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On a night as dark as this, one would not think to find any color in the landscape, yet strangely it was everywhere.

Red. Crimson, liquid red.

This and another color contrasted with the shadowed landscape, and it would take a genius to know what it exactly what it was even if one could not hear the angered, sorrow filled screams emitting from the small, remote village. The other color…

was white.

So pristine in its nature, it rippled with even the slightest shift in the wind. Every turn of the beast's head, snap of its jaws, or swish of its tail, the white fur would shake ever so gracefully. But of course it would be so, as the beast himself in whatever form he took was graceful, and poised in a venomous stance.

Yes, poised, that is how he was on the outside and most normally on the inside, but not this night. His mind was in utter chaos; two sides, inu beast and rational master, fought for dominance of their shared vessel. If their current state of massacring rage was any indication, his beast was currently winning.

After two centuries, Sesshomaru's beast was finally out, and it was determined to stay out until its bloodlust was true and fully sated. Although Sesshomaru was far less concerned with the loss of innocent human lives, more upset with his lapse of control and savage behavior, he still didn't relish in the thought of lives lost in the West; yet the Western Lord's beast was enraptured by the shrill scream of panic and heavy scent of fear in the air.

Just as the Inu taiyoukai was about to claim the head of another small human girl, a sound whispered through the village, carried to him on the echoing wind. It was soft, yet strong enough to pierce through his ravenous growls and villagers' screams. It stopped the beast in his tracks. It was almost as if it called to him, no not just him, but his very being, his heart, his soul.

The massive youkai lifted its head and scented towards the north, the direction from which the heavenly sound was coming from. The air was ever so lightly dusted with an equally light and equally pleasing scent floating with the sound. The scent was clean and crisp, of morning rain and water lilies with an earthy undertone. For some reason as soon as those two things combined however, his beast's bloodlust shifted, changing into a completely new, complex desire, but the root of that desire was north. It became a complete, unadulterated need to be closer to that beautiful sound.

Without a second glance at the village, Sesshomaru raced north. He ran for a mere twenty minutes, the sound becoming ever louder and clearer as he drew closer to its origin. Finally he came to a small clearing, bathed in an ethereal glow under the full moon. Lush green blew in an invisible wind with scattered moon flowers opened in full bloom, catching and reflect the moon's light. Even Sesshomaru's beast, who rarely found anything other than a blood bath to be beautiful could not deny the strange peace he felt in the holy heavenly garden. But the sight wasn't what he sought.

The sound. It only took a brief glace around the small clearing to find its source for next to the small, trickling creek, perched on a large rock sat a goddess, a pan flute pressed to her lips. She wore a strange flowing gown, most unlike traditional kimonos. Long in the back, to drag a foot on the ground, though not marred by a singled speck of dirt, and short in the front, coming up maybe three inches above the knee, the dress was a crisp white, accented by an emerald sash at her waist. The one sleeve was short and hung off the shoulder, leaving them bare to display an expanse of metallic silver swirls and spirals which danced across her ivory skin. Her ebony hair contrasted to the scene in innocent rebellion as it flowed elegantly to just above her waist. Although she did not face him, he could only imagine the soft face to accompany such a flawless form. One side of her hair was pulled back behind one of her pointed ears, from which dangled a silver chain jeweled with green gems of varying shades.

And although she was beautiful in every sense of the word, he had yet to comprehend the sound. The hauntingly bittersweet melody which flitted through the meadow and to his canine ears was soft, yet it drowned out every other sound in the forest, and how it was able to reach his ears miles away he and his beast will likely never fully understand. The Western Lord took comfort in the calming song that sung to his beast, finally settling down enough to sit and watch on as the beauty playing her tune as if he didn't even exist.

It wasn't until the music stopped, that he realized he had lay down and closed his eyes to better take in her onna's melody and scent. Waves of comforting power had washed over him in time with the music. They had caressed his own, lulling him into an almost dazed sense of calm. That made Sesshomaru think that she must have known of his presence there, yet as his beast opened his eyes, she had yet to make a move to turn around to face him.

Sitting back up, his beast let out a low whine at the loss of the sweet music. Lowering the flute, the onna finally turned around to look at the inu in all his glory, while he was equally granted to do the same. She had overall soft features which extended to a softness in her striking emerald eyes. Her cherry lips were curved into a plump, nurturing smile.

As she swung her long legs across to the other side of the boulder she let out a light giggle, like the tinkling of little bells that made the beast want to purr in contentment.

