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Chapter 5

Neon lights:

The Santa Ana's sun had been long gone that evening, and a hard cold rain was falling, splattering the panes of glass with water and flooding the streets.

It had been almost a month since Bella started her service at the hospice, and she had slowly started to love the place; even when she arrived wet and breathless. .

"Hello, kiddo! How are you doing? Lord, it's not fit for duck outside," Rose, who was at the front desk, mumbled.

"Hi, Rose." Bella put her backpack and umbrella on the floor and started to unsnap her raincoat. "What's on the roaster for tonight?"

"Nothing," Rose giggled.

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"Keep your jacket on and come on up," Edward's voice called from the top of the stairs.

Suspicious, Bella flicked a wary glance up. He hadn't said anything to her yet but in her mind they were together since they kissed and cuddled, and they talked a lot while she was at the hospice.

Rose laughed. "Oh, don't be so paranoid Bella! Go on up and see what he wants."

Bella snorted. "Huh? Are you crazy! The last time I did that he enticed me into poker game in which I lost two weeks' worth of allowance." Bella recalled annoyed.

"Come on up here, you chicken! I promise no poker games," Edward shouted from upstairs.

"All right, let me put my stuff away first."

Bella hurried off to stash her pack and umbrella.

Her relationship with Edward was weird, really weird. He still called her princess and gave her a hard time, but she gave back as good as she got and she noticed that he always hung around the front when she came in.

She smiled wryly as she started up the stairs.

"Come on," Edward called.

"What's the rush?" she complained. "It's not like we've got to go somewhere."

"Yes, we do," he corrected, giving her an evil grin as she came up the last few stairs.

"It might stop," Edward told her.

"What might stop?"

"The rain."

"Edward, you got it wrong again; we want it to stop. We're having the open house tomorrow night and we don't want all our nice rich guests to get their checkbooks wet, do we?" she mentioned sarcastically.

He laughed as he pulled open the narrow door at the end of the hall. "Don't worry, princess. They'll take a look at me and the other inhabitants of this joint and the money will flow like water through a sieve." He laughed.

Bella didn't smile at his comment, she hated that he always reminded her that he was going to die.

"Come on, you're going to miss it."

"Miss what?" she asked exasperated.

Edward stood at a window, his back to her. Silently, he mentioned her over. "Come look."

Bella moved closer. She stared out at the window, it was had usually a fabulous view, but now it was surrounded by darkness.

"What am I supposed to be looking at?"

"See all the neon down there, and now look at the street, see how the colors split and pool and reflect in a dozen different ways."

Bella bent her head toward the window and stared at the street below the hospice. There were half a dozen or more neon signs. They blended on the rainy street into a mass of floating streams of color. Bella stared, and she couldn't believe it, this was the first time in her life she even noticed how gorgeous the neon looked reflected in the rain.

"It's wonderful," she said softly.

She flicked him a quick glance and saw his gaze locked on the street, too. His eyes glittered and a soft smile curved his cheeks. After a few minutes his mouth twisted in pain.

"Edward, are you all right?" Bella asked.

"No," he admitted trough gritted teeth. "I'll never be alright again, not without a miracle."

"Maybe you should go lie down," she said softly.

"Not yet," he said fiercely.

"It might be the last time. I want to see it all. I want to sear it to my brain so I'll never forget."

She knew what he was talking about. A tear streaked down her cheek and she let it fall. He thought this might be the last time he ever saw rain. He thought... she couldn't even bring herself to say it.

"Hey, princess," he murmured in her ear, "don't let it get to you. I didn't bring you here to make you cry. I wanted someone to share the beauty of the colors with. That's all I wanted, Bella."

Edward put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him. Bella couldn't contain the sobs and tears. Edward cradled her against his chest and rubbed her back. After a few minutes, she pulled away and looked at him.

"Sorry…" she started.

"It finally hit you, right?"

Mutely, she nodded.

He was going to die, he wasn't going to be around, and believe it or not she was going to miss him.

"Why must it be you, Edward? You're talented, smart, and young. Why not one who never contributes to anything in the world?" He stopped her tirade with placing his finger over her lips.

"Don't talk like that, Princess. One thing I have learned is that none of us are fit to judge what others give to this world." He dropped his finger and leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips.

Bella was stunned at his words, but she realized he was right. She kissed him back, her hands tangled on his hair. She moaned when his lips moved down into the base of her throat and back to her lips again. When their sense returned, they stared into each other's eyes.

Edward, unexpectedly, leaned even closer to her and placed his head on her chest, right in the place where her heartbeat was. He could hear her agitated beats. "You have such a strong heart, it makes me feel alive," he said and closed his eyes.

"You can have it, Edward, it's already yours." Bella whispered.

And all the sudden it came down to her, she couldn't lie to herself anymore she was falling in love with him.

Edward froze, not even a single word came out from him. He pulled away, his eyes narrowed to hers. "Don't Bella, please don't."

"Edward," she said.

"Just leave me alone, Bella. Now," he said, turning away from her.

Tears sprang from her eyes at his sudden outburst; he surely knew how to ruin the moment! She couldn't understand what exactly his words meant. Hadn't he said that he liked her? Hadn't they been talking and kissing and acting like a couple for the past few weeks? What did she meant to him? Were his words lies?

She stormed out from there, leaving him alone just as he wished, going doing her work normally. When it was time for dinner she delivered his tray as usual, he was in bed with his back to the door. She could hear the sound of his breathing aided by the oxygen machine. She placed the dinner at his bed end table and left the room. When she returned to pick it up 45 minutes later, she found his meal untouched. She crossed the room in an instant; he still had the breathing aid on, but was asleep, something glistened on his cheeks: tears.

Why had he been crying? Was he as hurt from his words as she was?

Edward thought about that afternoon over and over again. Had he been wrong in following his thoughts and kissing her on the first place? Or did she really mean something to him?

Why did she had to come into his life, what was her purpose? And most importantly why now, why didn't they meet at another time when he was healthy and could be the guy she deserved.

"Take it, it's yours," she had said. Could he be that selfish and do what she had asked? Or was it time for him to distance himself from her and forget how he felt?

He thought of his mother and how he needed her wisdom and words of encouragement right that moment. She had always been so understanding and happy; no matter the situation, she tackled her day with a smile. He wanted to be strong like her. In a way, he had been since he overcame her death, and fought to get better to have a life of his own.

"Mother, please help me, what should I do?" he whispered into the night. A rush of wind came through the window and he swore he could hear her say: Follow your heart my sweet boy, it knows what's best.

He felt Bella's presence twice in his room. He could smell her sweet aroma of lavender and vanilla. She was worried about him, he knew, but he couldn't talk to her, not yet. He still needed to think everything through.

As the night passed by, more and more he thought. He finally decided that he wasn't going to waste one more second; he was going to follow his feelings and be with her.

He thought back to when he first saw her. He had never seen anything so exquisite in his life, and he wanted her, but was afraid of her rejection. He was dying, why would she want to be with him? But then he saw the kindness in her eyes and he knew that she wasn't lying when she said she wasn't going to steal the earrings; she was too noble to commit such an act, of that he was certain.

He was resolved. No matter what, he was going to fight for her; he was going to be with whatever time he had left. He decided he would make the best of the rest of his life, and what could have been better than spending your days loving someone? And that he would. Isabella Swan was going to be his, and he was going to be hers.

He couldn't wait to see her again, have her in his arms, kiss her delectable lips, and finally tell her what he really felt.

This time, he knew that it was going to be worth it.

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