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I looked at my watched – 5:00 P.M. Emily got off of work at 6:00 P.M., so I had a bit over an hour to get ready for her. My parents, like usual, were out of town on business, and I could not be more thankful. I rushed around the house and grabbed as many tea light candles as I could find. 'Is thirty enough?' I thought to myself. I decided that it was enough and continued to gather the rest of the necessities for tonight.

Hey babe I'm here! - Em

Come up and lock the door. I'm in the bathroom. I'll be right out. - Me

I finished lighting all the candles and set the light to dim on my way out of the bathroom. Everything was perfectly set. The water, which was scolding hot, ten minutes ago, was now just steaming hot, and the thirty candles were set all around the room. I walked into my room and found Emily sprawled across my bed. I laid down right beside her,

"How was the rest of work?" She just simply glared at me, "Okay so I'll take it as not so great!" I leaned over and kissed her forehead before falling back on the bed again. "Hey Em." She grunted as a response, "I left my phone in the bathroom. Can you grab it?"

"Why the fuck do I have to grab it?! I can barely move! You go get it!" This might be harder than I thought. Attempt number two to get her in the bathroom.

"I hurt my ankle earlier. It kinda hurts to be on it. And also you should do it because you love me and my pain is above your pain?" She grunted once more, but got up,

"I'm only taking that excuse once, okay?"


She exited my room and made her way down the hall.

* Door creaks open *

"Oh my god!" I laughed at her reaction, and appeared right behind her,

"You called me?" She playfully slapped me,

"You did all this?" I nodded, "And you let me be a bitch to you?" Once again I just nodded, but this time I also held a smirk on my face. She hit me again, "That makes you a bitch!" I put my arms around her waist and slickly unbuttoned her jeans,

"How about you just shut up and take of your damn clothes?" She swiftly rotated around in my arms and ripped open my flannel, leaving nothing to imagination.

"How about you just shut the fuck up and take off your damn clothes?" I chuckled lightly at her retort,

"You're just lucky you didn't ruin my shirt! It's my favorite!" She slowly pulled her jeans down,

"I bought that shirt for you!" I followed her example and slid my pants off as well,

"That's why they're my favorite!" She playfully slapped my torso again,

"Such a damn sweet talker! Didn't I just tell you to shut the fuck up?"

"Whatev-" She pulled me in, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth, cutting off my sentence completely. I nodded and took off rest of my clothes, leaving both of us completely naked. I gave her body a once over and made sure she noticed. She blushed furiously and climbed into the tub after me.

Once we were emerged in the soothing water, I rubbed a little bit of massage oil onto my hands, and worked her shoulders. "Oh god... That feels... Oh god." I simply smiled at her reaction and continued to rub her worries away. I worked all the knots away and moved down her upper back, getting the same reaction as I did earlier. "God, Paige. Your hands are like magic."

"Hmm. That's what you screamed last week, right?" I joked as I continued to let her melt into me. She just moaned,

"I would retaliate, but I don't want you to stop."

'Said that last week too!' I thought to myself, no longer wanting to interrupt her state of relaxation. I finished up the massage and lightly pushed her forward,

"Okay stay in that position for a second." I stood up, grabbed shampoo and conditioner, and grabbed the hand held shower head. I sat back down in my previous seat and turned the water on. The shower head burst into life, so I rinsed my love's head.

Once her hair was fully soaked, I turned off the water and put shampoo in my hand. I rubbed my hands together and started massaging her scalp. The scent of lavender filled the air, which made her comment, "Lavender? Did you go out and buy my shampoo, babe?" I nodded with a smile,

"Yup. Lavender and unicorn tears! Makes your hair sexy and smell fantastic!" As she leaned back onto my chest, I felt her laughter vibrate through me.

As we waited for the shampoo to set, I wrapped my arms around her,

"This feels so amazing and relaxing." She turned around and kissed me tenderly,

"You think that pampering me feels amazing? You should see what it feels like on this side." I smiled lovingly as I stared into her beautiful brown eyes,

"Maybe next time. I'm completely content where I'm standing... or sitting if you want to be technical." I kissed her cheek and twisted her body around to face the front, "Okay. Rinse time." I used my foot to kick the lever, turning the water back on. I completely rinsed all the contents out of her hair and kicked the lever off. I proceeded to lather Emily's hair with the $50 bottle of conditioner that I bought for her not too long ago. I massaged her scalp for the next few minutes – only the sound of her moans filled the air.

"Feels good?" I asked.

"Mmmmhmmmmm." She replied.

"Well, bath time is over. Time to rinse, hon." She shook her head, much like a child who is forced to go to bed early. I leaned over and kissed her collarbone, "If you think this feels good, I don't think you can handle what's going to happen in the bedroom next." This caused her to jump to her feet and snatch the shower head from my hands. I turned on the water again with a chuckle and pulled the plug out of the bathtub.

As she held the shower head above her, I helped wash the rest of the conditioner down the drain. Soon enough, we were done and out of the tub, drying ourselves. I pulled her in for a chaste kiss to the lips, "Ready for part two?"