The day passes without any interesting events… even I am out with the girls, I still have Christian behind my head. His kiss brings out feelings that I never had before… it is intense and different. I am confused and I notice Monica is eying me all the time.

'Tasha.. if you want to continue your life with Karthi… then get rid of Christian from your mind.'

'I am trying… I have never felt like this before.'

I just don't understand I feel that I am betraying Karthi… After a agonizing day, I am getting ready to fly back to Singapore in my flight SQ15 with a one hour stop over at Seoul. Just before I leave, the room phone rings. Monica is still applying her 1 inch thick make up.



'Yes..' Only Christian addresses me Anastasia. What the hell he wants…

'Are you ready to leave?'


'Why have you not called me?'

'I…was busy…'

'Fine… have a safe trip… and I know you are lying. You was not even happy to be out with the girls. Call me..' his voice is so seductive. I close my eyes and pinch my nose bridge.

'How did you know I was out with the girls?'

'I have my ways.'

'I got to go.' I must end this.

'I will be waiting for your call when you arrive in Singapore.'

'I will not call you Christian. I have my own life. Please don't disturb me!' I yell over the phone and slam it down. No… I can't do this. Monica rushes out from the bath with half lips of red shade looking worried.

'Who was that?'

'Christian' I whisper and my eyes start tearing.

'Oh dear… what he wants?' Monica walks towards me with a concerned look.

'Asking why I didn't call him. How am I going to avoid him?' I just feel that he has his ways to track me and one day he is just going to turn up at my door in Singapore.

'Hey… he is calling you here because he knows you are here.. but when we leave… he won't know your whereabouts.'

'Monica… my brain says that he has his ways to find me… and one day he will find me… maybe even turn up at my doorstep.' Monica wipes my tear and hands me the tissue.

'Look… forget about the déjà vu that I was saying. He is NOT GOING TO FIND YOU! Get it?' she looks straight into my eyes and I want to believe her but I know… he will definitely find me.


'Hi Karthi..'

'Hey Ana… when did you get back?'

'Today early morning at 1. I didn't call you when I reached because it is so early in the morning.'

'Hey no problem. Wan to catchup for lunch? When are you flying again?

'I have a meeting today at 3. I will see you for lunch before the meeting.'


'There was a memo today for all long haul air hostesses. They are going to mixes up. No longer doing the same route.'

'Good for you! You have been complaining about being on the same route.'

'Yea… where shall I meet you?'

'Indian Street? At 1?'

'Fine.. see you then.'

'I throw my phone on my bed and start unpacking. While clearing my purse, again Christian's card falls out… Damn why am I keeping it? I chuck it under my planner and carried on unpacking. After picking out my dress - a white pants and purple top, I took my bath. I took the bus to Indian street and walk towards our favorite south Indian restaurant. As I am few steps away, I saw Karthi walking towards the shop.



We walk into the shop… no hand holding nothing… we hardly hold hand in public. I could count the number of time he has held my hand in public or the number of time he has kissed me… I could use my fingers to count… and trust me… I won't use all my fingers to count. But just the few hours with Christian, he held my hand, kissed me and made me forget myself..

After ordering,

'So.. Have you asked your parents?'

Huh… what am I suppose to ask?

'Have you forgotten?' he still smiles and sounds enthusiastic and I have no idea why.. What did I forget?

'Our engagement Ana.. .' oh dear.. How can I forget?

'Sorry Karthi…I did not get a chance to call my parents.. I am just exhausted from this trip. I was dead bored and had nothing to do and Monica dragged me around… gosh..' I fake tiredness…. In a way it was the truth.. Okay.. Half truth… I didn't have anything to do… I was bored… I went shopping with Monica… gosh… dinner and breakfast with Christian in less than 24 hours.

'I want to get you the engagement saree from India…' he has been going on about the engagement for half an hour. Wait saree?

'Are you planning an Indian style of engagement?'

