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It had not been a good morning for Harry Potter. While he had his share of inconvenient luck such as running out of floo powder when he was already late for work, Harry secretly enjoyed having normal people problems. In fact he much preferred them to some of the more unusual problems he had like being followed by a mob of star struck girls. It put his Gryffindor bravery to shame.

So on a slightly overcast Wednesday the savior of the wizarding world scampered away from his table at the leaky cauldron where he had hoped for a quick breakfast before work. A crowd of females clustering through the door, all hoping to talk to the Man-Who-Conquered, well if he really thought about it talking to him would probably not be their highest priority.

He shouted an apology to Tom and quickly made his escape, casting a regretful look at the half eaten omelette on his table.

Apparating directly into the ministry lobby Harry drew his auror robes out of his mokeskin pouch and donned them. His uniform requirement boots magically made no sound as he made his way across the marble floor to the elevator; smiling at the few workers that were around this early in the day.

Even after all these years Harry was always struck by the memory of his first few rides in the elevator. First to his trial, later as a disguised undesirable number one, he didn't really get a good start with the ministry. Then again the ministry had changed much since the war days, for one thing the horrid statue that was once in the middle of the fountain was gone.

Exiting the elevator and heading to the bullpen, Harry found his cubicle and settled in to complete some paperwork. At least one good thing came from being almost mobbed this morning; he could get the paperwork done early. Smiling to himself Harry decided that even though it was sometimes boring being an Auror was far better than being the Boy-Who-Lived.

With his head bent over a report for a low key raid last week, Harry didn't notice that someone else had entered the floor. He did notice however when that someone jabbed him in the side of the face making Harry jump about a meter in the air.

"Oi, I've been standing here for about five minutes, you were concentrating harder than Hermione"

Harry looked up and grinned at his best friend.

"Ron you're here early, I would've thought you would've tried to stay home and sleep while you could" Harry said.

"Trust me, I'd have more luck trying to sleep here" Ron said dragging his chair over to Harry's

"I don't know how Hermione does it but I couldn't stand another minute with the screaming little banshee". He continued

Harry laughed, Rose did seem quite like a banshee at times, according to Ron and Hermione mainly at two in the morning.

"How on earth did you get Hermione to let you leave early?" Harry asked.

"I don't need permission to come into work Harry!" Ron said indignantly

Harry raised his eyebrow skeptically.

"Well I might have mentioned an urgent report on illegal wurg imports" Ron said with a dramatic sigh.

Harry snorted, "Good call, I haven't heard anything about them yet, I'm not sure anyone else has either… you should probably mention them to the head".

Ron leaned back on his chair with his arms behind his head.

"you shouldn't be so smug. How about your own reason for being early hmm?" Ron said, smiling evilly.

Harry stiffened slightly and looked at Ron suspiciously.

"What about it?" he asked

Ron broke out into a laugh,

"You should know by now that everything you do people are going to find out about. I imagine the Prophet is already printing issues with stories of your ordeal, 'Harry Potter Mobbed While Eating Omelette'."

Red faced Harry glared at Ron, knowing it was probably true. After the war Harry had been more famed than ever. Situations like this were so common that he had taken to leaving his house in disguise.

"You really need to settle down Harry, they wont stop while they still have hope" Ron continued with mock seriousness.

"Yeah right, they'd probably just kidnap her and use polyjuice everyday" Harry said shuddering.

Ron stopped teasing Harry and has a moment of true seriousness.

"Why don't you head away for a while? You've hardly left the country. You should take Kingsley's offer and head to Malta."

Harry thought for a moment

"What just leave my job and go teach others how to hunt dark wizards? What about you guys?" Harry said as though his mind was already made up.

Ron sighed and smiled, "still the same answer then. You know we can probably handle things around here without you for a while. The wizarding world isn't going to hold it against you. They do owe you quite a bit Harry, a little time off work here should be okay." Ron said, "and Hermione and I can take care of each other."

Harry ran a hand through his hair, messing the already wild mop.

"I'll think about it"

"Yeah, yeah, you'll think about it" Ron said as he heard the same answer as the last few times he had attempted.

Their conversation ended and they both turned to their respective paperwork. As more and more people started trickling in for work Harry completed the reports and after several hours, a few cups of coffee and an exploding doorknob Ron and Harry left for lunch.

"Mate i know we usually just go into London, but in return for escaping Rosie i may have promised to come home for lunch" Ron said sheepishly, "and i said i would bring you"

Harry shrugged, "It'll be good to see Hermione and Rose, we should have enough time."

Ron laughed, "like you don't see us much anyway".

Harry joined in the laughter and they both headed over to the employee fireplaces.

Brushing the soot of his cloak Harry entered the Weasley living room. Currently it was littered with toys and rubbish and it smelt faintly of vomit. It quite clearly showed evidence of the youngest Weasley.

A slightly frazzled Hermione entered and before Harry or Ron could say anything she whipped out her wand and whispered furiously, "He who speak loudly will be cursed into oblivion. Rosie has only just gone to sleep."

Ron and Harry shared frightened looks before following Hermione into the kitchen and sitting down at the table.

"So how have you been Harry?" she asked while bringing food to the table (a bowl in her hands and an assortment of food floating merrily behind her)

As the table set itself Harry answered, "I'm fine, haven't been too busy . Mainly just filling out seemingly endless piles of paperwork that no one will ever see again. There has been some small scale stuff but nothing that would have been in the Auror's departement a few years ago."

Hermione smiled, "i guess compared to Voldemort Wurg imports would've seemed a bit silly."

As Ron suddenly became very interested in some mashed potato's Harry got up grinning to let an owl in that was tapping at the window.

It got a knut from Hermione before dropping the paper in the sausages and flying out again. Frowning at the bird Ron grabbed the paper and quickly scourified it.

"Whats happening in the world then Ron?" Harry asked while helping himself to salad.

The Daily Prophet had become far more accurate (though no less obsessed with Harry) and as the only real wizarding paper it still remained quite popular.

Ron read through the paper, while still managing to stuff food into his mouth with his other hand. About halfway through his eyes widened and he started laughing, which soon turned into chocking on a bit of sausage.
After a few minutes of wheezing and spluttering Ron recovered enough hand over a section of the paper to Harry.

"i don't believe it." Harry said

Still wheezing Ron said, "I did" and continued laughing "at least its not the front page" and collapsed over his plate shaking with mirth.

"What are you talking about?" Hermione said before leaning over and looking at the paper in Harry's hand.

'The-Man-Who-Conquered attacked by Mob'

Hermione stifled a laugh as Harry banged his head on the table

"Thats it i'm going to Malta.