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After eating Shwarma Steve Rogers found himself a little lost at what to do. It seemed like the threat was over , Loki was detained, Bruce and Tony were busy working with Thor to figure out a way to get them home and Natasha and Clint were back at shield doing something mysterious probably.

In a move that nearly gave Steve a heart attack, Tony had asked if he wanted to stay in his tower. What had surprised him nearly as much was that he had accepted. Although the tower was full of amazing things, the technology was a bit overwhelming. Every time Jarvis spoke he couldn't help looking over his shoulder, just to check no one was there.

So that was how Steve found himself wandering the ruined streets of New York. The damage really was incredible. People were walking around, picking bits and pieces of their lives off the streets. He helped some of them, glad they didn't recognise him. He guessed that without the spandex he wasn't that noticeable.

As the sun got higher in the sky Steve realised he recognized this part of the city, where the destruction was especially bad. He was struck by the memory of a child. It was as shocking now as it was when he first saw what happened. When he first saw the tiny black haired thing.

Steve had been trying to get to a chitauri that was chasing a terrified woman when the child had gotten there first. Steve had watched for a moment, amazed at how brave the boy was. Regaining his urgency, Steve had panicked when the alien tried to kill the boy. He had thrown his shield with his best aim.

After he had gotten the boy to safety the startling green eyes seemed to stick in his mind. With a renewed sense of determination Steve knew what he wanted to do.

Going over to the CD store Steve found a man rooting around in the back of the store.

"Sorry man, we're closed. Think we might be for a while." He said.

Steve smiled, "That's okay. I'm looking for someone actually. Do you know where the crowd of people here during the attack would be now?" he asked.

The man stood up looking over at Steve,

"I think your best bet would be at the hospital." He said. "I heard there's a bit of a crowd there, injured people and such. Whoever you're looking for could be there, if they have nowhere else to go"

Steve thanked the man who brushed him off,

"Times like these, people got to stick together; I hope you find who you're looking for."

Steve left the shop, glad to have talked to the man

After a few minutes walking he arrived at the hospital. Threading his way through the tents he went inside. Finding what looked like a receptionist , or at least someone who was vaguely organised, Steve approached the youngish man sitting behind a desk.

"Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you would be able to help me locate someone?" Steve asked.

Without looking up the man pointed to a wall, all the while scribbling furiously on various pieces of paper. Steve's eyes followed the finger and saw rows of photos.

"Oh thank you." He said before going over to the wall.

Scanning the pictures Steve felt his previously building hope start to fade. There were no pictures of small dark haired boys with green eyes.

Someone moved in beside him, a woman with chocolate brown hair and clear blue eyes. Eyes that had dark bags under them.

"Looking for someone?" she said, looking up at him.

"I was, I don't even know why. He's, I don't even know him." Steve said, still wondering himself why he was looking for the boy. Maybe to check that someone survived, that he had saved someone that he could put a face to.

Looking at how tired the woman seemed Steve decided that she probably didn't need to be wasting her time listening to him talk about finding someone that he didn't know, who may or may not even be here…

"I'm sorry, you're probably busy. Do you work here?" He asked.

She smiled, "its okay, we're all tired. I do work here though so I'm busier than most I guess." She said, "Listen, I'm a doctor so I see a lot of people come through. Maybe I can help you find him if he's not on the pictures."

Steve was glad he was talking to her then, even if he didn't find the mystery boy, he still met someone kind enough to help out a stranger. It made his fight for New York seem even more worth it.

"That's very kind ma'am. I'm looking for a boy. He can't be very old, black hair, green eyes." Steve's voice trailed off as the woman's face paled.

"Who are you?" she asked in a scared voice.

Steve frowned, she definitely knew something about the boy, and something about the whole situation was frightening her.

"My name is Steve Rogers. What's wrong?" He asked concerned, "Is it about the boy?"

She seemed to calm down a bit, before looking at him like she was seeing him for the first time.

"You…you're Captain America?" She said in a slightly breathless voice.

"What do you want with the boy? Who is he to you?" She asked.

Steve sighed; something was definitely going on here

"I already said I hardly know him. He caught my eye during the fight. You know where he is?" Steve said more than asked.

She nodded, "Follow me, we can talk somewhere out of the chaos" she said before walking down the hallway. She turned her head over her shoulder looking back at Steve who had started following

"I'm Susan by the way".