'Yeah... Didn't we agree on it long time ago?'

Did we? Oh dear.. I am forgetting everything.

'Yah.. I remember.. sorry.'

'Hey.. Anything bothering you Ana?'

'My mind is drifting back to the memo and my coming meeting.' And Christian.

'Don't worry... everything will be fine. Don't worry…' and he touches my knuckles… hmmm I don't feel anything… what is wrong!

'Come.. let me drive you to the airport.'

'thanks… ' After paying, Karthi drops me off at the Airport and assures me again that everything will be fine. I give him a weak smile and he drives off.

After a two hours of meeting, things was finalized and now I have schedules to San Francisco, Heath row, New York and LA. After collecting my schedule for the following week, Monica sends me home and I just want to shut down. Yah before that…

'Hi mom…'

'Hey honey… how are you?'

'I am good. How is dad and Ven'

'Ven is not back yet and Dad is out for run.'


'Where have you been lately?'

'I came back from San Francisco today early morning. Then I went for lunch with Karthi and I just got back. I want to sleep off and I am flying to New York day after tomorrow.'

'Honey… why not you come and stay with us here…. You can try to get into Qantas…'

'Mom.. I have to discuss something.'

'Yes darling.'

'Karthi..he.. umm'

'Go on darling.'

'His parents want to meet you guys to discuss about the engagement.'

'Fine dear… I will let you know when we are coming down.'

'k ma..'



'Are you ok?' oh dear.. not her too… am I that obvious?

'Yah.. I am fine..'

'You don't sound fine. You don't sound excited about the engagement. I mean.. You have been going out with him for half of your life!'

'Yea ma… I am just tired.' You can lie to everyone… can you lie to yourself? My subconscious with her hands folded and tapping a foot.

'Ok dearie… I will call you back when I have the dates.'

'Love you mom…'

'Love you Annie.'

There... even she suspects… I just pull the comforter over my head and sleep.

Why she has not called me. Taking it up at Merci is not helping. I can't get Anastasia out of my mind.

'Taylor... What happen to the background check?' I sound more annoyed then I intend to.

'Sir, Welch counterpart at Singapore has not got back to him. I have checked this morning. I will check this afternoon again.'

'Do that Taylor.' I head to the gym. Nothing seem to take my mind off Anastasia. Finally at 2 I get the details I want.

Name : Anastasia Rose Steele

Age : 24 (4/3/1989)

Address : A-4-21, Skypark Apartment, Williams Street, Singapore

Mobile : 011 + 65 + 8356 4471

Banking Details : United Overseas Bank – 222-45781 ; Balance $46251.80

Occupation : Air Hostess

Education : Diploma in Secretarial, Air Hostess training

Employment : Singapore Airlines

Political Aff : Nil

Religious Aff : Christianity and Hinduism

Sexual Orient : Not Known

Relationship : Karthi - Boyfriend

Mother : Jeniffer Jacinta Bennedict – Chinese Indian Mix

Father : Raymond Steele – American

Sister : Vennesa Steele

Family residing at Sydney Australia

No wonder she is so resistant – She has a boyfriend. She has a boyfriend and you have a sub! Get rid of her… you don't need her to fly half the globe just for your weekend activity! Get a life. Call Merci! Shut up!

She having a boyfriend is not going to stop me. Now I have her number. Let's see if she answers. Even if its 11 night.

'Hello?' and I hear a yawn.

Even she yawning is sexy.


'Christian?!' she whispers… and her breathing has changed. I have got an effect on her. That is promising.

'How did you find me?!'

'I have my ways baby… If I want something… I will get it.. and I want you 'I whisper the you. And her breathing is erratic now. Very promising!

'Look.. Christian.'

There… she is getting upset… I've got her.

'You've got my attention dear.'

'Stop calling me dear! And second! Don't ever call me! Get it!' and the line goes dead. She can't get me out of her mind to. Now… I must get her flight schedule…