Me: I decied to start a new story.

Jeff: Don't tell me it about Serina.

Me: Yes it is. She is finaly old enouf to be a Pokemon Ranger like her sisster.

Emily: Just get to the point!

Me: Okay. Serina will go to Ranger School to be a ranger. There she'll find good friend's and find love.

Ellie: PKMN Trainer Crystal dose not own Pokemon or the twin Oc. She only own her oc


Serina P.O.V

My name is Serina Lovvet. Today I going to start my first day at Ranger School. I am the daughter of Serenity and Darien. I also have a big sister name Kate how is a Top Ranger at the Ranger Union. I'm 14 years old and this is how I started out as a Ranger School student.

"Serina! Time to get up!" My sisster yelled from downstairs.

"Just a few more minites." I answord.

"You going to be late it 8:30!" My cousain/nice yelled.

"It what!" I yelled as I jump out of bed and went to my closet to get out my ranger uniform brush my teeth and put my hair into a pony tail.

"I am so sorry!" I yelled as I fell down th stairs.

"Serina are you okay." Rini said.

"No I not." I said is I started to cry anime style.

"Stop crying little sis." Kate said.

"Sorry." I said.

"So are you ready for your first day." My dad smirk.

"Yep." I said as I got to my feat. "And I wont to be a good ranger as my Kate and Rini." I lafe.

"Hey!" Kate and Rini yelled.

Kate is my big sisster and Rini is her future daughter but both of them ackt like the same. My sisster is dateing a redhair guy how call himself Keith and Rini is dateing Kellyn, a friend of mine how is already a top ranger with Kate and Rini, but Rini was wearing a different uniform then Kate. Rini was wearing a light blue ranger uniform, with a yellow scarf on her neack. She is also wearing blue and red shouse, yellow socks, and red goggles and her ranger jacket was on the kitchen table.

"U'm Rini. Why are you wearing your Obliva uniform?." I ask her.

"Ow. My other uniform got torn up when I went on that mission to stop a ranpageing Carnivi." She answord with a small lafe.

"Anyway we better get going Serina. You don't wont to be late." Kate said as she started to put on her shose wild Rini put on her Ranger jacket.

"Okay." I said as I grabe my backpack that got all of my stuff in it and went outside

"We have to go." Rini said. "But i'll bring out Latias so she will tack you to Ranger school fast." She said.

"Thanks Rini." I smile.

"Ranger sighn! Latias." Rini yelled as she jump up in the air and made Latias sighn.

"Rini. Is there something you need." Latias said.

"Yes. Can you bring Serina to ranger school. She running a little late." Rini said. "Do you think you can bring her there fast." She said.

"Of course. Now come on Serina." Latias said.

"Right." I said as I got onto Latias back.

Ow and let me tell you this I have the ability to talk to pokemon along with the rest of my family.

When I got to ranger school Latias land. I said goodbye to her when she left. I turn around to the princible.

"Aw. Welcom. You must be Serina." She said.

"Yes I am. You must be Princeble Sara." I said.

"Aw. Yes I am." Princible Sara said.

My other good friend Crystal said her mother is now running the ranger school now.

"Now let me show you were you be tacking your test." Princible Sara said.

We walk to a small bilding. When we went inside I sow someone how was lafeing. He creep's me out.


Emily P.O.V

"Hey guy's I got some good news." I said as I walk tword's my three friend's

"Realy what is it." Autumn said getting out of his seat.

"We going to have a new student joining us. And were is Danny." I said as I look around the classroom to see my boyfriend not here.

My name is Emily Smart, and I here to be a Operator. I have a brother name Keith how is a top ranger in the Ranger Union. I have three friends. Two of them are twins they were my childhood frieds and we travil togather in Unova. And the other one is a pervert. I have emerel green eyes and orange hair that was tied into two ponytales.

"He must have oversleep." Jeff said

The door open. Me,Autumn,and Jeff turn around to see a very still sleepy Danny.

"Well look like your made it just in time." Jeff smirk.

