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Chapter 11

First Weekend

"Edward, are you sure that it's okay for you to drive?" Bella asked a second time.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her, she raised an eyebrow at me "with my life" she replied. "Then stop worrying and enjoy the ride" he told her smiling.

Bella just looked out the window and realized that she had never been on this side of the city before. Now she began to wonder where they were going even more. She turned to look at him he tried to ignore her stare, "what?"

"Can you tell me where we are going?" Bella asked hoping that he would answer her.

"Home" was what he said.

"Home, whose home Edward?" she was confused, "Ours" he replied without looking at her.

"We have a house…where, when? Edward!" she demanded.

"You will see soon. We're almost there Mrs. Masen-Cullen" he assured her

She noticed that they were ascending a bit, it was high enough to see the city below, the road was well lit at least, she grasped the door handle and Edwards hand tighter. Edward just laughed.

They went through a control access gate, "Mr. Masen is nice to see you again, I was surprised when they told me you were back" the guard stated with a smile.

"Thank you Phillip, this is my wife Bella, we just got married" Edward informed him. Phillip looked surprised, "congratulations" he said as he let them pass, "goodnight"

Bella was looking at the houses as they passed by, they were all the same size but some had more acres than others.

Edward was nervous, he had never actually told Bella that he came from a well endowed home, that both his parents had money. He knew she had her money but he was sure convinced that it wasn't as much as what he had.

"These are all penthouses" he heard Bella whisper, "yes very exclusive and quiet place, you'll love it here" Edward said as he stopped in front of an iron gate, he pressed a beeper and the gates opened and they went through. Bella was stunned with what she saw, the house was amazing on the outside Bella had never seen anything like it before.

Edward parked and got out of the car, he opened her door and helped her out, "welcome home Bella" he told her.

"How did you get this?" she asked, "I told you already Bella it's ours"

Bella looked at him, "you're not going to let this go are you?" he asked her as he opened up the door and shut off the alarm.

"why so cryptic" was all she said, he hoisted her up in his arms and carried her inside, she forgot that he didn't answer any of her questions and admired the entrance and foyer, "all of this is great"

Edward looked at her, then leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you"

"I love you too Edward" he placed her on the ground, and grabbed her waist.

"Can you forget everything for just tonight and be with me here, no questions asked" he told her she could see that he was pleading with her.

"I promise you that everything is okay Bella. You have nothing to fear, this is the only place where you won't ever have to hide your feelings or anything else. You are safe here my love." Edward reassured her, "I'm safe wherever you are" she declared kissing him.

He held her tighter and kissed her back with all his might for what seemed only seconds, he broke the kiss to take a breath. Bella rested her forehead on his.

"Tomorrow" she agreed.

"What do we do now?" she asked still breathless, Edward was nervous but didn't say anything he knew what was the fashion of the night of the wedding, and he remembered very well when Bella tried to persuade him into sleeping with her before.

Could he actually try this time? He took her hand and led her to the hallway, Bella tried to get a look on the rest of the house but she couldn't see much of it.

"This is our bedroom"

"Beautiful" Bella said.

She saw that her bag was in the low bench in front of the four posted bed, white crisp sheets and a pile of pillows in different tones of green and brown.

"Is it too much for you?" Edward asked unsure kissing her neck, "no not at all"

"Why don't we relax and fresh up, the bathroom is right there" he pointed to the door on the left of the room.

"Could you unzip me?" she asked.

She felt his hands on her back as he reached for the zipper, goose pumps erupted on her skin and her heartbeat sped up, she took a breath and held the dress under her bust a blush covered her cheeks.

"Thank you" she told him, she grabbed her bag and hurried to the bathroom.

Edward took off his tie and scarf and then his shoes, socks; he went to look for more comfortable clothes and retreated to the washroom of the hallway.

In the bathroom Bella found a gift bag, there was a card on the outside;


Don't be afraid, just go with your heart, he's never wrong…Enjoy it!

Love, Rose & Alice

She reached inside the bag; there was a simple off white short nightgown and a matching panty, Bella looked at it and decided that it was not that bad so she carefully took off her wedding dress and hanged it with a hanger she found at the back of the door, she changed quickly then she took off the comb Alice had given her which belonged to Edward's mother, the curls went down her back, she then looked in her back and removed her makeup, she went out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth.

Edward had been putting his things away as he waited for her; he left space in all the drawers for her. He smiled at the prospect of their clothes sharing drawer space.

"Edward" Bella whispered her hands folded in front of her, she had her head down. "What's wrong?" he was in front of her in an instant.