"Did you enjoy my song, Sesshomaru?" she asked with another bell like laugh. Sesshomaru could only growl in response, turning her slight curve of the lips into a full blown grin, displaying elongated canines. That elated smile was so like that of another woman he had met, and although the beast couldn't quite make the connection, Sesshomaru could.

The wench.

His half-brother's miko often wore that same smile, though never directed at him as this one was now, but it couldn't be the same girl. Despite many of their features being extremely similar, they could not be the same. The pointed ears, fangs, markings, and even aura were not quite demonic, but they most certainly weren't human either. The one discerning trait that separated the two, were the eyes. The miko had earth colored eyes, not these pools of forest green lightness, and her eyes were not near as inviting as these. He would admit that the onna had a certain physical appeal for a human, but not near the caliber of the specimen before him. Sesshomaru's consciousness was pulled back to attention when he heard the Tenshi speak to his beast again.

"Would you like me to play another?" The beast gave a small woof of agreement, and her grin spread for reasons unknown to both the beast and his master, but then it softened, turning almost sympathetic, "I would love to, and I will, but only if you let Sesshomaru come back now." If the Lord had been in control of his body his eyes would have uncharacteristically widened in shock. 'So that's her game,' he thought.

The beast growled lowly, causing the woman to sigh and slip off from her perch and approach him. Placing a delicate clawed hand on his paw she sent another sweet smile up toward him. "Please, I promise I will play another song for you if you let him come back, and if your master permits it, I would love to play for you another time as well. So what do you say? Do you think you could let Sesshomaru come back for a little while?"

Oh, this onna was good. Lightly stroking his paw as she spoke so soothingly, so gentle, how could his beast resist? He likely would have done it anyways just hear her play that flute again, but now that she spoke and touched him with such careful abandon that the normal Sesshomaru would have shunned, he most certainly wouldn't refuse. However that didn't stop him from whining again and lowering his muzzle to her in a canine plead to let him have his way.

Then there was that little giggle again, the one his beast liked to hear almost as much as he did the music. "Come on big guy," she said affectionately now placing her hand on his rather big nose, "it's not so bad." She assured him. Giving a canine version of a sigh, he nodded his large head in submission. He waited till she sat comfortably on her rock once more before stalking back to the recesses of his master's mind, allowing control to fall back to Sesshomaru, which he gladly took. However the beast was sure to leave the door to his mental cage open so that he would still be able to hear the beautiful music, or be able to regain control in case the onna didn't keep up with her end of the bargain.

In a funnel of wind and demonic energy, Sesshomaru returned to his humanoid form, emerging shirtless and rather ragged looking with light traces of blood on his face and dirt on his hands and shoeless feet. She smiled at him again before lifting the seemly powerless instrument to her lips to play another soothing song. This one was slightly more upbeat, and had he been anyone other than Sesshomaru, stoic demon Lord of the West, he would have thought to dance to the faster tempo of the song. Still the Lord couldn't help the blissful smile that crossed his face as he leant up against one of the many trees in the area. If had been anyone else, he also would have thought this girl had placed some sort of spell over him, but not even the Kami could bewitch this demon, or so he thought at least.

As soon as the second song was over, the flute quickly changed over to yet another song, this one much more like the first, a peaceful lullaby with a tinge of sadness in its harmony. By the time the third song was done and over with, Sesshomaru's beast was fast asleep in the back of his mind with the cage door firmly closed and locked away on it. Without even opening his eyes the youkai Lord spoke, "Have you a name, onna?"

That laugh again, "Surely you recognize me Sesshomaru?"

His eyes snapped open. All the things that little phrase could imply, all the questions it sent spiraling through his mind was enough in itself to give him a headache, but none of it showed on his face of course beyond the general glimmer of confusion in his eyes. Thinking of only one possible person he knew that was anywhere close to this ethereal beauty he went out on a limb, "Miko?"

"Very good, my Lord." For some reason the formal title almost sounded like a joke coming from her lips, especially when one saw the cutely twisted smirk she was using to desperately suppress her amused laugh. "I know what you're thinking, and I know. It's quite strange, wouldn't you say?" When he didn't reply, she let out a childish sigh, leaning back on her hands, "Oh well, I suppose you have more important things to get back to, I'll see you around, Sessh," she announced just as she slid off the rock, pan flute still in hand, and began to glide out of the small clearing. Just as abruptly, Sesshomaru had her pinned by the neck against a tree. He'd be damned if he let her go so easily, not when there were so many annoying questions and uncertainties swirling in her head.

