At The Death Star

Darth Vader was looking out the window of his death star one in particularly boring day, when one of his pitiful slaves knocked on the door. What now? Darth Vader growled, opening the door.
W-w-well sir you have s-s-some strange v-visitors who wish to speak to you. Replied the terrified man.
Send them up, I m bored. J-j-just one thing I think you should know a-a-about t-t-t-them sir. What, do you think I should know about them, other than that they have interrupted my thoughts? W-w-well sir, they re all dressed like you

With the Jedi

A young Jedi knocked on the door to the Jedi counsel room. In you must come. Replied an elderly voice. The young Jedi stepped inside with a troubled look on his face. What troubles you young one? Asked Jedi master Yoda.
Well there are some very strange and loud visitors here for, he stopped a moment to look at a piece of paper in his hand, all of the Jedi. He finished. Bad intentions have they? Inquired Yoda. No I don t think so they just said they really, really, really wanted to meet some Jedi. Strange about then what is? Well they, they re all dressed up like you and like some of the dearly departed Jedi

At the death star

Darth Vader stared in a mixture of horror and shock at the massive crowd of teenagers dressed up as him standing around the cargo bay. What is this? Vader demanded of the crowd. Instantly the crowd fell silent and turned towards him. A voice from the center of the crowd screamed: "OH MY GOSH IT'S DARTH VADER! HERE TO SEE US!"
Suddenly all over the crowd people, (If you could even call them that!) started screaming things like "I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" and "I LOVE YOU MARRY ME!" and all sorts of creepy things like that. "AHHHHH!" Screamed Vader running away. "DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!" Screamed the crowd.
"I WILL NOT MARRY YOU!" Yelled Vader as he ran for his life. The crowd of fan girls and boys chased Vader all around the death star, tearing it apart in the process, for the rest of the week.

With the Jedi

"Going on what is?" Asked Yoda as he stared at the massive wave of teenagers dressed up like Jedi in front of him.
"OH MY FREAKIN GOSH IT'S JEDI MASTER YODA!" Came a scream from the back of the crowd. "I LOVE YODA" Wailed another.
"Want what do you?" Asked Yoda, confused by the strange reaction from the crowd.
"We are the Jedi fan club announced a girl in the front,
"And we would like to meet the Jedi and maybe have some tea with you." Added a girl standing next to her.
"Are you the leaders?" Asked some random Jedi from the counsel.
"Yes said the first girl, and if you're wondering our names I'm Emily," said the first girl,
"And I'm Abby." Said the girl next to Emily.
And So Everyone Had Tea With The Jedi And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

When suddenly Obiwan wondering what all the fuss was about came and interrupted Emily, Yoda and Abbys tea. Emily looked up to see who it was and saw that it was Obiwan. She stood up and hugged him. The REAL end.