Bella wanted to be with him physically, but didn't actually know if he was up for it, or if she was going to be good at it either.

"I'm just a little embarrassed" Bella admitted to him, he looked at her puzzled.


"I found this in the bathroom" she said letting her hands drop. She heard as Edward inhaled. She covered herself again feeling self-conscious, "don't" Edward told her removing her arms and lifting her chin, "baby you don't have to hide from me"

"You like it?" she smiled, "a lot" he kissed her.

He brought her closer to him, the kiss wasn't broken Bella's arms wrapped around him at the nape of his neck. Something fired inside them both, a current that made them want to be closer to the other. They were kissing frantically now, hands roaming, touching, and exploring the body of the other. Their skin fired and goose bumped where the hands of the other touched, they broke the kiss gasping for air.

"I love you Isabella Swan" Edward whispered to her, "I love you too with everything I have Edward"

"I'm nervous" Edward admitted to her, Bella caressed his face and looked at him with tender eyes.

"Don't be, we belong together" she stated, "forever" he agreed.

Bella then leaned in and kissed him tenderly and he felt it then, the love she was talking about, not that he didn't feel it before it just felt real now that they were together with no boundaries or worries. He knew Bella would be happy having a place where she could go to and escape from when her parents became too much. Not that he wanted her to hide from her problems, but from his own experience he knows how she feels.

He returned he kiss and placed his hands at her hips were he grabbed her and brought her closer to him, he didn't know what he was doing bur he promised to himself that he was going to make that night the best of their life. Without breaking the kiss Edward steered them into the edge of the bed where he gently laid Bella and resumed kissing her after a short intake of breath. He placed his hands on her hip again and left it there. Bella was on a cloud, she had never felt like she did that moment, she wanted him like she had never wanted anything in her life before; but she was nervous too and didn't know how to voice the question.

They were making out and caressing the other with tender shy touches, timid almost. Edward released her lips and kissed then her neck. He grabbed her hands one on each of his at the top of her head and continued kissing lower into her chest, Bella's breaths became shallow; she closed her eyes and got lost in what she was feeling.

Edward looked at her in the eyes for a moment and released her hands, no words were said between them, Bella rose her back from the bed and took his face in her hands, "I know that we didn't talk about this after that time in your room, it doesn't matter to me if we do it or not Edward, I just want to be with you. I wanted you to know that okay" she whispered to him.

"I want this to be the best night you've ever had" he admitted to her, Bella smiled "it already is" she stated as she started kissing him again.

He grabbed her back and deepened the kiss, his hands then explored lower and caressed her bare legs, he continued upwards until the hem of her nightgown were he stopped unsure, he brought his hands to her arms and shoulders, he then gently grabber her neck and leaned her closer to him. Bella's hands roamed his back, she timidly let her fingers wander underneath his shirt, his flesh bathed with goose bumps at her touch, and Bella took it as an invitation and moved her hands upwards to his back and chest. Edward took a second to relieve on what he was feeling, the electricity that ran through them both when they touched, the warmness he felt every time their lips touched, it was mind-blowing. He loved her more than anything; Bella was everything to him, his reason for living if that's what he was doing at all.

He had never felt more alive that in that exact moment.

He removed his shirt, Bella took a moment to see him, she had seen many guys shirtless but none of them looked like Edward, she could see the battle on his skin, his muscles were softly defined, just a bit of chest hair, she raised her hand and placed it where his heart was, Edward looked at her expectantly.

She didn't say a word, she just looked at him in the eye and took his hands she placed them at her thighs, just below the hemline, Edward's breath hitched as he realized the implications of her act, and his fingers disappeared into the gown where he caressed the rest of her thighs, her hips, her stomach…

He bunched up the soft material on his hands and revealed her stomach, Bella's hands stretched on the bed, she looked at him waiting. Edward took the gown up the rest of the way and off her shoulders, she was now exposed to him, blush covered her cheeks and extended to the rest of her body, Edward chuckled but said nothing else. He caressed the side of her face lovingly; Bella did the same thing to him, he knew she was feeling self-conscious, so he bent his head and kissed her stomach, then he kissed her lips and hugged her to him their chests pressed together, their skin finally touching.

He caressed her back, his lips brushed against her bare shoulders, her neck, and her chest. Bella threw her head back to give him more access, as Edward continued the journey downwards on her body.

He kissed every inch of her skin without letting go of her.

Bella held on to him for dear life, his hands and lips making her feel things she never did before. Edward then gently laid her down her head on the pillows and resumed the sweet attack to her body, Bella let go of every thought she had and gave in to what he was doing to her.