"Explain miko," he snarled out through gritted teeth. Now most people would have recoiled instantly at his glare. Most people would have apologized for their insolence, thrown themselves at his feet and given him every answer he could have wanted and more. That's what most people would have done, but Kagome wasn't most people. For she, surprised the taiyoukai by grinning like a madman. It was as if she expected this very reaction from him. She most likely had.

Closing her eyes, her powerful aura rippled, and her form faded into the tree she was held against until Sesshomaru was grasping at nothing but air. Her laughter filled the clearing once again, and he spun around to see her leaning out of another tree on the far side of the meadow. "That's not going to work, Sesshomaru, at least not with me."

"Explain!" He demanded once more. She merely tut-ed at this.

"Come now Sesshomaru, you're going to have to be more specific than that. What do you want to know. Tell me all those swirling, burning, and irritating questions that are inside that pretty little head of yours. Tell me what you want; tell me, and I may just give you what you want." With each word she took a step closer to him, till she was right beneath his shadow cast by the moonlight. She was at least a foot shorter than he, and far more fragile looking, but her presence someone screamed power! "What do you want to know, Great Lord of the West?"


"More specific please."

Growling lowly he replied, "How are you the miko?"

She chuckled lightly, "Oh yes, that. Well, who ever said I was even a miko to begin with, my aura is so easy to change and mask, it's hard to keep track of exactly what I am. Such is the art of deception." The girl made an absent minded hand gesture as if dismissing the subject, "Next question."

The whole situation was rather casual for Sesshomaru's likings but he would not deny his desire for answers. "That instrument, what enchantment is on it?"

"And what makes you think this is anything but an ordinary flute?" Kagome inquired with a smirk, to which she received only a blank stare. She sighed, walking back to her stone to sit, "Very well, this Flute is not under enchantment, but the enchantment itself. By playing certain songs, I can call my charge to me. Others can calm them, empower them, and elicit other favorable responses."

The youkai lifted a single delicate eyebrow, "Charge?"

Then her smile turned sad, "Yes, charge; and if you haven't already figured it out, that would be you."

His eyes widened fractionally, "Why?"

"To repay my debt, surely you remember what I speak of." And he did, he most certainly did.


They had been fighting for what seemed like hours and still Naraku's attacks had yet to lessen in their intensity. It was by pure chance that the inutachi and Sesshomaru's groups had met up, but Naraku made quick work of them all, knocking them all unconscious until only Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Kagome remained fighting the vile hanyou.

Kagome continued with her swift release of powered arrows while the half-brothers attacked him head on, brandishing their father's fangs. They were so close to winning, so much so that they could all taste it. They knew they wouldn't be able to defeat him to the point that he wouldn't regenerate, they still had yet to find his heart.

Just as Inuyasha was about to use the wind scar on Naraku again since he had brought down his barrier, Kagome saw a single , massive tentacle creep up behind him, ready to plunge straight through his heart. She didn't think, she only acted.

Kagome and Inuyasha had come to a mutual agreement a few months ago, that their love was strictly platonic, and though they were still fiercely loyal and protective of each other as they were to all others of their pack, they knew that they would never be romantic. That brother-sisterly love was what drove her to leap and shove the hanyou out of the way, taking the tentacle straight through her own chest.

Then for our young heroine, there was a bloodcurdling scream, which she assumed was her own, and then darkness; a never ending, black emptiness. Like floating in a jar of ink, but just as suddenly as she was cast into the endlessly barren world she was pulled from it, as if she had never been there in the first place. And as her eyes fluttered open they landed immediately on the stoic demon lord, with a glowing Tenseiga in hand. It hit her like a bolt of lightning; she had died, and Sesshomaru had revived her, for what reasons she was unsure.

She may have been alive once more, but her energy still fled from her, allowing her to fall back to darkness, but this one not near as still and restful as the waters of death. This darkness had dreams dancing through it, but one dream in particular stood out to her. The form of an ethereal beauty cast against the white and gold lights of the dream's negative space. And as she spoke to the miko, Kagome came to understand her life would forever be altered.

