him up. Pikachu groggily rubbed his eyes before joining his friend, jumping up onto his shoulder.

"Pik pika pi pika pi?" Pikachu asked pointing to Oak's lab.

Understanding completely, Ash replied "Yeah sure, head on over, I'll be there soon."

His electric companion quickly jumped down to the ground and took off. After his shower and breakfast with his mother and friends, Ash also headed off towards Professor Oak's lab.

"Hey Professor!" Ash said happily.

"Hi Ash, I heard you were coming home and I've taken the liberty of giving all your pokemon a heads up. I'm sure they will all be ecstatic to see you!"

"Great! Thanks Professor!" Ash said as he briskly walked past Oak towards the back of the lab. After going through the door to the pokemon reserve, he stopped. All of his pokemon were out there playing or lounging about happily. Pikachu was chasing around Bulbasaur and Totodile, while Sceptile lay in the shade of a tree relaxing with
snorlax. Kingler and Corphish were swimming around in the pond while on the bank, Quilava and Torkoal played with a soccer ball. Amongst others, Ash also spotted Bayleef, Heracross, and Muk resting in the field. It was quite a sight to see.

"Alright guys, come on out!" Ash yelled getting everyone's attention as they all ran excitedly to greet their trainer. Torterra, Infernape, Gible, Buizel, and Staraptor popped out of their pokeballs. "Everyone, I want you to meet-" Gliscor turned around to give Ash a hug, making Bayleef cringe, effectively smushing him into the ground. "GaH!" Ash laughed and stood back up. "Gliscor," he said pointing to the pokemon that just crushed him, "Torterra, Infernape, Gible, Buizel, and Staraptor." Everyone started to mingle making introductions and getting acquainted with each other. "Ok, so why don't you all show them around? I'll be back later. Mom said she had some errands that she wanted me to run! Bye guys!" As Ash turned around to leave, he could hear all the pokemon leading their new friends off to show them the wonders of the reserve. Speedily, Pikachu ran to catch up with Ash and launched himself onto his shoulder.

"Hey Pikachu," Ash said a bit startled, "you don't want to stay?"

As an answer to the question, Pikachu climbed on top of Ash's head and sat down.

"Ok! You can just come with me then!" Ash said enthusiastically, grateful for the company. "We have to go into town to get a few things," Ash said taking a list out of his pocket, " first off, we need to get...a haircut?"

"Pika?" The electric pokemon said sharing his trainer's confusion.

"Well, ok, if mom set it up for me I'd better not miss it." And the two set off towards town.
It had been a while since Ash had been to Pallet Town and he had to admit, a lot of changes had been made. Instead of a quaint little town nestled next to the sea, there was a bustling city, well, a city compared to what Pallet used to be, Ash thought. Finding the barber shop, Ash and Pikachu walked in.

"Brock?" Delia yelled from the kitchen, "Will you please get the door!"

"Sure thing!" Brock called back. Opening the door he saw May, Max and Misty.

"Hey guys," Brock said smiling, "long time no see!"

As he was leading the three newcomers into the kitchen to see Delia, she popped her head out and said "May! Max! Misty! So good to see you all again! I hope you're all doing well! I hate to send you back out as soon as you get here, but can you go help Gary and Dawn with the setup for the party tonight? They are at Professor Oak's lab."

"No problem!" Misty said turning around and leading the way.

"Brock I'm gonna need you to stay and help me cook." Delia said dragging him into the kitchen.

Upon arriving to the lab, May, Max and Misty all greeted Dawn, Gary and Professor Oak. Some of the decorations had been put up already, but the remainder of them still needed to be put up and the table still needed to be set. So the group set to work.

"So, you must be excited to see Ash huh?" Gary said to Misty while they worked to put up streamers.

"Well of course I am!" Misty said, "He's one of my best friends!"

"Yup, that's all he is..." Gary said.

But before Misty could retaliate May came over and asked "Misty? Would you help me blow up the balloons? Max got bored and went outside to play with his and Ash's Pokemon."