Bella's hands explored his skin; she could feel every muscle on his back flex every time he moved.

They were only separated by thin pieces of material, but that changed in a beat… they were both completely bare, touching skin to skin, nothing between them. They looked into the eyes of the other the silent question between them, Bella's eyes were so bright and clear, Edward could see his reflection in them.

He hesitated for a moment, knowing that it will hurt her, he looked at her again, Bella's eyes were closed her breaths short. He aligned himself but hesitated, he closed his own eyes and took a breath, he looked down for a second and she was looking at him, Bella took one of his hands and intertwined it with one of hers giving him the reassurance that he obviously needed.

Edward took hold of her hip and they were joined as one finally.

If Bella was in pain, her face didn't show it. It was awkward at first but soon enough they both found their rhythm and then it was pure bliss. Edward got as close to Bella as he could, every single inch of their bodies was touching, they moved slowly, in sweet sync.

Bella hugged Edward closer to her and now there was no gap between them. Edward moved inside her, and it was the best feeling ever, more than what he had expected; there were no words that could describe the emotions that ran through him, his mind was blank but his heart exploded with love for the woman underneath him, Bella.

Bella couldn't find anything that compared to what was happening, she had never felt like she did that moment, she had never experienced something so sacred and passionate, finally being with Edward…it was something that she didn't think could happen but now that it was. She couldn't contain the tears that gathered in her eyes. Edward then looked at her concerned; he stopped and cradled her face.

"What's wrong, is it too much Bella? Are you in pain?" he asked her worry on his voice.

She smiled, "no Edward, these are happy tears, I'm so happy I have no words right now. I love you so much" she expressed trough the tears, Edward smiled and brought his lips to hers and together they continued loving the other until they both fell asleep just before dawn.


The warm California sun peeked through the windows illuminating the room with its shine. Edward and Bella were both asleep, hands entwined; Bella's head cradled on his chest. He had been awake for a few minutes just looking at her, he haven't had the opportunity to really admire her, he removed some stray hairs from her face and just looked at her, she arose after he carefully trace the contour of her face.

"Edward" she whispered sleepily looking around.

"I'm right here with you baby" he told her.

"I thought it was a dream" Bella said to herself, but Edward heard her.

"What Bella?"

"Yesterday, the wedding, you and I...what we did, I thought I dreamt it" she explained, Edward smiled and hugged her to him.

"It was real Bella, all of it" he said taking her hand and showing her both her ring and his.

Bella looked around the room and saw their clothes on the floor alongside some of the many pillows that had been on the bed and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, they had made love the night before, their marriage was consummated. They belonged to each other in all ways and she couldn't be happier about it.

"I'm yours" Bella stated, "and I'm yours" Edward said pecking her lips.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

Bella motioned to get up from the bed to use the bathroom, when she pulled back the thick quilt she wrapped the sheet tighter around her and gasped before getting up.

"Oh no"

"What's wrong Bella?"

And then he saw it for himself, there were spots of blood on the sheets.

"Bella's it's alright, that's completely normal. Don't worry love, it will come out" he reassured her.

"No it won't, its blood Edward. I ruined the sheets" she argued. He can't believe it; they were having their first argument over bed sheets.

"Bella I can assure you, it's nothing. There's more sheets in the linen closet, don't worry okay" he reassured her again.

Bella nodded and went to the bathroom, she had a robe but she had left it in the bathroom the night before. She got in the bathroom and let the sheet fall to the floor, she noticed that her lower half was a bit rigid and she did feel a burning sensation as she was walking, she hissed in discomfort. She found her robe inside her bag and put it on. She proceeded to brush her teeth, she was going to brush her hair but by the looks of it she would have to wash it first, it was a rat's nest.

There was a small knock on the door, "is everything alright Bella, can I come in?" Edward asked, "Sure"

He hugged her from behind, Bella winced in pain again.

"You're sore" Edward said as her cheeks flushed, "come on, there's a remedy for that. Will you take a bath with me?" he invited her as he prepared the tub, Bella nodded.

Somewhere in the room an alarm beeped, Bella then realized that it was the alarm on her phone reminding her that she needed to give Edward his first medicine the one had to be taken once a day at the same time, she went to get it. After that they both go in the bathtub, Edward got in after Bella, she got closer to him and relaxed.

"Better?" Edward asked and Bella nodded, "Edward" Bella said.

"Mhm" Edward said, "last night was amazing, no one has ever treated me the way you did. The things you said to me, the way you looked at me…I will cherish them forever" they kissed for a moment, Edwards arms hugged her closer.