"Shut up Jeff." Danny yawn. Danny is my good friend. We been dateing when we were traviling in Unova. He have spiki brown hair, and bright orange eyes witch I abor so much and he is wearing the boys school uniform.

"Aw. Chear up Danny." I said as I kiss him on the lips.

"Thanks Emily." Danny said as he pull me closer.

"Danny stop!" I yelled as I try to get out of his gap.

"Now how long have they been togather." Jeff ask Autumn. That Jeff he is the pervert in the school he have brown spiki hair and emerel green eyes.

"They been togather when they were trainers in Unova." Autumn answord. That Autumn she was my chilhood friend and she is Danny twin sisster. She have light blue hair, and orange eyes.

The door open and everyone went to there seates.

"Good morning class." Ms. April said.

"Good moring." Everyone said.

"Today we have a new student today." Are teacher said.

Everyone started to talk. Are class have 11 student and there was 1 empty seat right next to Jeff.

"Okay you can come in now." Ms. April said.


Jeff P.O.V

When the doors open a girl came in. She have light pink hair that has in a pony tail and was holding onto a green ribben. She was wearing the girls school uniform. She have sapire blue, and she have on a cresent moon neacklec.

"Okay. Are new friend came from Chicole Village to be a ranger." Ms. April said. "You should introduce yourself deer." She said.

The girl took a deep breath and open her mouth.

"My name is Serina Lovvet. I'm 14 years old and i'm here to be a Pokemon Ranger like my big sisster." She said.

"How is your sisster." A girl with yellow hair said.

"My sisster name is Kate Lovvet. The one how save Almia 2 years ago along with some other people. Ow and she also dateing a guy how call himself Keith." Serina said.

I look over to see Emily fell out of her chair anime style.

"Emily are you okay." Ms. April said.

"Yes mame." Emily said getting back into her seat.

"Well that great." Ms. April smile. "Serina you can have a seat next to Jeff." She said.

Serina look at me and the empty seat. She walk over and sat down.

"Okay today is free class time. Ragers read pg 31 on how to catch a gost type pokemon. Operator read pg 44 on how to help the rangers in the fild. And Mechanics read pg 22 on how to fix a styler. Ow and Autumn pleace give Serina a tour of the school" Ms. April said befor leaving the class room.

Whe she left the students started to ask Serina some questions.

"Hey new kid! I forgot your name but how long did it tack you too capture Pikachu like a hour." I smirked.

Autumn came behind me and hit me behind my head. "Jeff just shut up." Autumn rolled her eyes at me.

"You are fricken annoying." I muttered.

"I hird that!" Autumn hissed.

"And I don't care." I rolled my eyes.


Normal P.O.V

Serina stared at the two how was fighting. Shw couldent help but sweetdrop.

"I'm so sorry about those two they alway's do that." Emily sighn.

"No it okay. Me and my sister get into fight's to." Serina lafe.

"Ow. I see you know a little bit of my brother?" Emily ask her.

"So your his sister?" Serina ask her.

"Ow ya. I am. My name is Emily Smart. It nice to see meat you Serina." Emily smile shaking her hand.

"It nice to meat you too." Serina smile back.

"Hey Autumn do you think you should show Serina around the school." Danny said.

Autumn stop fighting with Jeff and face his brother.

"Aw ya. Thanks Danny." Autumn smile at him.

"Anyway let me introduce myself." Autumn said.

"I know your Autumn, and the guy you were fighting with is Jeff." Serina said.

"I didn't know you know my name that fast Flat Chest." Jeff smirk.

"I am not Flat Chest!" Serina yelled at him.

"You are to me." Jeff said.

"Both of you break it up." Danny said getting between the two.

"Can you two fight when it time to go outside." Emily sighn.

"Fine." Both Serina and Jeff said.

"Good now let get this tourd started." Autumn said leaveing the room.


Me: Jeff pleac don't be a pervert in the story.

Jeff: I got to. It my thing.

Emily: And what will happen if Crystal find out.

Jeff: *Ack*

Serina: That what I thought.

Danny: *Sighn* Fighting every time.

Autumn: Yep every time.

Everyone: R&R