"Yeah of course." Misty replied briskly walking away from Gary and his comment.

"Well, are you gonna tell him?" May whispered.

"Ughh, not you too!"

"Sorry! Sorry! It's just that you like him a lot don't you." May phrased as more of a statement than a question as she tied off a blue balloon.

After a short pause Misty responded, "Yeah, I do, but Ash is kinda...dense when it comes to this stuff."

"True, but you haven't seen him in a while and you never know, he may have matured..." There was a pause and then both girls laughed at the incredulous thought of a mature Ash.

After waiting for almost an hour in the barbershop, Ash finally heard his name called.
"You were really early," the man said, "your appointment was made for 4:30 not 3:30."

"Huh," Ash responded, "Mom normally doesn't make mistakes like that. Oh well, Come on Pikachu."

After a short half an hour, Ash and Pikachu were back outside. "Let's see, what's next?"

Taking out the list Pikachu pointed to the bottom of the list. "Pika?"

"No we aren't there yet Pikachu-"

"Pika pika!"

"What?...Look at the clock tower...what kind of errands are these? And when did Pallet get a clock tower!" Ash said incredulously.

Walking to the middle of the downtown area, Ash looked at the clocktower. "5:15 PM, May 22...Oh man! I forgot about my own birthday!"

"Pik pika pi pika pika." Pikachu said placing his face in his hands at his trainers denseness.

"Yeah Pikachu, how could I forget something that big." Ash said in wonder. Then looking at the list, he saw an arrow pointing to flip the paper over. "Go to the lab." Ash read out loud, coming to the realization that whatever was at the lab was for him. "Well, what are we waiting for Pikachu? Let's go!"

As Ash and Pikachu approached the lab, they could both see that all the lights were out.
"Hmm, I guess we should try the house first." Ash stated clearly puzzled.

As Ash was about to turn towards the house Pikachu jumped to the ground and started running towards the door to the lab.

"Hey! Wait up!" Ash yelled sprinting to catch up to his pokemon, but before he could, the electric mouse disappeared through the dog door.

"Pikachu where did yo-"

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone said as Ash opened the door.

"Wow, I knew something was going down but I didn't expect everyone to be here!" Ash said excitedly. He moved to give everyone a hug starting with Max, then May, then Gary, and then he got to Misty. Taking a the chance to look at her, he noticed that she had physically matured. She had way more pronounced curves and had grown into her long slender legs. She's gorgeous... Ash thought as he pulled her into a tight embrace causing her to blush a bit, but Ash didn't notice. However, the moment was ruined when Ash's stomach growled so loud that everyone could hear it. Pulling away, Ash smiled cheekily scratching the back of his head. "I guess I'm just really hungry! Let's Eat!"

As the night wore on, Ash caught up with all of his friends and ate more than he probably should have been able to fit in his stomach.

"Some things never change." Misty said shaking her head in disbelief as Ash shoved down another piece of cake.

"I'm a growing boy!" Ash said making an excuse for the amount of food he had just eaten. But just as he finished speaking, he saw a blue blur pass by the window. Was that a Lucario? Ash thought to himself, still staring out the window. Getting up, Ash walked towards the back door out to the reserve.

"Ash where are you going?" Misty asked.

"I'm just gonna go get some air is all." Ash responded still in a daze.

"Want some company? Misty shot back before even thinking.

"No...I'll be right back."

As Ash walked outside, Misty deflated a bit, "Still the same old Ash" she muttered to herself.

Walking out the door, Ash felt a wave of energy pass through him. But, it wasn't natural. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as another wave ran up his spine. It seemed to be emanating from the woods straight ahead. Slowly, Ash started towards the source. As he drew closer to the woods, he saw a light laying on the ground about twenty feet away. Coming up to the light, Ash noticed that it was pulsating off of a flower shaped crystal. Leaning down, he picked it up. Suddenly, a large flash blinded him and when he opened his eyes, he wasn't in Pallet Town anymore, in fact, he was twenty feet off the ground looking down at a man and his Lucario.

