I look out of my apartment and I can see Changi Airport. Ahh... time to get to work. I work with Singapore Airlines as air hostess and live in a one bedroom apartment. My parents has migrated to Australia with my elder sister who has secured a job as lecturer with Charles Sturt University at Sydney. I pursued my dream to become and airhostess and by 21 I started working with Singapore Airlines... that's me... Anastasia Steele. My dad, Raymond Steele has long ago migrated to Singapore from the states and joined one of the big company in Singapore. He met my mother Jeniffer Jacinta Bennedict and got married. Now after retirement, they decided to follow my sister who managed to obtain Australian PR leaving me alone... which I don't mind. I have been a loner since small. Unlike my sister, Venessa Steele, who was popular, I have always kept to myself... very contrast to the career that I have chosen.

I am with Singapore Airlines for the last 3 years and now doing long hauls. I am flying to US today... San Francisco with a stop over for an hour or so at Hong Kong. I got into my routine of getting ready for work.

'Welcome to Singapore Airlines, Sir..' Gosh.. even in first class.. it is full capacity. It is going to be a tiring flight. We will have some passengers to take in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a heaven to shop but today we don't have the time. One hour stop is nothing for us.. After all the passengers are onboard, the head stewardess started giving safety instructions…after liftoff, I started serving drinks and soon dinner. Night flights are a little relaxing as we get to shut eyes for a little while.

'Ana.. baby.. you are so beautiful.. .mine. come for me… and I found my release to.'

Uhh… that was a stupid wet dream.. I get up from my seat and head to refresh myself. Damn I am wet from the dream. Who is this man? I have never seen him in my whole life and I am dreaming of him having sex with me and declaring his love to me. I have read about dreams and even consulted a psychiatrist and I have not got an answer on why I am having such dreams. After refreshing… it is time to land at Hong Kong.

We air hostess always meet successful businessmen on board and majority of them thinks that we give in to anything that they request.. I mean anything ... I was lucky that the passengers assigned to me today is decent enough. Lucky me. There is one more passenger left to get in and there is five minutes before the door closes. Since it is night.. I decided to get ready some blankets. ' Tasha.. your last passenger is in... He is hot! You lucky girl!' Monica chirps.. My colleagues calls me Tasha instead of Ana or Anastasia.

During my training, there were few of us with the same short name - Ana - and to differentiate us, I ended up with Tasha and that name stick to me for my career.

I quickly straighten up and walk towards the seat. 'Good evening Sir.. Welcome to Singapore Airlines business class. May I take your coat sir.' The man looks up and oh dear, such a beautiful eyes, sexy lips.. ' Good evening miss... Thank you.' I took his coat and I walk back to the coat compartment..' Hey Tasha.. the sexy hunk is calling..' Monica snaps me out of my trance..

'Yes sir, may I help you? I am Tasha, your air hostess for this trip.' He looks up and yes it is definitely him..The guy from my dream.

'Yes Miss Tasha.. Can I have some wine please?'

'Chilled sir?'

'Yes please..' he smiles ... very beautiful as hell.

'The flight is taking off in about a minute. May I fetch it for you once we are air bound?'

'Oh..Sorry I was unaware. Sure Miss Tasha.'

'Please fasten your seat belt sir.'

Thank you miss.'

His eyes are very intense... His penetrating gaze says something. I walk back to my seat after fetching the passengers list. In my three years flying, I have never checked the passengers list to know the passenger's name. Today I must find out...the man who has been having sex with me in my dreams and left me wet just now. As the plane lifts from the ground, I found his name - Christian Grey. We are on air... captain has removed the seatbelt sign. i grab few glasses of cold wine and offered to Mr Grey

'Sir, your wine...'

'Thank you Miss Tasha...' My name melts in his tongue.

Our fngers brushed and I felt a zap of shock. I am professional enough not to show it. I wonder if he felt it too. After attending to few other passengers, i collected the empty wine glass and settled at my seat.. I feel this is going to be a very long flight for me...

'Yes sir, may I help you? I am Tasha, your air hostess for this trip.'

Beautiful! Such a clear face... pale skin... brunette.. I have to wait to be on air before I get my wine. The way the uniform is wrapping her figure.. .I am pretty sure ... she has nice curves and flesh at the right location. But she looks very familiar. Where did I see her..

You have Merci waiting naked at home! She will be there for you to f*** senselessly... why are you looking at some other woman! Get your act right! Yah.. Merci.. my current sub... who also have similar features like Tasha... but there is something about Tasha... There is a electrical shock when our fingers brushed... I must find out about her.