Steve followed Susan down into a quiet room with a single patient in it.

"Should we be in here?" Steve asked quietly throwing a glance at the man on the bed.

"Sorry but really it is the only room where no one will interrupt. Don't worry about Sam here, he's in a coma, he won't interrupt." Susan said smiling over at 'Sam'

She turned grim however as she started explaining the situation, and after a while, Steve began to understand why. It was one of the times that Steve was glad that he was a well know hero figure. He really couldn't imagine a doctor giving away any of this information otherwise.

Steve could feel his anger growing as Susan explained about the young boy's injuries. He had always hated bullies and the thought of someone doing some of the things he heard to the small boy made him want to hit someone.

As Susan finished talking both silently stood, absorbing and contemplating the information. They were interrupted however when the door swung open.

"Dr Jervois! Thank God, your patient, he's showing signs of waking!" A young nurse nearly shouted.

Susan Jervois looked surprised;

"But he should be asleep for at least another day." She said.

The nurse noticed Steve for the first time, "Hey who's this?" she asked.

Susan was almost out the door by that stage, she flapped her hand at the nurse absently.

"Doesn't matter, We need to go." She said.

Steve also brushed past the nurse (with a polite nod) before following Susan further into the hospital.

"You shouldn't be here" she said. "He may not react well to you, as you can imagine he's a bit, well, traumatised"

Steve shrugged, "Maybe he'll recognize me? Worst comes to the worst I can just tell him I'm a superhero." He said in an attempt to lighten the situation

Susan smiled weakly, "Somehow I don't think it would matter so much to him right now".

She then stopped before a door and took out a card. It turned out to be a key and Steve didn't even try to understand how it worked as she swiped it and the door opened.

"He's a bit of a flight risk. We don't want him panicking and going out there. We also don't want who ever had there hands on him last to find him again." She said in response to Steve's confused look.

She closed the door behind them and continued; "If you're going to stay, go stand in the corner please." She told rather than asked.

Obediantly Steve went over to the corner and stood watching as the action unfolded. The boy lay in the bed with people whirling around him. It was like he was the eye of some absurd hurricane. He was almost as pale as the sheets with tubes and wires attached. He didn't look peaceful as he slept, no, he looked pained.

Avidly focused on the boy Steve saw the dark eyelashes flutter and his right hand fingers moving as though to grasp something. Steve held his breath and the whole room seemed to pause. Emerald eyes, clear but pained searched the room. The boy sat up so quickly it was almost funny.

Susan subtly gestured the rest of the staff out of the room but Steve could tell by the way that the boys eyes followed her movements he knew what was going on. As the door closed and the last person was gone Susan approached the bed, watched warily the whole time by the boy.

"I really wish people would stop sedating me" the boy said suddenly in a world weary voice.

Steve was overcome with an urge to laugh, the situation just seemed so absurd. However it was muffled in response to Susan's withering glare.

"I'm sorry, but it was necessary. You were, you are very sick" she said in a gentle voice..

The boy narrowed his eyes at her following her every gesture as she moved closer.

"I'm Susan, I'm a doctor, I've been looking after you." She said.

At that the boy's eyes widened.

"Doctor?" he whispered. "I, You're one of them" he said shuffling sideways away from her.

Susan's eyes widened in response and she began backing away. However the damage was done, the boy tumbled off the side of the bed. Wrenching wires off with the fall, the boy had sent the equipment scattering.

Steve walked forward then, not knowing what to do but needing to do something as he watched the childs tiny chest rise and fall quickly with panic. The boy stood and turned, smacking into Steve's legs as he had gone to comfort him. Steve caught the boys arms before he fell to the ground again and the green eyes lifted towards his. Confusion replaced the fear for a moment.

"I've seen you before?" the dark haired boy said like a question.

Steve nodded; "Yeah you have. That was pretty brave what you did, helping that woman" he said, at loss at what to say to the boy and saying the first thing in his head.

The child nodded. "You were wearing tights then though" he said, looking like he was almost smiling.

Steve was a bit lost by the sudden mood swing,

"I'm Steve Rogers. Though you may have heard of me as Captain America; that explains the tights" he said.

The boy just looked confused.

"I've never heard of you" he said. "I'm Harry"

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