Watching Ash from behind a tree, a Lucario carefully stepped back into the shadows and knelt down, bowing his head. "It is done. Now I shall finally be reunited with you my friend." And with those words, his body dispersed into the breeze.

What...What happened?! Ash thought flailing around in the air before looking down on the scene below him. Horrified, Ash watched as Lucario shot an aura sphere straight at the unknown man. "Look out!" Ash yelled, but neither the man or the Lucario heard him.

Much to Ash's surprise, the man created a blue shield that completely deflected the aura sphere before creating an aura sphere of his own and hurling it at Lucario. Then following the sphere, the man charged at Lucario dowsing his hand in a blue light and swiping up at the pokemon's chin, creating an arc of what Ash guessed to be aura as well. The attacks hit at the same time and Lucario was thrown to the ground.

"Good try my friend, but you will have to do better than that!" The man said jovially extending a hand to the Lucario. Lucario just grunted with a nod and grabbed the man's hand.

A human using that even possible? Ash thought. Then the man stopped and turned looking straight at Ash.

"I cannot see you Ash Ketchum of Pallet town, but I can sense your thoughts and aura. My name is Sir Aaron and I am an Aura Guardian. After my inevitable death, there will be no more Aura Guardians and the world will be unprotected. That is until your birth happens in the future. You, Ash Ketchum, are an Aura Guardian, and one of prophetic importance. You must train yourself how to use aura. I wish that I could say and help you more, but you are here through a Time Flower, and thus, my time is limited. So, I will leave you with this. The Book of Moirai must be destroyed."

"Wait!" Ash yelled, but the world around him began to fade away. And, before he knew it, he was back in the woods, helplessly confused.

Sitting down in the dirt, Ash looked down at his hands. An Aura Guardian...I can't be...can I?
Curiously, he began to focus, trying to coax his energy to manifest in his hands. Slowly but surely, they began to glow like blue fire.

"Ash has been gone quite a while," Misty said turning to Brock.

"He's probably just hanging with his pokemon," Brock stated.

"Well this is his birthday party! And all of us came to see him!" Misty replied beginning to get mad that Ash would leave his friends alone at his own birthday.

"Why don't you go check on him then?" Dawn suggested as May nodded her head in agreement.

Misty rolled her eyes at Gary, choosing to ignore the knowing wink that he gave her as she excused herself from the table. Stepping outside she scanned the yard for signs of Ash. She was about to call his name when she saw a blue flash from the woods. Starting to worry, Misty began to run towards the flash. But, when she arrived, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Ash stood, opposite of a lone tree, on the outskirts of a small clearing that he had walked to after his bout with the Time Flower. Bringing his hand up, he turned his palm so that it faced the sky. Then, as he focused on shifting his energy to his hand, a blue orb began to grow. Satisfied, and a bit surprised at his success, Ash hurled the aura sphere at the tree causing a blue flash followed by a small boom as it made impact leaving, knocking down the tree. Dazed and completely astonished by his new ability, Ash didn't hear Misty approach from behind.

Bringing his hand up once again, he drew in a deep breath before creating another aura sphere. But, instead of throwing it, he brought it up to his eyes, different shades of blue aura swirled around in the palm of his hand.

"Ash?" Misty timidly asked.

As Ash spun around, blue light bathed her figure and chased the shadows from her face; at the sight of Misty's confused but slightly scared expression, Ash snapped out of his trance-like state, dropping the aura sphere as he fell to one knee.

"Ash!" Misty cried out worriedly as she hurried over to him. "Are you ok? Wha-,what was that?!"

Ignoring her questions, Ash looked up as he realized that everything Sir Aaron had said was true. "Misty, we have a problem," he said seriously.

So, that's the start of the story. Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. Next time more of the plot will be revealed. In regards to the aura part of this story, I'm approaching it from the angle that it is more or less awakened rather than learned from grueling training. Of course Ash will have to train and practice to master the skill and learn new techniques, but he figures it out on his own. Please review! Reviews help me make the story better and also motivate me!

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