She noticed the scars that were on his chest.

"What happened?" she asked him as she traced them with her finger.

"That's a burn scar from where the resuscitation machine burned me when I had a cardiac arrest when I was sixteen, that's when Alice and I broke up. She stayed until I recovered… but you know the rest of the story" he told her.

Bella didn't say anything, she was shocked…he had a heart attack three years ago.

"I don't like them though, they're a reminder of my future" he said with sadness.

"Edward!" Bella exclaimed, "Those scars are the reason why you are alive, if it wasn't for them you wouldn't be here with me right now" She argued.

"They're beautiful." Bella said sharply.

Edward lowered his eyes in shame of his words, "I'm sorry Bella I didn't mean to upset you. You are right love, and I'm grateful because if it wasn't for them I would have never admitted myself in the hospice and I would have never met you" he kissed her.

They enjoyed their bath for a few more minutes; they got out when the water turned cold and dressed for the day, Bella left Edward in the bedroom and went looking for the kitchen. She was marveled when she found it, it was better looking that the kitchen at her house, although they were the same size, this one was brighter and open. The fridge and pantry were stocked with everything she could imagine or eat, some shelves contained her favorite goodies, there were only a couple of them that Edward could eat since his diet was strict to keep him healthy and maintain his cholesterol in control.

She took out the ingredients to make some French toast; she would pair it with fresh fruit and milk.

"Something smells delicious" Edward stated grabbing her waist and kissing her shoulder, Bella was wearing shorts with a peach almost see trough shirt; she was barefoot, on her neck the necklace he gave her and on her right wrist Leanne's bracelet.

"It's French toast" Bella said kissing him.

"I'll go set the table, then I'll go get my medicines" he informed her.

Bella finished and got everything on a tray she found on a hook on the wall beside the fridge. Edward had placed two seats and had brought the milk and the sugar for Bella's tea.

They talked about the reception and Bella told him what she had been feeling before the ceremony, Edward took her hand and gave her a kiss.

"It's natural Bella, you love your parents even though they way they have been acting lately, I promise you that all of that it's going to change give them a chance Bella." he told her, "thanks for your support Edward, I love you" Bella replied.

They finished eating and Bella went to wash and sanitize the dishes and cutlery they had used, she went to look for Edward when she was done, she found him in the bedroom. The mess of the floor was cleared and the bed sheets were changed and the bed made, her bag was back on the low chair at the foot of the bed.

"I was just going to get you, I'm gonna give you a tour" he took her hand and led her out to the hall, "this is the extra room" it was a good size, completely furnished with dark brown furniture, the bed was dress with a set if brown and light blue sheets. Bella noticed some picture frames on the wall; Edward was in one of the pictures.

"It has its own bathroom too" he pointed out.

"Here is the washroom" he showed her a door further away, "here is a small library, it used to be an office." She nodded, "well you saw the kitchen and here is the living room, besides the small one that's between the kitchen and dining room." He said

He then took her to the pool area, from which you could see the city below, the view was amazing.

"This is lovely Edward, the view, and the house…all of it" Bella said marveled.

"And the most important thing of all is that is yours" he told her.

"Ours" Bella said kissing him passionately, Edward grabbed her waist and brought her close; his hands roamed her back as the kiss deepened and heated.

"I love you so much Bella"

He kissed her cheeks, her throat and neck, Bella just held on to him. He broke the kiss for a breath; they were both flushed and gasping for air. Edward took her hand and took her back inside hurriedly; they made it to the living room where he started kissing her again, they kissed frantically, Bella removed his shirt and that was Edward's cue; he took her to the bedroom.

Their clothes were ditched; Bella was wearing peach underwear Edward took a few minutes to look at her in the light, "so beautiful" he said as he bent down to kiss the valley between her breasts. He continued upwards to her neck, throat and shoulders, he kissed above the strap of her bra as he gently pushed it down and off her arms. Bella took the chance and her lips made contact with his bare skin, Edwards hands travelled to her back and he unhooked her bra and then it was off her body, the rest of their underwear was gone and Edward didn't waste time on being inside her…


They lay in bed under the sheets their legs intertwined; one of Edward's hands was draped on Bella's middle. With the other he was playing with a strand of her hair, Bella had her eyes closed completely in bliss.

"How do you feel?" Edward asked her.

"In a cloud…it's so perfect" she said.

"I have nothing to compare it too, I've never felt so loved or cared for in my life" Bella admitted.