End Flashback

"That onna, the Kami Izanami, told me of a debt to be paid, but one that I could not fulfill on my own." It was as if Kagome was lost in her very thoughts as she relayed her story to the very unresponsive youkai lord. It wasn't until she let out a long sigh that she finally turned to face Sesshomaru. "She told me that although I was strong, I was not strong enough to fulfill my debt. I thought she would turn me into a demon, in all honesty," Sesshomaru snorted at this, "But she explained that one so pure as a miko, as myself, could not be so suddenly turned into something so tainted in nature. Not even the Gods had the power to go against the very rules they had set for the universe. So instead," she paused, her eyes focusing on some far off point, as if deep in thought, considering whether or not to tell him this next part, "she gave me her own blood." Now that got his attention! "And I was reborn, a child of the very earth, forever bound to it and my debt until such time that I am released from my duty."

"And that duty would be?" Sesshomaru asked with a hesitance that surprised even him.

She smiled sadly, "To preserve the balance of life and death on this earth, and because you wield the Tenseiga, that means I am forever bound to you as well. The sword of life, the very sword which gave me a new life, I am to make sure you use it when necessary, and in doing so, the Kami have promised us both eternal happiness." If Sesshomaru had ever learned anything, it was to never dishonor the Kami, it was the first lesson his father had taught him, but that didn't stop him from snorting at her reply. He was about to make some sarcastic remark when a question was shoved to the forefront of his mind by his ever curious beast, and although he wasn't in a habit of giving into his beast's demands, he had to admit that he was quite curious about it himself.

"You say you were reborn, a child of the earth you say? What exactly do you mean?" He asked with a raised brow.

Kagome huffed, "Geeze, when I said to ask all your questions, I didn't think you actually had this many!" She proclaimed while dramatically lounging back on the rock so that she was now looking at the Lord upside-down. The new angle made his expression seem far less serious, causing her to laugh yet again, but still give into giving him an answer. "If you must know, I am much like an angel now, but not quite so. I am bound to the earth, where as angels are bound to the heavens. You see my debt was made when I was brought back to life, that doesn't happen too often. Most are made when people die, thus becoming to governors of death, angels of death, in fact. But I was a rare case, the first of my kind to be created in Japan. You can find plenty of them in the far off land of Greece, for some reason, people over there just don't seem to want to stay dead. " she remarked offhandedly, "I am an immortal creature, bound to the earth to forever serve to its devices. That makes me a-" she paused, looking at Sesshomaru as if he would know the answer an eagerly shouting it out at this point. She sat abruptly, swinging around to face him. "Come on, Sesshy! You know this one!"

"Wench, you will refrain from speaking to this Sesshomaru so casually," he growled out. His hand was seriously itching to rip out her throat, but she had just said that she was immortal, so doing so would be a wasted effort, something Sesshomaru wasn't too fond of.

"EHH, wrong!" she made a sound like a game show buzzer," Sorry the answer we were looking for was nymph! Better luck next round!" This earning another, more vicious growl from the taiyoukai. Kagome rolled her eyes, "Well isn't someone mister grumpy pants today! Honestly, don't you have even the smallest sense of humor?!" A blank stare was again her only response. "Right, guess not."

They sat for several minutes lost in their own thoughts, staring intently into one another's eyes, till finally Kagome ended the unofficial staring contest to gaze at the sinking moon. Had so much time really passed? It felt like mere minutes ago that he had entered the clearing and the whole moon had been at its apex in the sky.

"Well, I suppose that concludes our time together for tonight," She announced with a sigh, arching her back to stretch the tight, cramped muscles in her back which relaxed in a symphony of painful sounding pops and cracks. Sliding down from her perch, she made her way to the edge of the clearing opposite Sesshomaru. "I had a nice time tonight, we should do this again sometime, which we will, quite soon I believe," she proclaimed with a sense of finality as she took in the sight of the still twinkling stars in the sky. "You should be getting back to your pack, Rin is very worried after you took off without even threatening Jaken with his life should harm come to her. Oh, and don't go directly south, or if you do, not on foot, the villages you destroyed are none too happy about what you did, and I would prefer not having to calm you down again should you choose to react violently." Her, calm him down. He still didn't like the sound of it, but he could understand what she meant. "Oh, and let's keep this between us. It'll be our little secret, hmm?"

With that she brought her flute to her lips once more and began to play another fast paced tune, one that had his beast wagging his tail too. She walked, no practically skipped out of the clearing, fading into the trees themselves as she went. Still her melody floated on the air and rang in his mind even as his ears could no longer detect it.

That onna, that onna was so unbearable! Such disrespect, such insolence! Yet as her scent floated on the air towards him, her song hummed in his ears, and her emerald eyes haunted his sight even behind closed eyes. Sesshomaru knew one thing, and one thing only.

He wanted to see her again.

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