A/N: Hello all! Some quick info on this new fic, I've had it sitting around for about a year now, ne Lene? And since I haven't posted...like at all this year...bad year...I figured I'd finally get it out there! Enjoy!

Ritsu sighed as he entered his apartment, grateful that his neighbor appeared to be absent tonight. He really couldn't deal with the other man right now given current...problems.

Said problem wiggling out of his arms to run off into the apartment for a look around.

Sighing once more Ritsu really had to wonder what he'd been thinking...

He was walking to the train station from work, dead tired and thinking only of collapsing as soon as he got to his apartment, when he heard a yelp to his right.

Pausing to glance down the alleyway he found a group of boys harassing what appeared to be a stray of some kind. Upon catching sight of him the black mutt barked once more, eyes pleading for help.

Without thinking he stepped forward, shoved the boys aside and scooped up the pup-for that's all it was really-and then turned to continue his walk, knowing with his cargo he'd not be allowed on the train.

The puppy had then proceeded to lick his face at various times throughout the walk.

His eye twitched at the memory of having to walk, balance his bag, the dog, and trying to keep his face away from it's tongue.

But he supposed he could attribute Takano's absence to the animal. After all Ritsu had ended up home much later than usual, and if the constant buzzing of the phone in his pocket was any clue, Takano had gotten worried and probably gone out looking for him or some other such nonsense.

As if on cue the phone went off again-and sure enough it was his annoying neighbor. Falling gracelessly to the couch Ritsu tossed the phone at some random pile of clothing, opting to deal with his boss in the morning.

And as soon as he had gotten comfortable on the sofa though the dog came bounding over and leapt on his chest, licking his face thoroughly before Ritsu was able to push him back.

"You're just like Takano-san!" he muttered to the animal with a glare, "So irritating and always trying to 'kiss' me." When the pup only seemed to grin-tail wagging furiously-Ritsu allowed himself a small smile, "But...you're far nicer than Takano-san...more like Saga-senpai than anything." blinking he wondered when he'd begun classifying Takano and Saga as two different people but brushed it off.

Looking in to the coco colored eyes of the dog Ritsu sighed once again, "Jeez, you even look like him..." he groaned. Though it wasn't a bad thing, once cleaned up he assumed the pup would look quite sharp.

Glancing at the animal in question he decided it must be a shepherd mix, after all there was only one breed he knew with such a wolf like face, and that 'it' was a he.

"I guess you need a name..." he mused, realizing that he'd never meant to actually take the dog anywhere but home, "Saga would be cool for you," he admitted, not being able to get it out of his mind now, "...but stupid Takano-san would never let me live it down." as the dog tilted his head Ritsu asked, "But who cares? It's not like he has to know, right?" when the dog barked Ritsu smiled, "I'm glad you agree, so what do you think? Do you like 'Saga'?" when the mutt barked again-clearly just lapping up the attention-Ritsu laughed softly, tugging at the newly proclaimed Saga's ears before drifting off.

A/N: Some quick things to know; NO this dog has NOTHING to do with Saga/Takano. Just I love German Sheperds, and think the black ones look especially epic-and realized that their dark fur coupled with brown eyes reminded me of Takano. Nothing more.

Next; I think Ritsu would be more of a dog person, and with him being all nice he'd be a sucker for a pup in trouble.

Third; The dog has his point in this fic, not like it focuses on him, but the way Ritsu and Takano interact does revolve a bit on him.

And finally; If you disapprove of OC's of any kind-in this case meaning Saga-pup-then please don't read further, I've worked a lot on this fic and hope to get people who enjoy it.