"last night was the best night of my life" Edward said sincerely, "there are two things that I will never ever forget Bella, when you said 'I do' and became my wife, and that first time just a few hours ago when I made love to you" he admitted looking into her eyes.

Bella rose and kissed him.

"Edward, you told me that this whole house…penthouse was ours. How in the world did you get it" Bella inquired.

He smiled obnoxiously, as if the answer was obvious.

"Simple, it was my mothers, she left it to me and because we are married it belongs to you too Bella, that's why I say it's ours."

"I would have never thought… that's why there's a picture of you in the guest room" Bella pointed out Edward looked at her, "that's not a guest room, that's my room" he said.

"So… this is your mother's room" Bella stated, "was"

"This is where she moved to when she left my father. I came to live with her when I was eleven; I spent the last four years of her life with her."

"She loved you" Bella whispered.

"From the moment she knew I was inside her, she risked her life for me also"

"Why?" Bella asked

"She stopped taking some of her medicines because they were harmful for the fetus." Bella wrinkled her nosed when he said fetus, she felt that he was demeaning himself.

"She never got better; she couldn't breastfeed me because of the meds, which broke her heart, because she desperately wanted to do it. They didn't know then that I had inherited the same illness she had, father told me that they had done some tests but that they were all negative, it showed up when I was 15 1/2, six months before my mother died, three months later I had a heart failure, and I've never been right ever since." He explained to her

Bella had been silent, "I want to see her" she whispered, Edward looked at her in disbelief.

"Her grave I mean" she corrected.

Edward nodded and looked at the clock on his bedside table, "we have some time before the graveyard closes, let's get ready." He told her getting up

Thirty minutes later they were dressed and on their way, it took them twenty minutes to get to the cemetery, they entered trough the rough iron gates, Bella walked close to Edward, she was careful on where she stepped on, she knew it was wrong to step on the graves, luckily there was a path between for the pedestrians.

Just when Bella was going to ask him how much further, he stopped and made her stumble. They were underneath a big oak tree, there was a small tombstone and a statue of an angel, Bella read the inscription:

Elizabeth Theresa Masen Evanston

July 15 1970-June 15 2006

Beloved mother & Friend

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

"This is it" he said.

"Are you okay?" Bella asked a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah, it's just been a while" he said with a sigh as he kneeled in front of the tombstone, his face leveled with the big headstone. He laid the flowers he had brought and sighed again.

"Mother, I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have visited. But as you may know I have been sick too, but I'm getting better; there are two reasons for my recovery, first I'm on this new medication that is working, and the second; I've found love mom. I've met "the one" that's why I'm here today, I wanted you to meet her, she is amazing, I love her with all my being. She why I wake up and look up for another day, she is everything to me." Edward said reaching for Bella's hand.

She kneeled beside him, Edward looked at her, and Bella smiled shyly and placed the small bouquet she had brought on the grave beside Edward's.

"Mom, this is my Bella" Edward said smiling at her.

"I know I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you but, I'm sure that you were a very nice person; Edward has told me a lot about you. I love the way he smiles when he talks about you, he loves you, as I know that he loves me. I love him too; I never thought I would feel something so strong until that first day when I met him. He has taught me so many things; I see things differently because of him. I wanted to thank you for giving life to someone so special, I promised that I would take care of him, and I mean it, you don't have to worry. He will be safe with me" Bella said a tear rolling down her cheeks.

Edward took her chin and kissed her lips softly, he then wiped the tears away with this thumb and smiled ate her.

"I love you" he whispered.

Then he turned to the grave again, "Mom, there are so many things I want to say… I miss you, but I know you are in a better place and that you look after me, as does the Lord. Mother I want to again thank you for everything you gave me, for all the memories…nothing will ever compare to that, for loving me and giving your life so I could live. I love you mother, sometimes I cry because I need you but then I remember your smile and words of love and everything is better again." He said whipping the tears with the back of his hand.

Bella laid her head on his shoulder and rubbed his back in comforting gesture. They stayed like that for a few minutes. As they sat there, a warm breeze made the leaves and branches of the tree move in symphony, and Edward knew that his mother had heard him, and that she was with them. After a few more minutes Edward helped Bella stand and with one last look to where his mother rested, he blew a kiss into the air and taking Bella's hand, they both went and took the way back to the car.

The ride was quiet, Edward was pensive, and Bella was holding his hand, running her finger over his knuckles.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her all the sudden.

"I could eat" Bella replied.

"I know a place we can go" he told her, Bella looked at him alarmed.

"Edward, you can't eat fast food!" she exclaimed as a matter of fact.

