Disclaimer: I do not own Valkyria Chronicles in any way. If I did, this would be considered a script for the next game in the series.

Caligna, Darknam

1944 EC

In the city of Caligna, capital of Darknam, to the north of the Atlantic Federation, an uprising was beginning to take hold.

For the past nine years, mostly notably during the cover of the Second Europan War, a businessman with great ambitions, plotted the take over of Darknam. He and many of the military officers, as well as businessmen, sided with him. The name of the businessman, was Lord Roger Saxom, of the House of Saxom.

Upon reaching Parliament, Saxom and his soldiers stormed the place, where a meeting was being held.

Inside the meeting room, the Prime Minister and the delegates were taken completely off guard.

"What's this?!" Prime Minister Gabriel Oliverson shouted as the troops stormed the meeting room. "Under who's authority gave you permission to barge right into here?!"

"Mine, Prime Minister." Saxom replied as he entered the room.

"Lord Saxom? I should have realized. Guards, arrest them!" Oliverson ordered the guards of parliament to arrest the conspirators.

But the guards did nothing.

"Guards! I, as Prime Minister, order you to arrest them!" Oliverson clarified. But still, nothing. It then dawned on him, as Saxom confirmed:

"You see, Prime Minister, everyone in the Darknam military has cashed in on my plans. You, Gabriel Oliverson, are no longer Prime Minister."

Saxom's eyes began to glow Ragnite blue, as he made a guttural order, "Kill them."

He then turned and walked out of the room, as the sound of machine guns and rifles firing sounded throughout Parliament. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are dead.

"And this... Is where it all begins..." Saxom muttered to himself, with a sinister chuckle. He continues with the words, "After all, it's just good business."