"I know, love but trust me, this place is fine cuisine. It's under what I can consume, believe me" he reassured her, she sighed still unsure.

After 20 more minutes they were near the shore side, there Edward stopped by the boardwalk and parked. Bella removed her seatbelt but didn't move. Edward went to her side and opened the door, "are you coming or not?" he asked his eyebrow rose in question.

She sighed and took his extended hand, he knew what he could and couldn't do, why does she doubts him then? He wouldn't do anything to hurt himself, well at least not intentionally.

Edward secured the car and took Bella hand again; they walked hand in hand almost to the end of the boardwalk, Edward then stopped in front of a seafood restaurant.

"Here we are," he told Bella as he opened the door, she followed him in, the hostess approached them.

"Welcome to Benny's crab shack, table for two?" she said. Edward nodded, "Miss, is table 18 available?" Edward asked.

The hostess checked the table listing, "it is available, you prefer that one sir?" she asked.

"Yes please" Edward said.

"This way then sir"

After a short walk to the back of the restaurant they were shown to their table, it was located outside on a terrace that looked over to the ocean, it was an incredible view. A waiter then came and took their drinks order, they both ordered a decaf lemon iced tea with extra ice and lemon on the side, it was one of the many things they had in common.

After the drinks were brought, they both took a sip.

"This place is important to me" Edward stated.

Bella turned her head to look at him, "why?"

"It's a few of the places where my mother has the best memories of my father" he said simply, Bella nodded in understanding and waited for him to continue.

"They met here, my father was sitting on this very table, and my mother was seated over there" he said pointing to two tables ahead of where they were seated. "She was here with her parents and some friends and my father saved her"

"Saved her?" Bella inquired, "Yeah, the friends her parents were here with wanted her to be with their son but my mother was hesitant because she didn't feel comfortable with him, she said that he had violent tendencies. She had gone to the bathroom and he had cornered her, he was forcing her to kiss him, he had a hand in her arm and was hurting her; my father stepped in and intervened. My grandfather saw that was his Elizabeth had told him was true as he saw the bruises in her arms and he was angry.

My mother was free to do as she wanted, my grandfather wasn't a violent man he had no tolerance for violence and that was his daughter." Edward explained as their appetizer was brought in, he had ordered the sample platter, it had a little bit of everything.

"Are any of these stuffed with crab?" Bella asked him, "ah yes, this half" he told her.

"Can I eat the others then? I do not like crab" she said.

"Of course love, I should have told you from the start, silly me" Edward smiled as he passed her the stuffed crab turnovers.

"These are not fried right?" she asked again, Edward swallowed and then replied.

"No they do not fry anything here; this place is safe for me to eat in Bella. I already told you" he explained to her. "Everything is baked and steamed or sautéed nothing fried, not even the French fries."

Bella nodded relieved.

"Their first date was here, they came a few times after that when they were dating, my father proposed here. And this placed catered the food of their wedding, and they were here the day I was born, mother was so embarrassed." He said with a chuckle as he remembered when his mother told him the story.

"Why, what happened?" Bella asked

"Her water broke here, it stained the front of her pants and everyone saw it" he said smiling.

"Three short hours later I was born"

They enjoyed the rest of their food and then Edward paid the bill and after a nice tip, they made their way out of the restaurant and back into the highway to go home to the penthouse.

They changed out of their clothes, after Bella came out of the room she couldn't find Edward, she thought he was in the main living area but he wasn't.

She went looking for him, he finally saw him on the library area, and he was there, his fingers softly caressing the base of a massive piano nestled at a corner of the room.

She wrapped her arms around his waist, "are you okay baby?" she asked him.

He turned around without breaking the embrace and smiled at her, "yes, I was just remembering when I used to play" he said.

"This was my mother's piano, its mine now; she left it to me along with the penthouse and her money."

He took her hand and they both sat at the piano bench, their legs intertwined. "I remember sitting on her lap while I was just a baby, while she played for me and then, her hands softly guiding mine when she taught me how to play for the first time. By the time I was five, I knew how to play very well; she was so proud of me." Edward told her his eyes shining at the memory.

"I've never heard you play" Bella stated looking at him.

"I know you haven't love" he replied

"Can you play something for me?" she asked hopeful.

Edward nodded his head and sat straight, he opened the lid and placed his fingers on the piano keys, he started playing.

He transformed in front of her eyes, he was not the same man he was two minutes ago, this Edward was proud and more confident, he looked at peace. Bella felt as his energy concentrated on the notes that flew from his mind to the keys of the instrument, the music was beautiful and as Bella listened to it, she imagined his mother and a younger version of him playing a song together smiling.

She then concentrated on the music and she felt shivers as the notes hit her, they were hard sounding, the song was very deep and she wondered if Edward had lyrics for it or if it even had a title, she didn't dare to interrupt him though, she just rested her head on his shoulder and waited for him to finish. She stayed there listening and watching as his fingers moved expertly on the white keys.

A few minutes later, he hit the last note and the song ended. Bella dried the tears that had fallen on her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked her, "nothing it was just the song" she replied.

"Does it have a name?" she asked him, "yeah I call it one day too late. My mother loved that song and I learned to play it for her, I learned it when I was eight." Edward replied.

"Well it was amazing, you are so talented." Bella smiled at him

"Yes, I know. It's a waste" he said his tone sour at the end.

"Don't say that please, don't demean yourself, I'm your number one fan" Bella said with a kiss to his cheek.

"I love you" Edward replied.

That night they had a light dinner of soup and cold cuts, alongside some fruit salad for dessert, they watched a movie while they ate, Bella had rented it at the nearest video store. It was a quiet evening after all the emotions they have had during the day.


Edward laid there awake with Bella in his arms after they had made love, he was thinking about everything and anything, she looked so peaceful he didn't want to think about leaving her, but truth is that Monday everything was going to be different, they would have to be separated, she would have to go home to her parents and he would be confined at the hospice. Everything would have been better if Bella's parents knew about him, he wondered why they were so careless and treated her the way they did. She was their only child because they decided that also by their actions of kicking out Bella's sister Leah.

They would work it out; everything was going to be fine. He looked at her sleeping face and with a finger traced the contours of her face, she was so beautiful, and he felt so lucky to have met her. He loved her so much, Bella was everything to him, he was going to make her happy for as long as he lived. He kissed her forehead and brought her closer to him and joined in sleeping.

It was midafternoon and Bella was finishing with dessert, the casserole that they were going to eat for dinner was done and waiting to be baked, the appetizers she had prepared to eat before dinner were all sitting in the fried along with the drink she had prepared. Edward was asleep, since he had felt tired when they woke up this morning; she let him sleep after a light breakfast so he could take his medicines.

She put the cheesecake in the refrigerator and went to check on him, she wanted him to eat something before dinner, he couldn't be with an empty stomach or his medicines will give him a stomach ache, she needed for Rosalie to see that she could take care him or else she won't allow them to come here again whenever she could have the uninterrupted time, she needed to talk to her parents about Edward, this couldn't wait.

She placed the tray at the end of the bed and looked at him for a moment, he was laying on his side his arms cuddling the pillow, and he looked at ease as if nothing was wrong with him, Bella carefully removed the hair from his forehead and kissed him, and he stirred. His eyes opened up and he was looking at her green eyes to brown.

"Hey there" she said smiling at him.

"Hi" Edward said his voice groggy from sleep; he rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"I brought you something to eat before dinner; you need to take your other medicines and the oxygen therapy." Bella told him, Edward nodded and sat straight as Bella brought the tray to his lap.

She had made him his favorite sandwich and some homemade pudding with the ingredients he could tolerate and eat. She had placed the pills on a little bowl he started eating while Bella straightened up the room a bit, she was leaving tomorrow morning and everything had to be straightened out. Her heart ached at the thought of leaving the penthouse; their bubble was going to be disrupted with reality. She didn't linger on the thought though; they would cross that bridge when the time came.

She took their clothes to the small laundry room and started a load, Edward was finished when she came back, and he had placed the tray at the bed end table and was in the bathroom.

She went to the closet and took out some choices to wear that night, Alice, Jacob, Emmett, and Rosalie were coming for dinner, she found a blue dress, she had used it the fourth of July for a barbeque that her father had been invited to, she had just worn it the one time, she had packed it just in case. She had brought her red sandals so she was ready to go.

"What are you doing baby?" Edward asked his arms circling her waist. "Nothing just looking for something to wear" she stated.

"Found anything?" he asked her.

"Yeah, it's on the bed. Do you need help looking for your clothes?" Bella asked him.

"Ah no, I know what I brought, I don't have that many clothes at the hospice" he said with a shrug of his shoulders.


She stayed in the closet organizing everything, while she did that Edward went to the kitchen and did the dishes of his tray, after that he went back in the room and settled on the bed. He got ready to have his therapy, "Bella will you read to me while I have the therapy?" he inquired.

She finished folding one of his shirts and needed, "will be right there, which book you want me to read?" she told him.

"That poem collection that you love so much" he said smiling.

"Okay, let me go get it"

While she went to get her kindle he placed the mask on his face and turned on the oxygen, Bella settled beside him on the bed and started reading.

45 minutes later, the therapy was over, but Bella had fallen asleep. Edward turned off the machine and took off the mask, after taking a breath he gently placed her on the pillows and covered her with the throw blanket at the edge of the bed. He went out of the room after kissing her cheek; he went to the living room and watched television for a while.


"Why didn't you wake me up?" Bella said as she came from the bedroom.

"I dint want to, you need your sleep baby" he said.

"Okay" she said sitting on his lap.

He looked at her for a moment, "I love you" he whispered as he brought her lips to his in a gentle but powerful kiss that made them both shiver. Bella's arms grabbed the back of his head and brought him even closer to her. "I want you" Bella whispered.

Edward moved his lips to her neck and collarbones, they both got lost in the moment, their clothes were gone and they were both joined in bliss as they gently made love to one another. It was bliss, it was amazing to feel their love for the other that way and every time they were together was different, Edward was so gentle and selfless, no other feeling compared.

"I want to stay like this forever" Bella said as she lay on Edward chest, his hands were making patterns on her back.

"Ditto" he said with a kiss to her forehead.

"I love you so much" Bella said looking into his eyes.

"I know" he whispered.

"You are my reason for living Bella, I'll have you for as long as you want me" he declared love clear in his eyes.

"Forever" she said kissing his lips.

She looked at the time on the clock of the table, "geesh time flies, we have to get ready for the dinner." She said standing up with just the light blanket that was on the couch. She took his shirt and put it on as she ran to the kitchen to preheat the oven.

"Are you going to just sit there or you're helping me?" Bella said with a bit of exasperation.

"I'm coming dear" Edward said laughing.

After that and for the first time they took a shower together, but nothing happened besides quick kisses and a few caresses. They got ready in no time, just in time for the casserole to come out of the oven, Bella checked it and turned the oven off but left the casserole in so it would stay hot.

Everything was plated and ready for the dinner party, Edward even turned on the stereo and gave the room ambiance with the music, Bella who was finishing the tray of appetizers didn't notice when Edward went to stand behind her.

"All done" she said turning around

"Oh Edward, you scared me!" she said hitting his shoulder playfully.

"May I have this dance?" he asked with a bow.

"Sure fair gentleman" Bella smiled.

He circled her waist and they started dancing, moving slowly in tune with the music. He spun her and brought their lips together, their moment was cut short when the doorbell rang.

Edward looked at Bella and smiled, "I guess that's our cue?" he said.

"Rain check?" he asked her

"Sure" Bella kissed his cheek and went to open the door; he took the stereo remote and changed the music to something more upbeat.

"Wow, there's not a thing out of place, just like I remembered it" that was Alice, she had are arm linked with Bella while Jacob closed the door and followed behind.

She let go of Bella and went to hug Edward.

"There you are" she said as he spun her around, "hey Jacob" he said.

"You look great man, marriage treating you good?" he asked him.

"All is fine" he laughed in reply. Bella gave each of them a glass of the punch she had made earlier and the conversation flowed.

Shortly after that the doorbell rang again, it was Emmett and Rosalie this time.

Salutes were made and after a few minutes they too had drinks and had joined the conversation, Rosalie was in love with the penthouse, she loved the view mostly.

"okay dinner's ready, everyone to the dining room please"

Everyone sat beside their significant other, Edward at the head of the table with Bella on his right. Alice took the other end with Jacob on her left so he was beside Bella, Emmett and Rosalie sat in front of them. Food was passed around and the conversation was light, everyone shared what they had done during the weekend, Edward and Bella shared everything but the intimate parts. Bella didn't feel comfortable sharing that, well not over dinner at least, "Emmett and I are going to see a gig from his friend after dinner" Rosalie said exited.

"That's great" Edward said, he knew that Rosalie liked spending time with Emmett, she was in love with him but he has been taking thing slow. They have been dating ever since he has been in the hospice, she wanted rose to be happy.

They finished dessert and got ready to leave, Edward and Bella went to say goodbye.

"Thank you for coming, we appreciate it" Bella said.

"Have a goodnight okay? Edward Emmett will come for you in the morning so be ready" Rosalie said. Edwards head lowered as he nodded, Bella bit her lip.

"Have fun, bye" Edward said with a smile, they left and Bella closed the door.

She then looked at Edward, his head was down he had his back to her; she wrapped her arms around him.

He turned and hugged her to him.

There were tears in his eyes, "everything will be fine, we still have tonight don't we love?"

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